An Excellent Home Improvement Idea For Your Home

If you are thinking of replacing your ageing patio doors or looking to refurbish your rear-facing kitchen? An option worthy of your consideration is one that can provide a seamless link between your home and garden while increasing the amount of healthy natural light; this remarkable home improvement is bifolding doors. Available in several different materials and a wealth of modern design options to suit any budget or situation, we’ll look into the benefits and explore some important factors to consider.

What Are Bifold Doors?

This type of door consists of several sections that, when opened, fold into one other instead of swinging in or out; this opens up the internal space and, when usually present at the rear of a home, makes summer living open plan. The main door, sometimes known as the travel door, functions like a regular door in the locked position but is the first section to fold when the closing function is initialised. Modern options in security, glazing and additional extras give flexibility to the potential homeowner in the design process with numerous available configurations. Manufactured from several materials ranging from the budget-friendly UPVC to long-lasting Aluminium and natural-looking timber, all providing excellent thermal efficiency and weatherproofing.

What Is Possible with A Bifold?

Whether you chose the previously mentioned low-cost UPVC or a premium bespoke design from a well-regarded company such as Origin bifold doors, you will still have many available designs to choose from. Features could include –

  • Double or Triple glazing with thermally efficient glass.
  • Modern locking mechanisms provide high levels of security.
  • Coloured or tinted glazing options.
  • Frosting, internal blinds, privacy shades are available for added privacy.
  • Woodgrain and other frame finishes.

As I briefly touched upon, bifolding doors are more common in areas facing away from the street and work exceptionally well in home extensions, summer houses and conservatories but could also be an option in grow rooms or potting sheds.

An Internal Option Too?

It is also essential to consider using bifolding doors inside the home. The space-saving folding design is suited to large open plan kitchen diners, bigger bedrooms, and walk-in wardrobes. Their ease of use also lends them to situations in larger buildings such as offices and schools where larger spaces can be divided up quickly with a minimum of fuss.

Three Good and Three Bad

It is always important to look at all the aspects of any significant home improvement that costs a substantial amount; with that in mind, let’s look at both the major advantages and some possible disadvantages of using bifold doors in your home. Firstly, the positive aspects of their use –

  • Bifold doors add value to your property while also saving you money via your energy bills through their thermal efficiency.
  • They give flexible indoor/outdoor living spaces by eliminating any barrier between home and garden in the summer months.
  • Providing high levels of security despite a large amount of glass with privacy options is also an option.

Let’s now mention some possible disadvantages when installing bifold doors in a property, and these might include –

  • Excess water could be an issue with suitable drainage with low-level doors.
  • They can be expensive if installed over a large area.
  • Poorly positioned doors could result in some privacy problems.

So, there we have it, all the basic facts about bifolding doors; if you’re looking at a home refurbishment, then they could certainly be an option for you.

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