April 2021


Build A Garden Room Of Your Own To Enhance Productivity

Working from home has become a new trend in the world today. However, it is not the best place to increase efficiency and productivity with so many distractions at home. If you want some extra space without having to incur the cost of an extension, Garden buildings are your best bet.

As the name suggests, garden buildings are an extra space in your garden that can serve a number of purposes. You can use it as your home office, a playhouse for your kids or just a place to enjoy and be one with nature. Either way, there are many important considerations you need to keep in mind before building one.

Further mentioned in this blog are some important tips you should consider before building a garden room.

Positioning and Planning:

This is perhaps the first and foremost consideration that you should keep in mind before building a garden room. The design and scale of a garden building heavily depend on your budget and the size of your garden. However, once that is figured, it is all about how it looks.

Depending on the purpose of use, you can decide if you want the garden building to look more contemporary and sleek or more traditional. Along with that, you also need to pay attention to necessities like insulation and electric wiring to ensure it is not just a big block of wood but a practical and usable space.

One of the best ways to ensure that your planning is correct is by making sure you have positioned it right. For instance, if you are trying to build a greenhouse, you should see that the building is right under the sun. However, for office space, it is best to avoid direct sunlight, mainly because it may be prone to overheating.

Utilities and Maintenance:

Before diving into building the garden room, you must keep aside a budget for electricity and proper water and waste management facilities. Electricity is also a very important consideration. It is best if you talk to the service you chose beforehand.

This way, they will know the right lighting fittings and the number of sockets required. If there is any underground wiring required, it should be deeper than 30 centimetres so that you do not damage them while gardening.

All in all, a garden building is not just about how it looks but also about how practical and usable it is. Keeping in mind these considerations can significantly help you build an amazing garden building.

If you are considering building one, you can always hire Surrey Hills Garden Buildings for expert help. With their years of experience and knowledge, they can be better able to guide you into making the right choices. If you want to know more about their services and products, you can always check this site. That said, a garden building is undoubtedly one of the most fruitful investments you can make in today’s day and age.

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House Flies Can Transmit Diseases – Know How and What Are They?

The presence of house flies is irritating as they are annoying. They are a threat to the workplace, particularly those who operate the food industry. Also, they carry bacteria species that cause harm to humans.

According to research, there are nearly 116 types of blowflies and houseflies across 3 continents. They feed on feces and rotten materials that expose them to various harmful bacteria.

If you are looking to purchase high-quality commercial fly screens, then you must visit Premier Screens Ltd. They have over 25 years of experience in providing screens to get rid of different types of fly insects. Also, they customize them depending on the needs of their customers.

Why are house flies a big problem?

A housefly creates eyesore by flying over food and people. The behavior of houseflies is frustrating to everyone in the house or workplace. Also, they carry disease-causing organisms and bacteria.

How houseflies can cause diseases?

According to studies, legs are the common means to transmit bacteria. House flies feed on trash, feces, rotting produces, spoiled food items, and other materials. From those areas, they pick up harmful bacteria, germs, and organisms. They leave the pathogens wherever they sit. This process takes place within a few seconds.

Moreover, houseflies defecate and vomit wherever they feed and land. They gather in the kitchen, buzz over the food, and encourage the spread of diseases.

Diseases spread through house flies

House flies are responsible for spreading various infections and diseases. They spread the diseases because of their breeding and feeding habits. According to a WHO report, house flies are the major carriers of health-related diseases like eye and skin infections and diarrhea.

 Even though house flies will not bite like mosquitoes, they can spread diseases indirectly. Also, it is proved that they can spread food-borne pathogens and are related to resistance and toxin.

Researchers believe that flies can spread over 65 illnesses to people.

Here is the list of a few diseases that spread through house flies, they include:

  • Food poisoning
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cholera
  • Typhoid
  • Anthrax
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Salmonella

Tips to control house flies

One of the best ways to prevent house flies’ diseases is keeping the insects away from the house. The following are a few tips that help you to control house flies.

They are:

  • Fix screens for doors and windows to prevent the entering of house flies
  • Eliminate breeding sites like animal sheds, excrement, and garbage
  • Follow the hygiene practices, such as emptying trash cans, cleaning sinks, covering up food items, and others

All these practices not only help to lower the risks caused by house flies but also helps to prevent them as well. These days, you can find innovative fly screens on the market that are specially designed to attract, encapsulate, and eliminate flies hygienically and effectively. By fixing them to your windows, you can reduce the contamination and bacterial growth over surfaces and food.

