July 2016


5 Home Makeovers You Should Avoid

Did you make mistakes when decorating your house? Many people do! Don’t fret about it. We are here to recommend some useful guidelines for your next home makeover. There are simple things that you should think about before starting to decorate a room or the entire house.

Don’t Put Everything in One Place

Try to group things that match, and place them in separate rooms. Don’t jam all the furniture pieces you love in one single living space. Especially if you are into old-fashioned interiors, try to avoid overcrowding the rooms.

Airy is better because it creates the impression of a bigger area. Choose only a couple of things that could be the main focus point of the room, and start building a design around them.

Don’t Go Over Your Budget

Decoration budgets can go over the top if you don’t keep a close eye on things. Spending too much is probably the most frequent mistake when it comes to decorating your house.Even if you don’t want to hire a professional designer, you should still try to gather as much information as possible.

Informed decisions are wiser.Before actually starting a decorating plan, think about all the necessary costs. Make a budget. Also, think about additional and unexpected expenses. For example, if you discover asbestos, it will cost you more to fix the problem and continue with your makeover process.

Trying to Find Quick Solutions

When you start decorating your house, there is no such thing as a quick fix. All this process requires is careful planning, time, and attention. Also, a fine execution is needed to make sure the final result is the desired one. Don’t try to rush the renovation.

Keep a clear vision while you also maintain your focus on both style and budget. Don’t panic if you discover that the decorating process takes longer than expected. Good things are not created overnight.

Mixing Too Many Different Styles

Less is more! Choose simpler things. You can even go for a minimalist look if you are more of a modern thinker. Either way, try to use maximum two colors for the walls. Also, the furniture pieces should match these paints, or you can opt for a contrast combination.

Too many things will not only make a kitschy room, but they will also require you to spend a lot of money. It is simply not worth it. To avoid this mistake, decide on which style you want to have in your house, and stick to it. Choose patterns that match that particular design.

Buying All the Items from One Single Place

We know. It is a lot easier to purchase everything you need from the same shop. Even though it is comfortable, this might make your room have an impersonal look. A great room design combines both new and old pieces. Try to get furniture items from different stores or even different regions.

This isa great method to achieve a vibrant look for your entire house. Your guests will surely be amazed by how original and amazing everything looks.

Let’s Recap

Home makeovers are great. You can either hire someone to take care of all the decorating process or involve the entire family into the planning and execution steps. Either way, make sure you avoid the mistakes described above.

According to some researchers, these are among the most common mistakes that almost everybody makes when decorating their houses. If you establish some ground rules, along with a flexible budget, you will not have problems along the way.

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Multi-Colored Rooms: How to Add Many Bold Bright Colors for Fabulous Designs

Are you bored with your plain white bedroom or living room? Do you feel the need to add some bright, bold colors to a room in the house just to spice things up? You are on a good path: interior designers agree that we can jazz up a room with more than two or three colors and turn everything into a splash of beauty and joy.

If the thought of adding more than three colors to the same room made you cringe a little, your instincts are correct: if you don’t know how to match them, you can end up with a psychedelic-looking room that hurts your eyes and confuses your brain. Working with color is fun and versatile, but there are indeed some rules to follow. Let’s see a few of them to get you inspired for more interesting projects!

1. Mix As Many Colors as You Like on a Neutral Background

A brightly colored room can get very exhausting very fast if you don’t leave what designers call “palate cleansing” hues to rest your eyes on. If you keep a rooms’ white walls and ceiling, you can add as many colors as you want in the shape of accessories: throw pillows for couches and beds, window curtains, rugs, vases, tapestry and so on.

  • One trick to keep in mind is to keep the same size scale on all colored and patterned decorative elements.

As long as you follow proportions and allow the eyes to rest on a comforting neutral background, you can add as many colors and prints you like.

  • Another trick is to just add colored furniture in a neutrally colored room in case you don’t want to paint the walls or treat them with wallpaper.

2. Use as Many Colors as You Want but Keep the Same Texture/Surface

One of the main rules of multi-colored rooms is to pick a type of texture/surface and repeat it no matter how many colors you introduce to a room. For instance, if you opt for an industrial-style living room with a bar, make sure you keep all elements to the same texture. Polished wood, polished metal, polished leather and polished living room accessories can come in various colors as long as their texture is the same.

