November 2018

Designing Ideas

Classic design lamps to invest in

The classic design lamps can be a good investment to do. They are both decorative and practical and they can be a good investment if you choose the right designer lamp. If you want to do a good investment you should look at the designers from Scandinavia like Louis Poulsen.

A design classic is original, timeless and beautifully constructed from the highest-quality materials. It is inspirational, aspirational, influential and innovative. When decorating a house, you will always have to buy some kind of lightning. When decorating a house, it’s easy to get sucked in by knockoffs. After all, they’re rampant in the marketplace—even at big-name stores you wouldn’t expect—and tend to cost hundreds and even thousands less than the originals. It is tempting to buy the cheap knock out, but that is not always a good idea in the long run.

Louis Poulsen

The Scandinavian lightning brand Louis Poulsen have existed in 144 years and is still one of the most popular design classics around the world. Founded in 1874 the brand is one of many historic design brands based in Denmark. The brand is known as a classic and is a design brand, who know its vision and that fits the most homes.

Louise Poulsen is a brand that do not stand still in its designs and you can see a clear image in the new design collaborations where the classic design is a mix of the old and new design traditions.

Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen is a Danish designer brand with a large design portfolio.  Arne Jacobsen is known for their furniture and lamps and is a designer to look at, if you want to invest in a classic design lamp. The most popular lamp from Arne Jacobsen might be the AJ Lamps. The lamps have a classic look which makes it the perfect investment if you are looking for a design classic to have for several years.

Verner Panton

Verner Panton is famous for their Tivoli chair, Verner Panton chair, Bachelor chair, FlowerPot lamps & Topan lamps – both from &tradition, Globe lamp from Verpan, Panthella lamps from Louis Poulsen. Verner Panton is a brand that follows some of the new design trends. They dare to make beautiful classic design lamps with a twist and are not afraid to use colors.

If you want to invest in a design classic it is important you make sure to buy the original product. If it is very cheap it might be to cheap and turn out to be a fake product.

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Specific Designs and Styles for Cheap Curtains Needs

The curtains and blinds have been made available with First Curtains for relatively cheap price. However, the company does not compromise with the quality of the material for cheap price offer. They would also cater you with the best designs, styles and patterns to suit your specific needs and requirements.

If you were looking forward to ordering the curtains and blinds with them, you should rest assured that placing the order with the company has been relatively simple. In addition, they have been renowned for prompt delivery. They would take minimum time possible to deliver the order at our doorsteps.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

Has it gotten to the point that you don’t enjoy spending time in your kitchen anymore? Sometimes, the kitchen is the last room to get updates. You are concentrating on the living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and the kitchen gets pushed to the back of your mind. There are many ways to improve the look of your kitchen, so you will enjoy spending time here again.

Change the Lighting

The kitchen will require different types of lighting for the tasks that are performed here. If your kitchen has the old fluorescent style lights, change them to something that is more modern. Pendant lighting is a good look, particularly over counters where people sit to visit or eat. There are a variety of styles and colors, so select something that complements your kitchen. A pendant light can even be used over the sink. Don’t be afraid to use lamps in your kitchen. They are perfect for lighting a dark corner.

One Major Change

If you are on a budget, select one thing in the kitchen that is the most important change you want. For many people, this is the cabinets. Old, outdated cabinets can seriously detract from the look of a kitchen. Make a choice that you can live with, because it might be several years before you can replace them again. An example of a company that offers kitchen cabinets wholesale Austin is National K&B Cabinetry.

Painting the Walls

One of the things that can make a kitchen look really dated is the walls. Many of the colors used years ago were drab. Add some excitement to your walls with a fresh coat of paint. You can even paint walls different colors to add interest. Make sure you select complementing colors. The choices are endless. In the past, people would never have dreamed of painting a kitchen red, but it can be an attractive look.

Don’t Forget the Decor

Decorating your kitchen is important. Many people do not think about decorating this space in the same manner they do other rooms in the home. However, there are a number of ways to enhance the look of your kitchen with pictures, wall plaques, plates, and wrought iron décor. Choose something different that will show off your style and personality.

Changing a number of things at the same time in your kitchen can help to create a new look. For example, modern kitchen faucets, cabinet hardware, new stools for the counter, and getting rid of the clutter can make a huge difference. Once all the small things are changed, you will be surprised at how different your kitchen looks.

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5 Christmas Trends You Should Know

With Christmas just around the corner, it is now time to know more about the holiday trends, including those that will be mentioned in the rest of this post. Before you start planning fun Christmas games with your family or Christmas party game ideas in the office, below, we will list down some of the 2018 trends that will make the holidays more festive and memorable.

  1. Creative Napkins

Based on the 2018 Christmas Trends according to Pinterest, one of the things that we will see a lot this year would be creative table napkins. This will make the Christmas meal more enjoyable. More than having great food, the table setting also matters. You should prepare not only a feast for the belly but also a feast for the eyes. You can fold the napkins in the shape of a tree or you can embellish it with pinecones and other items that will be reminiscent of Christmas.

  1. Christmas Card Display

Soon, your email will be flooded with Christmas party announcements and you will be receiving online Christmas invitations. Your mailbox will also be filled with cards from loved ones around the world. In the past, most people will just open these cards and keep them in the drawer. Nowadays, as cards are more beautiful, they are displayed as part of the Christmas décor at home. No need to hide them! You can use washi tapes to stick these cards on the wall or create your own creative card holder.