Gather information of the stores that offer insect screens made with high-quality materials, choose the best one, and order suitable screens today.

Do you want to be able to have a nice time with friends and family without worrying about being disrupted by a cloud of flying insects? We’ve got the solution for you to get rid of flies on patio!

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Outdoor Decking – The Best Way to Maximise Your Living Space

Many of us have outdoor space that we don’t take full advantage of. There is plenty of room in the backyard to add new features, yet it is left alone and often overlooked. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to transform your living space is to add outdoor decking. Building an outdoor deck has many benefits, to ensure you maximise your living space, think about these points.

Timber Decking

If you’ve decided to build a new deck, you’ve taken the right step towards creating an amazing outdoor living space. Outdoor decking can be used for a range of purposes, some of which include:

  • Entertainment
  • BBQ area
  • Meditation zone
  • Kids play area

If you want to make the most out of your new feature, it is best to choose timber decking. When choosing timber decking in Brisbane, there are plenty of suppliers available to provide good quality material. If you need an installation contractor, they’ll point you in the right direction. Timber decking is one of the most popular decking materials as it is affordable, offers a range of style options, and is easy to maintain.

The Right Type of Seating

Nobody is going to use the new decking if you don’t invest in good quality seats. Your decking may look amazing, but it will not be used if you fail to purchase comfortable seats.

If you host parties or you have a large family, you may want to purchase some additional outdoor furniture.

Add a Fire Feature

Lots of decks now have a fire feature such as a fire pit in the centre of the space to create a focal point. These pits can be used for barbeques or just to heat up your guests on a cool summer evening.


Your decking area is never going to be complete with some good quality lights. Lights can be used to create an ambience. They not only illuminate the decking from above, but they can also be installed on steps to make them safer and more visually appealing. Lights can be fitted to deck posts to create a soft glow.

There you have it, some easy ways to make the most of your new decking area. Although the design of your decking is important, so are the additional features you choose to add to it. To make the most of your decking, you should consider the tips raised above. It is time to get creative when working on your new decking.

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A guide to selecting an epoxy flooring contractor.

Whether you are looking for an epoxy flooring solution in either your home or business, we all want to make sure we get the best service at a reasonable cost.

In order to help you make your choice, here are some things to consider and some questions you may wish to ask when making your enquiries.

What Qualifies a Contractor as Reputable?

Before we get into our checklist, it’s important to know what to look for in an epoxy flooring contractor. Professionals who are knowledgeable about concrete flooring will walk you through the entire process. Using these words in a search engine ‘epoxy services in Adelaide’ will provide you with some useful contacts.

They can describe the differences in materials, including chemical composition and reaction, consistency, and cost.

They will also go through every step of the application process, from surface prep to curing time. Effective epoxy professionals will teach you about after-care and long-term concrete floor maintenance.

With regards the costing, you really should speak with a local specialist who can give you the answer you need.

Questions to ask.

Do you have a license and insurance?

Your contractor must be insured, whether you are considering a sole proprietor or a full-service company. A general liability policy covers property loss, accidents, disasters, and personal injuries for both you and them. Inquire about extra coverage options including installation and equipment policies.

How long have you worked as a professional?

The Internet and DIY videos show flooring projects to be easier than they are. It is safer to employ a certified professional when installing new flooring. Epoxy floor coatings are hazardous because they contain a complex mixture of chemicals.

The best epoxy flooring contractor will provide you with a timetable. They tell you about their current workload and how it affects your project, as well as future problems that could cause delays. When you properly prepare for your flooring project, it will have the least amount of impact on your job or personal life. Choose a contractor that understands your needs.

Do you have any testimonials or references?

Any reputable company will be happy to offer or guide you towards written testimonials and may even put you in touch with existing clients. Don’t be afraid to ask.

In addition, the Internet and online searches provide us with a wealth of information when it comes to customer feedback. We have access to complaints, concerns and compliments to give us a broader perspective of a company’s achievements.

What does your aftercare service look like?

Contractors who do a good job will give you a guarantee on their work. They aim to provide complete customer satisfaction. They come back to correct any mistakes or mishaps that happened during the construction phase.