On the contrary, if you opt for a matte surface, make sure the furniture, the kitchen backdrop, and the bar countertop, curtains, vases, and decorative elements all feature a matte surface. Maintaining the same texture no matter how many colors you integrate into a design ensures that the room doesn’t look messy or chaotic.

  • One trick to follow is to introduce a dominant surface/texture and then build upon it. You can achieve an industrial design with metallic finishing, a rustic one with wood finishing, a minimalist one with matte MDF and glass and so on.

3. Build on an Existent Color Scheme

A color scheme is your best friend when it comes to adding more and more colors to a room. There are plenty of color choosing mistakes in interior design that you should avoid, but if you got the perfect color scheme, you are on the right path. When you intend to add more color to your home, you don’t need to paint the walls or throw away the furniture to buy a new one. You can add splashes and spots of bright, bold colors into the existing color scheme.

  • Take a look at the room and identify the main color scheme
  • Progressively add new decorative elements in the same colors as the main scheme, but in brighter, bolder nuances. For instance, if you have a white/light orange color scheme, you can add bolder tangerine elements in the shape of carpets, curtains, lamps and so on.
  • If you want to add even more color to this project, think about complementary colors as well. Use a color scheme designer to understand how complementary colors work together the best way possible and pick decorative elements to obtain a multi-colored, yet harmonious room.

There are plenty of original, new and surprising ways to add dozens of colors to the same room without making it look crowded or corny. Follow the main rules and be careful not to make mistakes and you will jazz up a room in no time with fabulous effects!

living room rugs Charlotte NC are usually a conversation starter in the house. They can be placed either on the floor or on top of furniture to create an interesting and colorful design.

Premium Glass lamps are a timeless home decor accessory that can add elegance and sophistication to any room. Read about the history of glass lamps, their many benefits, and some popular styles.

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Garden Lighting

How to make your garden the perfect alfresco dining space

It’s often difficult to get the most out of your garden, especially living in the UK with the temperamental weather and unpredictable forecasts. As a result of this, many people tend to forget their gardens exist and miss out on the fabulous opportunities they have through having their own outdoor space. Outdoor dining is one excellent way of enjoying your garden, and this can be done all year around. Whether you have a small or large garden, there’s always a way to create your own alfresco dining area in order to make the most of your outdoor space.

When it comes to your outdoor space, it’s important to consider what space you have and how you can utilise it well. If you have decking or a patio, this tends to be the best space to position your dining space, as you have a solid ground to work with and don’t have to worry about chair legs sinking into the grass. If you decide to place your dining area on decking, there are so many ways in which you can dress the area up and create a beautiful space for you and your guests to enjoy. Decking is perfect for easy cleaning too, for example spilling food or drinks on decking can easily be cleaned away or wiped down, similar to if you have a patio. Having a supportive, solid surface is exactly what you need to be able to enjoy your outdoor dining space and create the perfect look for your garden.

Furniture is the key element in outdoor dining. How you choose to style your alfresco dining space will determine just how comfortable and relaxed you and your guests can be when experiencing your outdoor dining area. If you opt for a set of metal chairs with no cushions, you may find issues with getting comfortable and this could affect how you enjoy your whole time spent there. Investing in some durable yet comfortable outdoor furniture is the best step to take. There are so many different types of outdoor furniture, from glass to marble topped tables, elegant parasols to shade you from the sun, and even seats with detachable cushions for practicality over the wintery months. Once you’ve chosen your style of furniture, you can decide what kind of theme you want to go for. Every outdoor dining space will have a theme, even if you don’t intend on creating one. Often, it’s your personal style that oozes out of the décor, however you can always find sets and designs that create a particular feel and look.

Once you’ve decided how you wish to design your outdoor dining area, you can get to work on creating the perfect alfresco dining space. Ambiance is everything when it comes to dining, whether you’re indoors or out, therefore it’s important to consider your lighting and how you want the area to feel. Adding lighting such as hanging lanterns or tall standing, portable lights is a good way of illuminating the area whilst keeping a nice yellow-toned glow. If you want to go for something a little more magical, fairy lights are excellent for creating a cosy, warm feel that will turn your outdoor area into a relaxing haven. Once you have decided on your main source of lighting, you can look at adding cute details such as tea lights and larger candles. Candles are perfect for creating a calming, inviting ambiance and will really help keep your dining experience a relaxed one.

