February 2016

Designing Ideas

Four Tips for Designing a Better Office Atmosphere

There are many reasons for wanting to update the look of your business offices. You may have had the same design for several years and it is beginning to look dated, or you are trying to rebrand you company and want a design reflecting those changes. If you want to choose a new design for your offices, here are some tips you can use to do so:

Designing Better Atmosphere

Changing Office Designs

When you change the design of your offices, you can also change the energy of those working in the offices. Studies show that improving an office’s design can help boost productivity because it can motivate people to work. People who work in office environments spend most, if not all, of their time at their desks, and adding stimuli to the office decor can help improve their productivity.

Consider the Business Industry

When updating your office, you will have many choices to make and those choices can reflect on your business. You should consider the type of industry your company is in when making choices about furnishings, paint colours and the overall office design. A company that designs toys shouldn’t look like accountants or lawyers work there and vice versa.

Consider the Business Industry

If you are in a creative industry, then your office should reflect that and provide the stimuli that your employees need to be creative. To help stimulate creativity, many companies allow their employees to dress casually and offer a more laid-back office atmosphere. Employees may have areas where they can play video games, brainstorm with their co-workers on a project or work off excess energy when they are having a hard time coming up with ideas.

For more analytic industries, such as accounting or law, the new office design can still stimulate your employees and foster an atmosphere that reflects your company’s business. The furnishings and lighting can make your employees more comfortable, which will help them work more efficiently and, in turn, be more productive. When choosing a new office design, your choices should reflect the industry that your business is in.

should reflect industry

Create a Healthy Atmosphere

Since your employees spend most of their days at their desks working, it is imperative you create a comfortable, healthy atmosphere for them. By making your employees more comfortable, you will help increase their productivity, which will also benefit your company. Changing artificial lighting for natural light, buying ergonomic furniture and including plant life in the design can reduce absenteeism because your employees will work in a healthier atmosphere.

By purchasing ergonomic desks and chairs, you can help prevent work injuries like back strain and carpal tunnel that not only lead to absenteeism, but an increase in medical claims. Reducing the use of fluorescent lighting and letting more natural light into the office will help reduce eye strain and headaches. Adding plants to your office will help stimulate the production of oxygen, which allows for better breathing and can help your employees feel less fatigued.

Having an office design that reduces work injuries and illnesses will not only show your employees how much you value them, but will save you thousands of pounds annually on medical claims. In addition, you can also increase productivity because there will be fewer absences and people will feel better, which helps them get more work done. Designing a healthier office environment will quickly pay dividends for your company.

Create a Healthy Atmosphere

Consider Employees’ Work

When deciding on the layout of the office and deciding on new furnishings, consider the type of work your employees do. While open office concepts are popular, if some employees work with sensitive information or have clients come to the office, they may need more privacy. Your office design may be a mixture of an open concept with private offices so certain employees have the privacy they need to conduct their work.

Along with the furnishings, you also have to consider the acoustics when you have Saracen Interiors design a concept for your offices. You can use fabrics and seating arrangements to help dampen or reduce background sounds that may carry across cubicles or across a room if some employees speak louder than others. This can cause sensitive information to be inadvertently shared with employees who do not need to know it, or it can disrupt telephone conversations.

For management staff, you still need them to be accessible to their staff, but they will need privacy to conduct their work. If they don’t want offices with walls, then consider a raised seating area to make it easy to find them and adding private conference areas for management to hold staff meetings or to conduct evaluations. If the space has high enough ceilings, the designer could create a mezzanine level for management to be able to oversee their staff, but give them the privacy they need.

Consider Employees’ Work

Create a Less Cluttered Environment

Reducing the clutter in your offices will not only make them look and be cleaner, but it will also help to reduce stress. Piles of folders, full inboxes and messy desks can cause some employees to feel stressed. By providing shelves, keeping electronic instead of paper records and setting a policy that limits the amount of personal items on employee desks, you can reduce the clutter in your offices and help reduce the stress some employees may feel.

Stress can cause illnesses and long-term health problems, so when you reduce clutter in your office, you will also be helping to create a healthier work atmosphere, reducing absenteeism and helping employees to be more productive. Converting your files from paper to electronic records will also help preserve them for longer and reduce paper waste—and you can get rid of files that are outdated and are no longer needed.

Using these tips can help you update your offices and create a better atmosphere for your employees. It will also help to create a more productive environment by reducing absenteeism and medical costs for your company. A new office design is an investment in your company and your staff.

Create a Less Cluttered Environment

Offeez Sit stand desks are a relatively new concept in the workplace. They offer many benefits to people who use them such as increased productivity, improved posture, and better health.

