March 2016


How does a whole house fan inside the attic of your house work?

A whole house fan generally is required within a house if you reside in a moderate temperature climate, where this fan serves for all the cooling needs, reserving the air conditioner for the hottest time of the day. These fans are mainly affixed inside the attic of the house that is the area between the living space and the ceiling.


The whole house fan also serves as an exhaust system basically. The hot air inside the house is pulled up to the attic which is then thrown out due to the positive pressure. At the same time, a negative pressure is built in the living space, which results into the drawing in of cool air from outside through the windows. As a result, the entire house gets cooled up at a fraction of the entire expense through an air conditioner.

These are very economical, energy efficient and very importantly environment friendly. These are also considered as excellent solutions for the homes that deal with the stale air issues. The fans should be centrally located and generally at the highest ceiling of the house.

If you want one of these installed at your house, get in touch with the Attic Air today. It installs two different types of whole house fans with options provided under it:

Type #1: Ventamatic 24″ Premium

Option #1:ceiling space requirement- 30″ x 26″

Option #2:Fan type- 4 Wing, Direct

Option #3:Sq. In. Venting Requirement – 865

Option #4:Sq. Ft. Covered -1500

Option #5:Shutter Type – Premium

Option #6:Timer Type – 12 Hour Timer

Option #7:Switch Type – 2 Speed Wall

Option #8:Power Low Speed – 120 W

Option #9:Power High Speed – 240 W

Option #10:CFM Low Speed- 3200

Option #11:CFM High Speed – 4500

Type #2: Ventamatic 30″ Premium

Option #1:ceiling space requirement- 36″ x 32″

Option #2:Fan type- 4 Wing, Direct

Option #3:Sq. In. Venting Requirement – 1096

Option #4:Sq. Ft. Covered – 2500

Option #5:Shutter Type – Premium

Option #6:Timer Type – 12 Hour Timer

Option #7:Switch Type – 2 Speed Wall

Option #8:Power Low Speed – 205 W

Option #9:Power High Speed – 400 W

Option #10:CFM Low Speed- 5200

Option #11:CFM High Speed – 7500

If you want one to be installed at your place get in touch with personnel through the phone number – 630-830-3870 for quality insulation and ventilation solutions. Call here for a free evaluation right today!

For more information feel free to visit the website of Attic Air today!

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Cart Or Barrow – What To Choose For Your Garden

If you’re a gardener, you probably know that a garden cart or smart carts are the smartest options to move things around in the garden. Also, you have the option of a wheelbarrow. But what is the best thing to buy? Should you buy a garden cart or a wheelbarrow? The following are the things to consider to make a proper decision.

consider to make

First of all, you need to consider the primary purpose that you would require the wheelbarrow for. Consider this thinking what tools you use for gardening and what do you usually carry around during gardening. Would you require heavy loads and bulky items? Would the load that you want to move be corrosive or toxic in any way?

If you buy a metal barrow, you will be able to easily move heavy loads. If you buy a plastic barrow, it will be somewhat lighter than the metal barrow, so it will be easier to push. If you generally have only light but bulky items such as straw, leaves, shavings, or hay, a plastic barrow would be ideal. Also, if you intend to carry waste materials that can corrode metal, plastic barrow would be a better choice.

a better choice.

You must also consider the load that you are capable of moving. If you do not have the strength and ability to push a large barrow which is loaded with heavy items, there is no point buying one. In this case, you must buy a smaller and lighter barrow.

When you look for a garden cart, you again need to ask yourself questions such as whether you need to move heavy loads or bulky items, and is the load likely to be corrosive or toxic. But the metal garden cart, you can easily and efficiently move heavy loads. If you want to buy a car at for work in the stable yard, a plastic cart would be ideal because you would only need to move around shavings, straw, or hay. If there are small items that you think may fall through the sides, you can get yourself a cart liner.

If there are small items

Whether you buy barrow or a cart, consider the space that you have available to store them. Carts are typically designed to be stowed under cover, and if they are stored outside for too long, they may eventually passed. Depending on the space that is available in your garage or shed, you can decide just the type of cart or barrow that you want to buy.