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Selecting the best Type of Singapore Houses

Singapore continues to be voted by foreign expatriates among the top locations emigrate to in Asia. Singapore has always prided itself for getting among the best and strictest police force rules in the area, and that’s why you might hardly find protests or strikes happening around the roads. The training system in Singapore has additionally effectively created many youthful talents who’ve made their names in a variety of worldwide platforms. Geographically, its small size makes traveling convenient and easy. In addition, its throughout the year warm climate is among the key explanations why a large number of expatriates have made the decision to Singapore home. However, besides getting knowledgeable about the advantages of selecting Singapore because the ideal country to reside in, selecting the best kind of Singapore houses is a problem for a lot of. Actually, many locals themselves find it hard to choose the best kind of house that meets them.

There are many features you need to consider when selecting the best kind of Singapore houses to rent or buy. Namely: its location, cost and ease of access.

Selecting a great location is essential to make sure that it’s near to your projects place, children’s schools and amenities. The closer it’s towards the Central Business District, the greater the expected rental or purchase cost of the home. After you have found an area that you’re confident with, you’ll then need to know your buck, and whether it falls affordable. Rental and buy rates change from area to area along with the size and quantity of rooms the area has.

The greater costly Bungalows vary from $8000 to $60,000 per month to book, Terraced houses from $5000 to $25,000 per month, as the relatively cheaper apartments cost $2000 to $20,000 per month. Yet, if these costs are still too steep, it’s possible to always think about the less expensive Housing Development Board (HDB) flats to book. They are able to begin with as little as $800 to $1000 monthly. So, based on your financial allowance, the place along with the property’s condition, you will be able to find the kind of housing you would like easily because there are many different kinds obtainable in Singapore today.

Many locals and people from other countries favor private apartments for example Condominiums because they offer multiple facilities inside the area. They vary from tennis courts, bbq pits to 24-hour security services.

Corporate housing singapore would cater you with a plethora of services. Among the popular services offered, you would get free WI-FI. You would get various kinds of packages suitable to your needs and requirements. It would not be wrong to suggest that the self-catering apartment has everything suitable to your needs in the best possible manner.

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Choosing Reliable Contractors for Roof Repairing Jobs

There will come a time when your roof will need repairs. The job of finding the best roofing contractor near your home will befall upon you. Prior to you actually start contemplating on hiring the best Michigan roof repair specialists, you should keep the below mentioned factors in mind. These factors will be imperative in hiring the best roofing contractor for your roof replacement job.

Apart from the facts that roofing contractor should be located near your home, job should be put in a written contract. The contractor should provide references, deciding on the terms of payment, contractor being bonded and there are several other aspects that should be kept in mind. These aspects will help you hire the best roofing contractors Plymouth Michigan.

Roof Repairing

Manufacturer Warranty

The quality of materials used for roofing mostly will ship with manufacturer’s warranty. It is pertinent to verify whether there is actually a warranty on the different kinds of materials that have to be installed. You can also ask for a copy of the warranty.

Do they have requisite permits?

A roofing contractor should be aware of what permits will be required for repairing the roof. They have to be aware of how to obtain these permits on your behalf. Inquire from the contractor whether they will obtain the permits requisite for repairing the roof.

What is their experience in the business?

For how long the company that you are thinking to hire been in business. A considerably small duration in business may show instability. If the contractor is in business for less than three years, you should verify how much time they have actually spent in the industry. Nonetheless, a new contractor may have several years of experience working on rooftops before creating their own company. Search for a company that is around for more than three years at least. You can also hire the company where the contractor has several years of experience in roofing replacements. Do not consider it the only factor, as everyone has to start sometime.

Roof Repairing1

Liability in event of accident

If a worker becomes injured while doing a specific job for you, who will be held responsible for that worker’s compensation? If the equipment of the contractor damages your home, who will be held liable for the repairs? A decent contractor will cater several certificates of insurance for liability along with worker’s compensation prior to starting the roof-repairing job.