  1. Healthy Holiday Feast

With more and more people being health conscious these days, Christmas feasts are also expected to change. This 2018, you can see a lot of healthy foods being served and with an inventive twist. Healthy sides will be popular, including roasted veggies. For the sweet endings, Christmas keto pavlova will be a big thing! Barbecued fish with lemon will also be a staple. Vegan chocolate, cherry, and honeycomb parfait will also be a hit this season!

  1. Beeramisu

Creative desserts will also make an appearance this Christmas. If you are thinking of what to prepare for family and friends, a beeramisu will be a good idea. Basically, it is a beer tiramisu. Although it is facing some opposition from pastry chefs in the region where the tiramisu is from, it will still be a trend as people crave for something different!

  1. Festive Looks

When it comes to the 2018 holiday trends, dark berry lips will be big for a bold and chic look! More so, with regards to what to wear, silk satin tops will be popular. To complete your holiday style, a metallic foil finish eyebrow will keep your eye on trend! Galactic prints, dark florals, and colorful fur are also expected to be fashionable.

From festive decors to a healthy feast, the things mentioned above as just some of the biggest trends that you will see this year. Jump into the bandwagon and feel the joy of the season!

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What’s The Hype About Scandinavian Furniture? Find Here!

Interior design trends change every now and then, and in recent years, some of the biggest Scandinavian brands have made an impact at the global level. Scandinavian furniture, in particular, have been a point of attention, mainly because the focus is on minimalistic design, simple forms, selected colors, and use of natural materials. In this post, we take a look at Scandinavian furniture, or meuble scandinave.

The basic

Scandinavian furniture is known for being minimalistic in nature. The designs may look humble, but have an interesting and wide-ranging impact on contemporary homes. Despite following the concept of ‘less is more’, Scandinavian furniture isn’t boring and there are no compromises as far as functionality is concerned. This is also the precise reason why some of the best brands have found global recognition. Let’s also remember that this kind of furniture isn’t exactly cheap, but that extra price is worth paying.

The love for accent

Upholstered furniture is a big thing in Scandinavian interior décor, and the focus is on accenting colors. This can be a nice chair in the living room, or grey chairs that have bright cushions in yellow or green. The idea is to add a few colors, but at the same time, nothing is overdone in any way. Most of the Scandinavian furniture items have rounded corners with rectangular shapes, and yes, upholstery plays a dominant role in creating textures, which is our next point.

Textures and blue

As mentioned, Scandinavian furniture includes a lot of blue, and in shades and colors. Blue can be the furniture color, a rug or almost anything in the setup. As for textures, rugs and throws are extensively used, but ensuring minimalism at the same time. Blue, in particular, is used against a white backdrop, which creates the perfect contrast.

Natural materials are here to stay

Wood is often the preferred material in Scandinavian designs, but you will also find minimalistic racks, cloth hangers that are designed of metals. There are no complicated elements in these designs, and what makes Scandinavian décor trends worth the time is the way they use smaller items. A big room with minimal furniture that don’t have complicated shapes against a grey backdrop with a blue rug and some blue cushions thrown in – It’s that simple.

Check online now to find the best brands for Scandinavian furniture and don’t forget to check the collections by room and design.

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Home Improvement

Stone Veneer Made of High Quality

When it has to do with the choice of stylish stone sidings for your residential, business building or home, choosing stones that not only look beautiful but also of high quality and durability is of utmost importance.

We at Shouldice are very good at maintaining high quality limestone, cast stone, vinyl and wood siding options. Whether you are searching for classic, modern or rustic natural stone veneers, our collection of stones will offer you a wide range of sizes, textures, flexibility, and durability.

For more than 70 years, we at Shouldice have been specialists in the production of quality stone grades.

What makes us good at what we do?

Innovation is the hallmark of our business. We know that fulfilling your design dreams is not just about lasting beauty, but about making a realistic investment that puts future sustainability and your financial wisdom into consideration.

At Shouldice, we make sure the necessary stone features like organic color oxide and integrated water repellent are added throughout the body of all our stones and stone veneers. Of course we offer lifetime warranties for all products made of stone sidings.

The unique characteristics of our stone veneers make commercial or residential sidings ideal for our business.

Our product lines for residential stone cladding include:

Architectural Stone: Widely used in high rise buildings, shopping malls, government buildings, and industrial applications. They are very durable and built for longevity.

Urban Stone: They are made of high quality modern stone with colorfast and technologies for repelling water.

Newport Stone: Designed to look like natural stone and available in two pre-divided sizes to allow for minimal waste and easy installation.

Q-Stone: Designed with water-repellent properties to reduce efflorescence and maintain its beautiful color and appearance.

Shale Stone: Unique distinctive look and texture. You can choose your own specific texture and pattern.

Antique Stone: Proven track record with thousands of homes in North America. It is popular for natural beauty and ease of installation.

Estate Stone: Represents the beauty and durability of natural stone, ideal for making a bold and luxurious statement.

The possibilities of upgrading designer stone are almost endless. Whether you want to renovate or reconstruct your property, Shouldice will work with you and your budget to ensure a selection of high quality stones that has economic value, water resistance and enduring durability.

Won’t you like to select stone veneers for your next project?

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