Accessories for that Karcher Power Washer

The Karcher K 5.540 Electric Power Washer is really a well-crafted and smartly designed electric power washer. Using its effective operating pressure of two,000 PSI (pounds per sq . inch), it may handle the most difficult of cleaning (whether it’s washing your vehicle or truck or removing developed oil spills inside your garage or in your front yard).

The Karcher washer is certainly a top quality product. But there’s another thing that can help it further distance itself using their company power washers and that’s the optional cleaning accessories you can buy individually and employ by using it. These accessories address an entire selection of cleaning needs and therefore are all made to make it all simpler. Listed here are a couple of of my top picks:

The very first accessory (and based on the folks at Karcher their best selling accessory) may be the T200 Wide Area Surface Cleaner. This wand enables you to definitely clean a 1 feet wide area on every pass, helps in reducing streaking, and considerably shortens your cleaning time.

Another accessory is really a 25 feet extension high-pressure hose. It is really an extension hose that you simply connect between your original Karcher power washer hose and also the washer’s trigger gun. In some instances, you might need a a bit more hose to achieve the product (e.g., deck, pavement) you need to clean. This 25 feet extension hose enables you to definitely solve this problem easily.

Another accessory is really a wet sandblasting package you can use to blast off old paint and rust. Just attached the Karcher Wet Sandblasting Package towards the power washer, add some abrasive material you need to use, and allow your power washer perform the work. Make sure and put on your safety goggles!

A 4th great accessory is really a 66 inch extension wand. The wand is available in four pieces that you simply fit then and together affix to your Karcher’s spray gun. A very nice accessory that you should have and employ if you’re cleaning second story home windows or any other high areas.

Possess a clogged pipe, drain, or downspout? The 25 feet pipe cleaning package might be only the solution you’ll need. This accessories four-backfiring jets help propel the hose forward lower the pipe or in the downspout as the pressured water cleans the pipe, the drain, or even the downspout. Another nice feature about this accessory would be that the hose has marking to exhibit what lengths lower the pipe or in the downspout the hose has cleaned.

Every home needs a vacuum cleaner, and if you want to find the best options in Bosch, Electrolux and Karcher Singapore, the best idea is to check with e-retailers. Make sure to look for features that fit your home needs.

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