Addressing the AC Complications for You

If your device has just crashed, it’s probably because of one of these failures below. You should call a repairer as soon as possible or repair it yourself if you feel an attack on this unit. The air conditioning specialist will be better able to fix your air conditioning, but will also guarantee you some future procedures and maintenance if needed. If it’s a small inconvenience, start alone. To act better in the face of a break down it is better to familiarise oneself with basic ideas. In the case where your device displays several problems (it is also possible), some signs must be identified to know where the fault arises.

The Issues

So if your air conditioner only blows air, neither cold nor hot, if your air conditioning runs along the façade or if your ac turns on and off and the noise coming out of the air conditioner is abnormal, then you need to consult an expert.

Small breakdown, how?

If it seems that your air conditioning does not work anymore, make sure that the electrical board has not jumped thus blowing the fuse of your device. In this case, a replacement is necessary. If your air conditioner makes an abnormal noise, turn off your air conditioner for 10 minutes so that the engine can cool down in the meantime. Otherwise, check the condition of your filter, it may be dirty and may be responsible for the noise. Vacuum or filter under water (only if plastic).

Big breakdown?

First and foremost, you must at all costs turn off your air conditioner and then call a repairer. Unplug the unit from the ground and leave it where it is. Once the specialist is there, describe the problem at best and the conditions of the breakdown. The inspection is obligatory according to a decree, for your good and that of your wallet in case of significant failure. After two years, a first inspection should be done if the device is 100 kilowatts, otherwise three years.

How to avoid them?

The best way to avoid air conditioning problems is to maintain your air conditioner properly. This type of equipment requires expert maintenance every two years to remove pollen and mosquitoes embedded in the compressor cooling system. However, you can do the usual maintenance yourself. Are you looking for a replacement part for your air conditioner? At Ateliers G. Paquette Inc. in Montreal, you will find a complete inventory of appliances. Our team of experts also offers professional repair services for air conditioners and other household appliances (washer, refrigerator, microwave, grinder, etc.).

The repair

Some error codes can be set quickly and are therefore entered in the air conditioner’s user manual (for example, the code “F1” means that you have to clean the filter). If the code displayed does not appear in the guide, the problem is probably related to the electronic control, and it requires the intervention of an expert. When your ac turns on and off, or you find any other trouble, then these supports would surely be useful for you.

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