Spend some time researching the right types of carts and barrows, and only then make the decision.

Spend some time researching

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Investing In A Custom Home – Top Ideas That Work!

Creating your own custom home may need much more planning than usual. You will need to spend more than what you would for a typical home or condo, but what you eventually get is a complete house that stands for your choices. No wonder, more homeowners want something more readymade designs, and they are willing to invest for homes that represent their lifestyle. However, there are a few considerations that always matter the most. Here are some of the aspects that you would want to know.

Start with a list

What do you expect from the architecture? Do you have a few plans in mind? Are you considering adding a garden or lawn? Do you want to invest in rainwater harvesting? What kind of interiors are you looking for? These are some of the things that you need to consider. Keep in mind that the overall list you make will be incorporated by the contractor you hire, which is why you need to be extra cautious and must offer as detailed inputs as you can. Every home is a balance of design and functionalities, and therefore, you cannot forgo one for the other.

Start with a list

Considering the contractor

When it comes to custom houses, you need to find a company or home contractor like Plans Design, which specializes in the same. You need to ensure that the contractor is well versed with the needs and demands of a custom designed home, and they should be able to offer inputs and ideas for the same. There are many companies that actually offer assistance to customers on every single aspect, and that’s what you should be looking for. The best idea is to select a company based on the services they provide. Also, if you have concerns on the work they do, the next step would be to see their work and portfolio, and if needed, you can even seek a few references.

Considering the contractor

Costing the right way

The perfect custom home would need a budget, which may have serious impact on your finances. As such, the planning process is extremely important. You should spend some time understanding if you actually need a loan. Getting a loan isn’t the problem, but the payment should be flexible, so that you pay the home loan as and when you have money. If you have decided on monthly installments, make sure that you can afford the same. Sometimes, contractors do have liaisons with financers, so they can offer assistance on the same. It is wise to have a plan that’s well balanced, and in case you are financing your home personally, the idea is to stick to a budget and have a contingency account handy for extra costs.

Costing the right way

If you can check these things, buying your dream property and creating the perfect home should be easier than ever. Of course, always talk to people around you to get opinions, and as needed, your contractor will help you on every other aspect, especially for things that need more attention.

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Home Improvement

Do It Yourself is better Left For that Professional

Lots of people now should you prefer a DIY do it yourself that they think can help to save much cash. However, many people contain the opinion that do it yourself is better left of these professionals. Highly trained and experienced, they are able to provide your home a wonderfully change. But you ought to be wary what sort of contractor you hire.

Without the assistance of a specialist, the homeowner will feel undirected and don’t know how and where to begin. Many householders who’ve backgrounds home based improvement will seek the assistance from the professional, for that idea from the professional can actually make difference.

These contractors have experience and exercise which homeowners don’t possess, even individuals with backgrounds performing this kind of work. These characteristics can leave each job within the best shape. Regrettably, many householders don’t realize the need for an expert, skilled job. Edge in the game tough job on their own partly because they would like to cut costs, partly as they do not believe these contractors.

These homeowners will probably fail in improving their house, for they begin with no comprehensive understanding. Many householders are jumping into do it yourself projects other product idea how to deal with. Getting a skilled professional to complete the job will often finish in delight for that homeowner because they are playing an excellent searching project for a fairly affordable cost.

Certainly, there are lots of dishonest contractors available therefore, you ought to be careful to locate a great one who’ll keep your client’s curiosity about mind. Should you just do something about it in your home design, you need to better look for a smaller sized company, rather of the bigger one. Smaller sized companies frequently can give a house more attention and care, as the bigger company usually concentrates on the bigger projects for they believe the little project don’t deserve their attention.

Don’t employ a contractor who not appear to consider any project seriously. Regardless of the project, it’s a problem towards the homeowner. They expect a great result. So you should look for a contractor who requires a special curiosity about any project and provide much attention and care for your projects to make sure an appealing outcome.