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Outside Home Lighting – How to begin Your Lighting Design

If you reside in a major city, you will find most likely streetlights supplying light towards the front of your property, so exterior lighting for your house isn’t a necessity but much more of a pleasing choice. However, in certain suburban areas as well as in most rural areas there aren’t any streetlights! The rural and suburban homeowner must, from necessity, provide his/her very own outside home lights. Whichever category you fall under, the factors for how to pick the right kind of lighting are identical.

First of all, from the designer’s point of view, contributing to the look of your house is possibly the very best need to make taken into consideration lighting choices. If you’re proud of your house then you will need to display it in public. You will find vast types of outside home lights available on the market. But selecting the best lights is really a challenge. Which lighting style will compliment your house? Just how much light is the correct quantity, where exactly in the event you place the lights? Normally the front entrance may be the architectural focus of the house and that’s best places to start your lighting design. Pick one type of major fixture (or set of fixtures) for the front entrance way, with the idea to install within the entryway ceiling or on your wall close to the door.

Types of outside lights vary from classic to contemporary to industrial aluminum to brass to copper lantern to chandelier to recessed. The options are endless. If you’re not sure what can look great in your house, you can purchase a couple of variations to check and return those you wouldn’t want, or enlarge several photos from ads and really tape them on your home. You have to try to visualize the way it will appear. Then, if you’d like to focus on another architectural feature, light a walkway, or possibly uplight a specimen tree inside your foundation planting, make certain individuals lights squeeze into the design and style of the entrance way lighting. Make it simple and it soft, ensure that it stays subtle. Just use as numerous lights since you need. You need to aid people’s vision, not spotlight a stage show!

Safety is an issue that no-one are able to afford to miss. There’s a necessity to light the access walkways and driveways that bring both you and your people to your doorways. Some lights you will want to continue through the night, for example path lights or front yard lights. Others, much like your front porch light, you may decide to instantly switch off having a timer. Now say you have to remove the garbage during the night or to consider your wayward pet with the back or side door. Outside lighting within the back and sides of your property may be on the motion sensor to operate just when you really need them. You will find differing views about whether vibrant lights during the night deter crime and vandalism, or if they really assist the perpetrators to determine better what they’re doing. One will not help but think that the surprise from the motion sensor light must discourage some burglars. The way your outside home lights affect other people is yet another essential consideration to create when designing your lighting design. Some kinds of lighting fixtures are made to ton a place with light (not suggested) while some spotlight or direct the sunshine to some specific area (suggested).

Bear in mind this too much light is really as bad as insufficient light. An excessive amount of light helps make the contrast between light and dark too harsh. You’re blinded while you leave the vibrant light in to the darkness, so that as you approach an overlit area at nighttime all of a sudden you cannot see where you stand walking. One more reason to prevent installing glaring lights is they cause light pollution. This more than light may also be referred to as light trespassing if this spills over to your neighbors property, shining within their bed room home windows for instance.

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Why Choose an aura Machine For Use At Home?

If you’re searching for a bit of fitness at home equipment you’ll have observed that there’s lots of choice available on the market. Identifying which is the best for you’ll be according to you identifying what you would like to attain. Are you currently searching to shed weight, firm up, enhance your heart fitness or get ripped. Determined by the way to go you are able to eliminate and narrow lower the area to some appropriate bit of exercise equipment for that home. If you’re searching to have an over-all machine a cheap air machine could be the best solution for you personally.

An aura rower is essentially a machine that derives resistance for that user to drag organist from sucking air in to the machine. If you wish to increase resistance you pull harder and faster and also the resistance increases while you more and more pull bigger volumes of air in to the machine. This equipment is the option of the professional rower during off-season. They’re extremely smooth and provide a great representation of pulling against water.

How much of an air rower is going to do for you personally is provide you with a low impact workout, in other words you’ll be fully worked out without your joints being potentially impacted as, say, the knees may be progressively broken from shock running on the road surface. In addition to low impact exercise you’re going to get an intensive cardio workout, you’ll with the various muscles used, experience a rise in heartbeat which should you maintain for any half hour duration over three sessions per week for several days or as lengthy as possible will enhance the strength and fitness of the heart. Basically the more you keep up with the regime greater it is to obtain your heart to 100 bpm demonstrating improved cardio fitness. In addition if you can to handle this kind of workout you’ll find your metabolic process increases naturally as well as your body starts to burn up fat.

This really is great why make use of an air rower? To put it simply the exercising action of the air machine utilises lower and upper body simultaneously. Your calves, thighs, sides, gluts, back, arms and shoulders all get a workout assisting to tone muscle along the way in addition to slimming down and enhancing your heart.