Whether they hire subcontractors

You need to verify if the contractor will use subcontractors. In such a situation, it will be highly recommended that you verify whether the subcontractors are credible. You should also verify whether all subcontractors are insured for not being held liable for their accidents.

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Glossy Kitchen Worktops and Kitchen Doorways

It is extremely boring and monotonous to operate within the same kitchen for a long time. People usually choose a alternation in family room, guest room as well as bedrooms but rarely will they prefer a general change in your kitchen setup. Though the modification within the mindset, introduction of recent age technology and designers presenting new concepts for innovative and engaging kitchens that individuals have finally began to pay attention to their kitchens too.

What sort of changes you ought to have inside your kitchen?

The modification ought to be a genuine change. It shouldn’t simply be an expensive or perhaps a cosmetic change with only a brand new paint or alternation in the crockery. A monotonous or overused stained kitchen may have a glossy and change by altering your kitchen worktops with glossy designer kitchen tops that will accentuate the whole picture of your kitchen. Price is one factor however if you simply choose a planned change with only altering the worktops and also the doorways you’d possess a completely renovated kitchen in a really low cost.

Exactly what is a designer kitchen?

You’ll want heard about modular kitchens. They were introduced almost ten years before, and introduced an excellent relief towards the ladies and the housemaids that accustomed to spend a substantial time in the kitchen area. Modular kitchens made the job place more hygienic, sleek and comfy with higher space for storage and easy working. With the passing of time, architecture and interiors have grown to be more technology-oriented with artistic designing and sufficient utilization of space and gadgets. Electronic accessories are actually placed in a way the worktops and shelves have more attractive through glossy and designer material.

Are Open Kitchens out?

Designers still patronize the idea of open kitchens. Yet, progressively individuals have recognized that kitchens with doorways tend to be more hygienic, safe and. With open kitchens, the privacy of preparing food will get lost. Furthermore, the whole preparation and also the mess that occurs while cooking a primary course meal will get reflected to everybody. Furthermore, there’s always pressure to keep and maintenance your kitchen constantly because it provides a horrible impression if anybody sees your kitchen area to become untidy and chaotic. With glossy kitchen doorways, you receive the chance to keep the privacy of the kitchen together with giving a sleek look with ample of space. So you needn’t be worried about the area the door will occupy once we are experts in designing your kitchen based on your living space specifications.

What sort of Designer Kitchens can be obtained?

The designer kitchen worktops and kitchen doorways is determined by the flavour and preference from the client. There might be one section for kids in which the tiles and also the shelves can be quite colorful in order that it sparkles. The grocery and also the grain section could be of various shade and texture. Chicken, meat along with other ingredients could be managed inside a separate section.

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House Flipping Rules To Avoid The Pitfalls

With low mortgage rates and house values rebounding, house flip is on the rise. House flipping means buying an undervalued home, renovate, and sell it for a profit, soon. The key is to find suitable rehab house that is undervalued despite its prime location, fix it, and resell for more.

Hard rules of house flip not to ignore

Know your risk

You may be tempted to take more debt, which is risky. These are fixed obligations that need to be paid, no matter what. Borrowing money is a time consuming procedure and in turn needs money. This makes it hard to contend with buyers having cash on hand.

You can wind up with less appealing deals, which cash buyers are not interested in. Therefore, no mortgages or equity lines but flip house for cash only. You can take a dormant partner, who has the cash and is ready to split the profits.

Understand profitable conditions

Success in house flipping business is ‘quick moves’. You will need to purchase quickly, sell rapidly in short time. You may sell under-market but if you hold it for attaining top dollar value, then it can take time and add to the risk that market may move in the opposite direction.

You will lose time, which could be applied in flipping other houses. However, if you desire to earn profit selling home at under market value, then buy it inexpensively. For example, buy foreclosed property and seek out good realtors to collaborate with.

Be prepared to hold it for sometime

Market environment fluctuates. Everyone desires to flip houses in appreciating market. In case the area you desire to invest is currently not appreciating, then make sure that you will be capable to hold it as rental property for some time. You cannot predict when market turns.