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Spruce up your living room

The living room is by far one of the most used rooms in the home. Whether you use it to watch television, read, study or even eat your dinner it’s always got something going on. In order to create a warm and homely atmosphere you need to ensure you design your living room to suit your style. You want the room to feel inviting and cosy, and this can sometimes fade when the room hasn’t been updated in a while. Giving your room an extra splash of life will instantly brighten it up and recreate that warm, inviting feeling that you once had. One of the best ways to update your living room and create a new sense of life is the paint. Take a look at your current design, think about the colours and whether you wish to stay with the same theme or maybe mix things up a little bit. By even adding an extra coat of the same colour, you’ll be surprised how much of a change it will make.

When it comes to painting your living room you need to make sure you’re prepared, especially if you are going to be working around large pieces of furniture and other miscellaneous items. Ensure you have large dust sheets, remove any items that can be removed from the room such as photo frames, candles, books and so on. Cover everything, you don’t want to risk the slightest drop of paint on anything. Try and cover the sofas, television and tables first, and then use smaller sheets to cover the other items. Also make sure you change into something you don’t mind getting a little messy.

Decide what colour you wish to go for, as mentioned before you don’t have to change anything to add a new burst of life to a room. A fresh lick of paint will simply be enough, however if you’re bored of the current colour you have and want something new, why not take a look at some new colours and see if any stand out to you. Once you’ve decided on your paint, you need to prepare the walls. Using masking tape, cover any skirting boards, light fixtures, junction boxes or switches, as you don’t want to get any paint on these. Then give the walls a quick wipe down with a dry cloth, to remove any excess dust or dirt.

Always start at the top, and work your way down. You don’t want to start painting the bottom of the wall first as you will end up smudging it as well as having to awkwardly work around it. Work in the same pattern as you go down the walls, make sure you stick to the same stroke as you don’t want the wall to have different lines everywhere when the paint dries. Once you’ve applied one coat, leave it for around 6 hours and let it dry. After the time is up, check to see if the walls are dry, if so you can then add your second layer. If you’re applying the same colour as before you will only need 1-2 coats, if however, you have changed your colour altogether, you may need 4 or 5, depending on the gradient of the colour. Once you have applied the right amount of paint, remove all masking tape, dust sheets and extra protective equipment and pop everything back into its chosen place.

You can always make additional changes to your living room to create an extra bit of character and revive the overall look. By changing simple features such as cushions, plants, paintings or maybe even a table centrepiece, you are able to create a new feel whilst still working with some of your older features. There’s no need for a complete makeover, sometimes the smaller changes can make just as much of an impact as the larger ones.

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Getting Your House Built: What You Need to Know

For many people who own a piece of land in Perth, the construction of your house might take a few months to complete. However, there are a lot of things that you need to know before construction begins. House construction is not as easy as it looks. For instance, a builder might give you an estimate of the total cost of completion before beginning, but due to the variation in prices, you might end up paying a lot more. If you own a piece of land in Perth, there are many things that you need to consider before hiring a house builder. Here are some important things that you need to know about getting your house built:


The Prices Aren’t Fixed

When you approach a builder, they might give you extremely conservative estimates in order to attract your business. Most people end up thinking that this likely to be the final price they will have to pay for the completion of the house. However, this is rarely the case. During the construction, the prices of raw materials might vary. The builder will ask you about the quality of material you want to use, and will give you estimates of the differences in prices of each type of cement and other materials that can be used. At the end of the day, you will have to decide how much you are willing to pay. You should know that the prices are never fixed, and in almost every case, you will end up paying more than the estimate you receive.

Getting House Built

Display Homes

When you first approach a home builder, they will show you several display homes. Perth display homes are generally designed to meet the needs of a modern family. The houses have a fairly simple floor plan, with a couple of bedrooms, a drawing room and a dining lounge. Display homes are slightly cheaper compared to custom-designed houses. When you sit down and talk with the builder, they will give you a choice between a model, display home or a custom design. If you choose a custom home, the builder will sit down with you and ask for your preferences before drawing up a new floor plan.

Most home builders generally use highly sophisticated 3D rendering technology in order to give you a complete walkthrough of the newly designed floor plan. You can ask for any changes that you want made at this stage; once the floor plan has been approved and construction begins, it might be difficult to incorporate any changes.