Particular provides you with a lesser body and heart workout, a fitness center machine will burn off fat and develop muscle however for an exciting over low impact workout which will slim down, develop fitness, tone muscles with no damage to joints choose a air machine.

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Benefits of Having a Pond in Your Garden

Even though making space for a pond or fish pond in your garden might seem like a luxury at best and something that is too difficult at worst, there are some really good reasons for having a pond. Most people think of having a pond as something that is relaxing and aesthetically pleasing; whilst this is undoubtedly true, there are also some really important environmental benefits to consider:

Pond in Your Garden

  • Having a pond is a bit like having your own personal reservoir. Once it is filled, it usually needs refilling or topping up very occasionally. The rest of the time it is usually self-sustaining, as rain maintains the water level. In this context, it is actually like having your own backyard water catchment zone, and the water from it can be used throughout the year to water other planets around your garden. The fact that it is largely self-sustaining also means that you won’t need to waste water filling it up, and the plants in and around it have constant access to a water source.
  • Each pond is also its own ecology, sustaining a lifecycle of insects, fish, frogs, birds and plants. This ecology produces by-products in the form of nutritional sludge that contains fish droppings and other animal waste products. This sludge is the perfect fertiliser for the rest of your lawn, meaning that you don’t have to invest in expensive bagged fertilisers that often contain pesticides and chemicals.

Pond in Your Garden

  • A mature pond also sustains local wildlife in the form of insects, birds and other animals. As the ecology of your pond matures, it helps to sustain the environment naturally.
  • One benefit not often thought about is the fact that having a pond also teaches children about environmental awareness. As they observe the pond ecology throughout the year, they also learn about lifecycles and other important facts.

garden pond

A Filtration System for a Healthy Pond

Maintaining a fish pond also means that you need to help it along. As ponds are often static in terms of not having running water feeding them, the water needs some form of filtration to keep it healthy. Much of the water filtration process depends on the type of pond you want, but any pond will require some form of filtration system just to sustain good health all year round. OASE made pond filters from, for example, manufacture a range of excellent filter products.

Filtration System for a Healthy Pond

The following filters are available as an entire filter system to maintain a healthy backyard pond:

  • Mechanical filtration uses filtering screens or other media, such as bio-block, to trap particles and remove them from the pond’s ecosystem. This will remove products like algae and fish droppings. This is the first stage.
  • Biological filtration breaks down biological waste using a bacterial load. This waste reduction process is the first stage of the nitrogen cycle, which is important for the ecosystem of the pond.
  • Nitrate filters reduce the nitrate levels in the pond. Nitrate levels that are too high are harmful to fish and other wildlife.
  • UV systems effectively kill off algae before it has a chance to overgrow.

Benefitsof Having a Pond Filter

The Benefitsof Having a Pond Filter

There are many environmental benefits to having a backyard pond, but maintaining a healthy pond through the use of a filtration system is also vital. If you have fish, for example, maintaining a healthy nitrate balance and reducing overall waste products will keep the fish healthy. Healthy fish will contribute to a healthy pond ecosystem in general.

There is a growing demand for gardening services that can help people maintain and take care of their gardens without having to hire a full-time gardener. Just find out the best landscape gardener Reading.

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Just How Can Professional Home Painting Services Help?

Wall painting when transported out underneath the guidance of pros might help boost the outcomes in multiple ways. Many people however argue that they’ll handle minor wall painting tasks by themselves and save lots of money. Should you too think exactly the same way, you’d be surprised to understand this is not the situation over time.

Assistance: When you’re seeking specialist help in wall painting job, whether it is office or home you are able to depend on their own opinions. For example which colour paint would suit the feel of the area will be a confusing selection for you. However for expert painting providers it’s their job plus they realize it well. They’d not only suggest you options of colors that you can buy but additionally reason exactly the same. They first evaluate the region that will be colored, read the surroundings make you colouring options.

Quality products: Home painting providers will show you in choosing the proper painting products. They can help you pick quality emulsion paints, brushes etc so the paint applications goes smooth and also the finish answers are satisfying and lengthy lasting. There are lots of surfaces aside from cement walls that may be colored, for example wooden and metal surfaces. You will find paints specifically manufactured to color these surfaces and you’ll not be aware of best options, painting experts will.

Timely management: Professional home painting services provide an assurance of having the wall painting job completed inside a particular time-frame. It doesn’t mean they’re in a rush to complete in the project, rather they calculate the entire quantity of hrs and accordingly days the pre-painting so the drying time will require up. Once you understand the duration needed you are able to plan your schedule accordingly and equipment up for that wall painting job.

