Bathroom Designs and Products – The Latest Trends for Maintaining that Hotel-Like Bathroom

Hotel-style bathrooms are always described as sleek, chic, and opulent. Homemakers even tried to copy and add a touch of glamour to their homes. While hotels go for the designers’ ACS bathrooms, they go for practical features to have that hotel look for their bathrooms. On this note, let’s trek down the latest bathroom designs in hotels and short term accommodation that allow guests experience a designer bathroom look.

Clean and minimalist

Hotels and short term accommodation with clean and minimalist bathrooms are after creating the illusion of more space. This design uses monochrome palette, and by using clever storage and floor to ceiling mirrors on the wall.  For homemakers wanting this classic design can go with ACS bathrooms’ simple soakers either in neutral or the classic white color. Hotels go for stone wash basin for more elegant look but the ceramic is also a good alternative. Hotels and short term accommodations with clean and minimalist bathrooms go for  the wash basin as focal point as a stylish one surely gives an elegant edge that guests never fail to admire. A classic rectangular or oval baths complement the look.

Spa-like bathrooms

Hotels give added delights to guests by delivering the best indoor services. Guests don’t have to go out of their room for spa experience. They can have the experience from spa-like sanctuary bathroom.  Egg-shaped ACS bathrooms, mosaic tiles, and white paint give and complete the look. These types of soakers have softly curved backrest to provide comfort. Spa-like bathrooms design also uses elegant and dramatic shower curtain for the enclosure for privacy. Candles and fragrant flowers are well-placed for breaking away the stresses as well as provision for bath salts, and yummy-smelling soaps in lovely containers.

Neutral and chic design        

Wall-hung vanity and rectangular soakers maximizes the space in bathroom with neutral and chic design. White floors, ceilings and bathroom counter simply invite guests to love and stay more in the bath, and enjoy its simple but chic presentation.  The shower bases are of common sizes and crafted for durability. All fixtures are easy to maintain.

Hotels and short term accommodations present and handle the bathroom details with so much consideration as guests have good and bad things to say about it. If they can afford, they go for designers’ fixtures and accessories or add something that will surprise and delight guests. It is more than the feeling of relaxation and hygiene. It is about maintaining the image that all hotels bathrooms are but sleek, chic and elegant and surrounded by softness and comfort and luxury.


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