Hopefully our guide will help you with your decision-making process. We hope that the installation of your new epoxy flooring system and the relationship with its installer is a success for many years to come!

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Designing A Garden That Can Be Enjoyed During Winter

Some homeowners are hesitant when considering the prospect of taking on a garden. Often, such outdoor spaces are in the view of neighbours and, if not maintained, can reflect badly upon your property. Even natural winter processes, such as trees turning bare and flowers disappearing, can be embarrassing. Perhaps worse is the inability to enjoy a garden space during the colder months, with homeowners understandably not wanting to be outside during rain, wind, and frost. For those willing to take on a garden, the return on investment is difficult to achieve.

There are, however, ways to transform your garden into a space that can be enjoyed year-round, one that also keeps up its appearances during the most bitter weather. While you may have to say goodbye to regimented flower beds, the following tips will help you get you far more reward from your garden annually.

Know Your Plants

While your cherished roses may disappear in the cold, there are many plants, arguably just as beautiful in appearance, that can more easily manage the turning climate. Nerines keep their colour long through autumnal weather and are a great partner to hellebores that tend to flower at the beginning of winter, working together to ensure a brightly coloured garden during the winter solstice.

Give Them Glass

Greenhouses, polytunnels, and mini-greenhouses are all fantastic ways to keep your garden a source of interest during the winter and are becoming more affordable as their popularity increases. These structures can help to support plants through cold periods, enabling even casual gardens to grow beautiful blooms and delicious ingredients.


Your garden doesn’t necessarily have to be an outdoor space. In fact, many homeowners are now utilising their gardens as a site for another room. With summer houses, annexes, and log cabins, there is a huge potential for properties with an outbuilding structure that can be heated, powered, and, ultimately, enjoyed, all year round. While many of these are being used for home office spaces and guest rooms, there’s also a significant number that are becoming luxury spaces, such as cinema rooms and private bars.

Build a Habitat

While many creatures will be hiding away and hibernating during winter, there are just as many that keep appearing as they seek out food. It can become a struggle for those animals during the winter, not only due to harsh weather conditions but also because of food scarcity. Simple tasks like building a habitat for hedgehogs or maintaining a bird feeder will not only help these wonderful animals to survive the winter but will also keep your garden space aflutter with activity.

Simply, Decorate

While nature’s beauty will hide away in the cold climate, your own designs and structures will persist, which is why getting creative with your garden design is an excellent way to maintain your garden’s appearance year-round. Colour pots, stone designs, willow structures, and other robust garden decors will each keep your garden appearing attractive.

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Tips for Keeping your Bathroom Renovation Costs Down

Home improvement projects invariably cost money and if you have a limited budget, it can be a challenge to create the bathroom of your dreams. Building materials are never cheap and with the cost of skilled labour, the end cost can easily rise above what you had planned, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to keep costs to an acceptable level.

  • Scope of the Project – If you are trying to do the renovation on a shoestring budget, take a good look at what existing features can remain; perhaps the flooring is fine and can be covered with old blankets, which helps to keep bathroom renovation cost The vanity suite might be fine with a deep clean, or perhaps the tiled walls can be blended into the new look.
  • Compare Quotes – It doesn’t make sense to accept the first price you are given; most homeowners would arrange for 3-4 quotes, then you can make an informed decision. Of course, there are other aspects to consider aside from the cost, such as the quality of the materials and the standard of workmanship.
  • Engineered Stone – We all love fine Italian marble, but the cost is very high; engineered stone, however, looks and feels like natural marble, but at a fraction of the price. Natural granite and marble must be carefully quarried, then transported to the stonemason, who shapes and polishes the slabs, all of this is very costly, which is why you should consider engineered stone.
  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring – This is the ideal flooring for your new bathroom, stunning timber, stone and slate designs, with high durability and a low cost. Cork backing gives you a soft and silent walking experience and, of course, the material is waterproof. The stunning designs are due to the high-resolution digital image that is embedded under the protective coating, with premier finishes in timber, stone and slate.
  • Consider DIY – If you have the necessary skills, going down the DIY route would certainly save you money, but if you are less than confident of doing a good job, it is best left to the professionals.

By taking all the above advice, you should be able to save a little here and there, but when it comes to bathroom suites, quality is more important than cost. Start with a Google search and browse the contractors’ websites until you find one that stands out, then you can ask for a quote and compare these before finally choosing one contractor to handle the project.

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