Rehab works

You must be well aware of the rehab work needed along with the approximate cost. Thus you can get the renovation work done, set stage and sell house under market value and earn profit. For this look for a house, which needs cosmetic task and this is inexpensive to perform but will make the residence more appealing to buyers. Ignore buying homes, which need kitchen or bathrooms renovated, unless they are very cheap. It is a costly and time consuming renovation, so seek out simple deals.

Remember ‘TAXES’

Taxes play a vital role in overall transaction. Tax treatment differs depending on dealer, investor, or homeowner.

Understand tax treatment

Real estate dealer – A dealer generally pays huge taxes on profits than investors. Alternative, if the house flips results in loss, then the dealer can deduct total loss reducing their tax rates

Investor – Capital gains rates for long term holding is maximum 20% and for short term it is 10% – 39.6%. Investor does not benefit from self-employment tax but can be liable to pay 3.8% surtax on total investment income. Alternatively, deductible losses are limited to $3,000 only and excess losses are carried over to next year.

Homeowner – If he occupies this owned property for 2 years without using home owner gain exclusion before sale closure, then he can leave out gain up to $250,000. If there is loss, then he will be unable to deduct the loss or offset gains from the other sales. Some of the fix-up will be thought as repairs instead of improvements. You can visit to find out, which repairs are deductible.

Author’s Bio:

This Guest Post has been written by Dennis Beard. Take training first on to understand real estate market & property rehab. You will get to learn how to rehab, negotiate, and leverage other people’s cash and credit. Please visit the website HouseFlipMentor.


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How to Ensure That Your Pond Is Kept Clear and Clean All Year Round

For many homeowners, installing and maintaining a garden pond is a real delight. It certainly requires regular maintenance, but the benefits are worthwhile.

A fully fledged garden pond with goldfish or other inhabitants is, in fact, a mini ecosystem. The cycle of life can be seen up close, and pond owners often marvel at the number of animals and insects that gather in and around the pond at various times of the year to feed and reproduce. In fact, schools will often organise excursions to wetlands and other pond areas just so that the children can learn about life cycles! Imagine having this in your own backyard all year round. As insects grow and reproduce, birds will gather and feed. The pond sustains an entire ecosystem that includes birds, insects, fish, frogs, tadpoles and plant life. Additionally, pond owners rest well in the knowledge that they are providing a fertile home for life and helping to sustain the local environment.

For keen gardeners, the organic debris often found in and around garden ponds is a fantastic fertiliser because it contains a variety of essential nutrients for optimal plant growth, including nitrogen. In this way, one can even save money.

There are few things like a living pond ecosystem. Everyone can enjoy the serenity and relaxing environment around a pond.

Taking Care of a Pond

Whether a pond is installed in a home garden or is an essential feature of a local park or business, it will require careful maintenance. Over time, organic debris builds up in and around the pond, and stagnant water can also form. This can cause a number of problems, including:

  • Pests: While insect life is an essential part of a pond environment and adds immeasurably to the pond ecosystem, it must also be remembered that certain types of insects, such as mosquitoes, can carry viruses. These types of insects breed in stagnant water, and you don’t want to encourage too many of them.
  • Smell: The build-up of organic debris in and around the pond can cause a terrible smell if it’s left in place. This may be a real issue for some homeowners, and for others where the pond is in a public area.


  • Bacteria: A pond is a living organism, but if it is not properly maintained it can also be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This is not only harmful to humans, but may also lead to the pond water becoming unfit for fish and other animal wildlife.

While maintaining a pond is not always easy, it can be made a lot more efficient by installing a device like the Oase FiltoClear pressurised pond filter. This type of filter cleans and filters the water and ensures that bacterial levels are well controlled through a UV filtration process. The other advantage is that it moves the pond water, and ensures that it does not stand and become stagnant.

Enjoying a Pond All Year Round

A clean, clear and well-maintained pond can be a real joy. It is not only an educational experience for children, but it also provides an important sanctuary for wildlife. In this age where the health of the environment is firmly and squarely in our sights, it is important to do our bit to maintain the environment and provide a safe harbour for the creatures, both great and small, that we share the planet with.