Expert insights on painting care: Publish the conclusion of wall painting task, you’ll be playing a properly colored office or home. But this doesn’t finish everything, you should also know how will you maintain the feel of your walls and cause them least damage. This really is something a specialist can advice you. How you can make certain the emulsion paints remain on the walls for lengthy some time and tips about cleaning them could be supplied by the painting experts.

Putting aside the above pointed out benefits, painting services offer lots of convenience and practicality. You also would no more need to bother about eliminating that old paint and perform the entire painting preparation yourself. The hired professionals will do all of it for you personally. The clearing up from the extra paint spilled around the floors etc, all this is taken care off within the best manner.

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Here is a Creative Home Landscaping Example

While designing a house landscaping garden it’s important to keep things in balance between your visual along with the functional part of the landscaping garden.

Planning for a beautiful flowerbed with colorful display of flowers, which is costlier to keep, is useless. That’s the reason beauty with function is required to create amazing home landscaping projects. I will demonstrate how professional home landscaping experts think once they design any outside landscaping space.

This is a simple home landscaping example.

Let us assume that you’ve a garden space and you want to set up a little fountain within the garden. It’s always easy of assigning an area within the garden, which is visible easily when anybody enters your garden and form a focus.

But you will find 3 more factors that may drastically improve functionality and sweetness of the fountain.

1) Let’s say you find it in a way it’s visible in the family room window or dining area area. This location can be simply marked out making use of your home plan sketch

2) What about selecting a variety where the size of water pipeline is nearer to the every other pipeline that carries water to your home building. By reduction of he entire pipeline it will save you money along with the have to keep up with the pipeline. For an extended entire pipeline you’ll need joinery and whenever there’s joinery of pipes you’ve got a big possibility of leakage later on.

3) Let’s say you find it in direction of the wind that flows in your home building. This will provide almost free awesome air cutting lower the necessity to turn on air-conditioner and saving cash in your utility bill.

This is why simple as they are thinking can help you save money too add beauty to your house garden by providing accessibility outer world by simple altering the position of the fountain.

It was only a small illustration of how professionals landscaping designers think while designing home gardens. Even you can study these simple methods in the design stage itself by carefully observing your surrounding and cut costs.

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Reasons to Buy Your Next House in Laos

The tropical climate, small population and Buddhist philosophy are major reasons to live in Laos. To get away from more chaotic countries, there is peace and quiet in Laos, and the same can be said of its people. There are numerous selections of houses for sale in close-knit communities. Before you become engrossed in Lao culture, learn more about why you should consider buying a house there.

House in Laos

Life in Laos

Life in Laos is similar to life in several other Asian countries. They have specific customs and cuisines that set them apart from everyone else. Unlike their neighbors in China and Thailand, the people live quieter and more peaceful lives. A few of the major cities, including the capital, are undergoing economic growth and are able to support the increase in tourists.

Life in Laos

Big Cities vs. Small Towns

Decide whether you want to reside in a big city or in a small town. Big cities give you everything from jobs to entertainment and cuisine. Shop at dozens of different stores, and go to dozens of cultural events. Even as you sit through traffic, you can plot what you want to do for the rest of the day.

Vientiane is a major city close to Thailand that caters to most of the country’s tourists. People come to see the Buddhist temples and parks. The smaller towns do not have as many temples, but they are kept quiet and safe from urban decay and problems.

Small Towns

Small towns guarantee that you will enjoy peace and quiet. With fewer people, there are fewer social problems, so life is simpler for everyone residing in these towns.

Some people move to big cities so they can commute to smaller towns nearby. If you move to a major city, whether you have commuting plans or not, review the surrounding areas. The proximity to the small towns could be another incentive to live in the city.

Laos Big Cities

Types of Houses

Once you decide that you are going to move, look at the houses for sale in Laos. It is common to find homes with luxury features, such as swimming pools, sprawling lawns and outdoor gardens. People nowadays want to live in big, accommodating houses. Inviting guests over is not a problem when you live in a place with several bedrooms and several bathrooms.

The residents of Laos are not the first and only ones to obtain these houses. Foreign expatriates, whether they stay for one year or one decade, are advised to buy one of these homes. They may encounter some restrictions to their buying rights, but they still can buy property and enjoy living in a faraway country like Laos.

Types of Houses

A lot of people do not fully understand the interests of expatriates. They do not understand why someone from a developed country would want to live in an undeveloped country. The economy is certainly worse, but living in Laos has more positive benefits than negative ones. Laos has the culture, climate and geography that guarantee a high quality of life over there. There are different types of houses available for anyone who has considered living in the country.

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