Opting for a display home is a great idea. In order to give you a real feel for the place, many builders often set up fully furnished display houses that you can visit and explore on your own. This will give you an idea of how your house will look once it has been fully completed. These are just some of the things that you should know about getting your house built.

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Zero Energy Home Plans For any Environmentally Friendly Home

Exactly what is a zero energy home? It is a home that’s energy-efficient but additionally produces its very own capacity to keep up with the home. A zero energy house is like several homes it’s attached to the local electric utility and uses energy in the utility. The main difference between regular homes which use electricity, a zero energy home makes enough capacity to send some to the utility grid. It creates enough energy to operate the house that produces a zero monthly electric balance.

A zero energy home plans to have an environmentally friendly house is a condition from the art technology. This home has energy-efficiently built and uses different strategies to return just as much energy as you possibly can. Renewal energy devices are accustomed to provide capacity to the house. For instance on sunshine, or days when nobody is home using energy, power is distributed to the utility grid. On days that it is wet, cloudy or dark, the house uses power in the utility grid.

Most of the materials which are utilized in the normal home will also be utilized in the zero efficient home. More insulation is among the first stuff that is needed in order to save energy. Major equipment for example hot water heater, furnace must have the greatest efficiency with regards to saving energy and really should remain consistent towards the size and space of the house. Another money saver could be purchasing appliances and lighting which are energy sufficient.

Zero efficient homes are increasing popular as prices of electricity and also the concern for the atmosphere be a serious matter. With solar and efficient technologies advance, this is become a less expensive option that people use at home and will also be a sizable contribution to save the atmosphere.

If you choose to implement the Zero Point Energy Magnetic Generator on the full-scale, it’ll individually power all your family members, meaning, you will not need to pay almost anything to the ability company. This magnetic free energy generator works alone constantly, and generate 100% Free Household Current.

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Creating your outdoor nook

Whether with a book, a Sudoku, or a fresh glass of minted iced tea, an outdoor nook is a perfect place to reside to and forget life’s worries. As we approach summer, there’s no better time to start thinking about creating your outdoor haven and taking steps to ensure that your nook is ready for those day’s that the weather is feeling generous.


The location of your nook is of paramount importance. Ideally, your nook should be tucked away in the corner of your garden for maximum seclusion. This should be feasible in most cases, but in gardens where it is not, the feeling of being tucked away can be achieved through other means.

Make use of existing garden fittings such as sheds and wooden greenhouses to create your corner of remoteness. Alternatively, garden screens and trellis are an effective way to create areas of privacy in your garden without having to make drastic changes. For that extra bit of concealment, flowering vines such as clematis and honeysuckle are a great way to close up any gaps in your trellis whilst adding height, colour and interest to your garden.


A nook is no use unless you’ve somewhere to comfortably park yourself for endless hours. If unsheltered, it is important that you furnish your nook with weather-resistant furniture to avoid decaying and decomposition. Hardwoods such as teak, keruing and eucalyptus contain natural oil and chemicals that enable them with withstand the toughest of weather conditions, making them ideal for taking up residence in your garden.

However, aptly named hardwood, furniture made from these materials is not the most pleasant to sit on when unaccompanied. Cushions and blankets are an easy way to add bundles of comfort, colour and cosiness to your nook, quickly and conveniently.

Top tip: When furnishing your nook, try your best to find furniture that doubles-up as storage for your cushions and blankets, and other nook necessities.

Seating is the bare essential when furnishing your nook, but we say, don’t stop there! Shelves, coffee tables, footrests and hammocks are also a great way to bring it to life.


As the summer descends upon us and days become longer, the temptation to reside in our nooks becomes greater. Lighting is essential in creating the perfect ambiance around your nook beyond the hours of daylight, and there’s an abundance of options to choose from, such as mains-powered floor lightsand solar-powered stakes.

Twinkle lights strung decoratively from one tree branch to another or wrapped around fencing is popular among garden enthusiasts. However, candles housed in vases and lanterns(for safety as well as appearance) are a great way to achieve a sense of rusticity and tranquillity.