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Advice for Buying Commercial Furniture

Do you have a business that needs to be furnished? If this is the case, there are many styles you can choose from in order to make your place of business look as attractive as possible to your customers and clients. An office or a restaurant needs to have furniture that is pleasing to the eye and matches the style of decoration that is being used in the surrounding area. Many companies are involved in the making and sale of commercial furniture. However, they are not all the same. You will see great differences in the quality of the furniture they produce. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to carefully examine any furniture before you agree to buy it. Here is how you can go about acquiring outstanding commercial furniture.

1. What materials were used in the making of the furniture?

You need to know about the materials your furniture was made out of. This will give you a better understanding of how long you can expect the furniture to last. Some materials are much stronger than others. There are also specific materials that are better equipped to be used for Canadian outdoor furniture that will be subjected to rain on a regular basis. Placing the wrong type of furniture outside will result in it being ruined very quickly.

2. Do you get a discount for buying in bulk?

You might need to buy a very large amount of commercial furniture. You should try to find a company that is willing to reward you for giving them so much business. There are some commercial furniture retailers that are willing to knock some money off their price if you agree to buy a certain amount. You will be able to save a significant amount of money if you can get a bulk discount from the company that is selling the furniture to you. Search around online until you find a company that offers this type of discount.

3. What type of inventory do they have?

You do not want to buy your furniture from a company that only gives you a very small number of choices in their inventory. You should refuse to settle for a limited selection when you are shopping for commercial furniture. Keep searching until you find a retailer that offers a nice selection from many of the most popular commercial furniture manufacturers.

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Revolutionize your Gardening Experience

Gardening is a fantastic hobby, with so many opportunities to get stuck in and carried away doing what you love. It’s so satisfying being able to do something that you’re passionate about, in the comfort of your own home, and see great results at the end. There are so many ways in which gardening can be carried out, with different tools, techniques and features to help you along the way. Here are a few ways in which you can add to your current gardening situation and revolutionize the way you work!

In order to ensure your giving your garden the best you can, you need to invest in some quality tools to help you with your projects. There’s nothing more frustrating or time consuming than having a blunt, stiff pair of cutters that struggle to cut through the finest of stems. Investing in top quality equipment will really help, and you’ll see a huge difference in your gardening skills too. One of the most raved about tools for all gardeners is the Hori Hori, also known as a Soil Knife or Weeding Knife. Having this item will enable you to get stuck in, pulling out all of those nasty weeds without having to worry about your strength and pulling them out by hand. The Hori Hori will also enable you to mix your soil properly, as it’s quite frustrating when you use your hands, as this method never fully breaks up the soil properly. Another quality, traditional item that all gardeners need in their tool kit is a shovel. Having a top quality shovel will help when digging, and also help to protect your back. The last thing you want to do is to damage your back and prolong your gardening time! A good quality shovel will have a sharp, heavy blade, and a lightweight fibreglass handle. This design will enable you to hold the shovel with comfort, whilst still getting the work done properly.

With all things, technology is rapidly becoming part of everything, including gardening. There are so many products available today that can help you to get your gardening done, without having to do half of the work yourself. One item that has become very popular is the Plant Sensor. A Plant Sensor is designed to sit in a bed of soil, and detect sunlight and other factors that help your plants to grow. You can then use a USB device to connect your Plant Sensor to the computer, and the item will guide you on what plants are best for the location you chose. This kind of advanced technology will save you a lot of time and wasted energy, as you are presented with the information you need almost instantly. You then have a feature that, whilst it doesn’t help with the gardening itself, it helps to protect your space. Motion Sensor Lighting is something that will really help to protect and save your garden. The idea of the Motion Sensor Lighting is to switch on as soon as something enters its path, which will ultimately scare off any unwanted wildlife and prevent them from eating or digging at your lovely flower beds. Having this kind of lighting will also add a great deal of safety to your home, which is killing two birds with one stone!

Many people struggle to find the space to prepare their gardening, for example mixing soils together or sorting your seeds. This is where the Potting Bench comes in, a product that will make you question how you ever managed before. A Potting Bench is ideal for providing a space for you to do whatever you need to do, with a surface and hanging space for any equipment you may also need to hand. Whilst this product will help you to garden in an organised manor, it will also add character and fun to your garden, emphasising your gardening passion.

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