October 2018


Understanding how to Stop Ant Invasion in your Home and Office Building

When the ants decide to move in your home or office, your foremost priority would be to keep them out. However, it would become a routine job to keep them out of your house or office. While there have been several chemical ant repellants made available on the market, several home remedies would work well to keep them out of the premises in the best possible manner. You could stop ant-infestation by using few popular natural ant repellants that you could form by using what you have in your pantry.

Finding the source

  1. Following the trail of ants to find their entry points to the building

Your instincts would be to kill the ants as soon as you see them. However, it would be in your best interest to follow their trail. It would be easier to eliminate the infestation if you were aware of the entry points to your building.

  1. Caulking the entry point

If you do not have caulk, you could make use of petroleum jelly to prevent ants from entering the building.

  1. Vacuum the ants entering the house

You should clean or vacuum the ants entering the house and keep an eye for additional infestation. You could also use natural repellents to keep the ants away from the house.

Using natural remedies to keep ants away

It would be pertinent that you should make use of natural remedies, as you may not be qualified to use chemical sprays to keeping the ants away. Find below few natural remedies to keep ants infestation at bay.

  • Erase the scent trail by spraying mixture of three part dish soap and one part of water where you see ants.
  • Spraying vinegar on entry points would help stop their entry in the house.
  • Use natural ant repellent items around the infested area.
  • Using egg shells as repellents for stopping ants from entering the house.

Hiring professional assistance

In case, you were unable to stop ants invading your building, it would be an infestation you are dealing here. It would be in your best interest to make the most of the services offered by professional pest control agency. They would be your best bet for handling all kinds of ant-infestation in the best manner possible. They would use their expertise and knowledge for handling ant-infestation in the right manner. Their special tools and equipments would ensure fourmis dans la charpente are dealt properly.

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