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4 Ways To Improve Your Kitchen Storage Options

The chances are your kitchen could use a little more storage. Many homes—even those with spacious kitchens—have storage issues. Of course, that is because your kitchen needs to be able to store pots, pans, plates, bowls, forks, knives, and food (among other things), and all of this diversity makes for challenging storage planning.  Sure, you probably have a pantry and cupboards and cabinets, but not everything fits together so uniformly.  Besides, whoever designed and built your home probably did so in a way that would accommodate a general idea of what a kitchen should be.

For you, then, here are some storage upgrades you could make to improve the efficiency of the most-trafficked room in your house.


Every kitchen has them:  corners.  This is where two countertops—and their respective Ksicabinetry.com and cupboards—meet.  When two drawers are placed near each other in the corner it creates a bit of a complex situation since you can only open one at a time, and sometimes even opening just one of them can be an issue.

To remedy this, then, consider corner drawers. Instead of two, essentially perpendicular drawers, open the corner and install a corner drawer that actually extends out from the corner diagonally.  Not only does this get rid of the two perpendicular drawer traffic jam, but it also gives you access to the deepest part of that corner—something that you probably not be able to take advantage of with traditional drawers and cabinets.


Every kitchen also has a utensil drawer. This is where you store things like ladles and wooden spoons, spatulas, etc: and this drawer tends to be very mess, organized.  If you have no plans or ability to store these utensils on the counter top installing a utensil organizer in the drawer might be your best bet.


It has a cool name but this is basically just a covered area where you store your counter top appliances when you are not using them.  Most people just leave these out in the open—which is fine—but if you are trying to create a more seamless, pleasant aesthetic, it might be wise to store these useful items out of sight (but not out of the way).


Finally, a great way to make better use of the space in your kitchen is to customize your pantry.  There are many ways to do this and you will have to choose your strategy based on the size and shape of your pantry, but it could involve installing vertical shelves and deep cabinet organizers.

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