We hope and we pray that we’ll experience boiling hot weather throughoutsummer, however, we know all too well that this is highly unlikely. Therefore, you might want to invest in some outdoor heating for your nook to keep you warm on breezy summer evenings.

Again, there’s lots to choose from when it comes to outdoor heating; trendy firebaskets and firepits are a great way to add a contemporary feel to your nook, while more traditional methods of outdoor heating such as chimeneas’ and wood burners may be more in keeping with your rustic theme, if that’s what you’re going for.

Top tip: When considering where to place your outdoor heating appliance, you must consider safety and ensure that you position it a safe distance from anything that could potentially catch fire.

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Picking a Plumbing Supply Store for Your Bathroom Remodeling Needs

Many people enjoy doing many renovations throughout their home, and when it comes to choosing the best plumbing supply store to purchase the materials and tools from; you can go with a company that you trust. This comes from being able to find the right company to do the job, but someone that also has affordable prices for high quality materials that can be placed throughout the home. Many people have a hard time finding the right company, but this should not be you when it comes to it. Check out some of the benefits of working with PlumbTile.

Plumbing Bathroom Remodeling

Benefits of Purchasing from PlumbTile

Through the use of PlumbTile, you’re able to grab multiple benefits and use them to your advantage. Not only are the prices affordable, but the quality that you get is impeccable. This is because all of the products come from the highest quality manufacturers, while also ensuring that you’re happy with your purchase overall. This is something that you cannot get from just any company out there, but a quality, reputable one that provides the benefits that you need during the time of your remodel.

Choosing the Right Products

When it comes to choosing the right products that you need for the home remodel that you’re doing, PlumbTile can provide a large assortment of items to choose from, while ensuring that they are delivered in a timely manner. Not only that, but they will also be in their best condition. This can put you in a better state when it comes to starting your project and being able to finish it when you need to. Feel good about the bathroom remodeling and plumbing supply store that you choose to purchase from. PlumbTile is a choice among many homeowners across the nation, and they can be yours too!

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AC Service Provider – When You Should Call Them

These days finding an AC in every home or organization is very common. You should follow the insructions given in AC manual to keep yours in good working condition for a long time.

One must do some initial checkups themselves before calling a AC repair professional. Make sure AC is cleaned properly and there are no dust or debris in ducts and filters. Sometimes due to blockage results into reduction in AC performace and efficiency. Replace or clean the filters if they are clogged.

For major AC issues, it is advised to call a professional instead of DIY. Professional can detect main problem and resolve the issue proficiently.

AC issues

Situations that need professional help

  • Improper cooling – The reason for improper cooling may be due to fault in the compressor or thermostat. Sometimes, when AC gets too old, there will be significant decrease in its cooling performace.
  • Leakage – Refrigerant converts the hot air into cold air. If  the water is leaking, then that means the condenser is not working properly. So, it should be sorted out quickly for smooth working of air conditioners. If there is a leakage in the AC’s refrigerant, then you should contact the service engineer to  repair the damage. You should not try to change refrigerant yourself as it contains some harmful chemicals.
  • Noise – Sometiones you hear different kind of sound when you switch on the AC. This may be because of low level of refrigerant, leakage of refrigerant or fault in fan rotation. Noise can be uncomfortable for both you and your neighbours. So, it is necessary to contact a service engineer and get the problem sorted out as soon as possible.
  • Increase in utility bills – Sometimes people face problem with high electricity bills due to an air conditioner. Technician will make the necessary changes in the AC settings. Taking service provider assistance would help to save lots of money.
  • There may be some other problems that require professional help inclusing breakdown of duct pipe, problem in filter and thermostat.

Things to look for when hiring a AC service provider:

  • Check whether the person sent by service provider is qualified and have some experience.
  • Check review about the service provider on various websites providing reviews on company, their emplyees and their services.
  • Check if the service provider provides warranty for the services. All reliable and reputated service providers give warranty on their work.
  • Compare the prices charged by different service providers. Choose the one which provides best services in less price.

hiring a AC service provider

It is advised to call the AC service provider for regular maintenance for the proper working of your AC. If you are facing any AC related issues, then checkout services offered by They have experienced technician to solve your AC issue properly.

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