Benefits of Having a Home Security System

Once you install a home security system, you will need to habitually arm and disarm it as well as pay the monthly fees associated with it and then deal with false alarms. These are all some of the things that are linked to home security systems that might cause you to wonder if they are worth it. However, when you consider how they will protect your assets, as well as your loved ones, there really isn’t anything to think about at all. The thing is, there are quite a few benefits to them too… aside from the obvious. Let’s take a few minutes to take a look at some of those benefits.

Protection for Your Valuables

This might be one of the most obvious benefits to having a home security system. Most of us know people who have lost jewelry, electronics, or some other types of items due to burglary or home invasion. These types of tragedies are only compounded when the items that are lost are irreplaceable family heirlooms. Home security systems have alarms that can scare off those would be intruders and will notify your local authorities when someone does manage to break into your home. This site has more information.

Aside from all of that, when burglars do manage to break into the home, the chances are good that they won’t be stealing too much of your stuff. This is because they know that it won’t be too much longer before the police get there. That being said, one of the great benefits of having an alarm system is that when thieves figure out that your house is protected, they will more than likely just move on to the next one.


Whether you are at home or not, you can opt to get notifications in case your carbon monoxide or smoke alarms are triggered in your home. This depends on the provider, but you can also sometimes set the system up to notify the appropriate authorities in the event that these alarms are triggered. Remember that in addition to having smoke alarms, you also should always have an evacuation plan in place as well.

Lowers Overall Crime Rates

Rutgers did a study in 2009 that found that when the number of homes that had alarm systems installed went up in a particular area, the frequency of home break-ins in that area went down… even in homes that did not have alarm systems. This leads to the conclusion that when you install an alarm system, you aren’t only protecting your own home, but you are helping the neighborhood become a safer place for all of your neighbors as well.

Remote Access

The more modern security systems will allow for you to remotely monitor events happening inside your home when you don’t happen to be there. This will depend on your provider, but some not only allow you to view the goings on through cameras that are installed inside and outside of the home, but they can also give you access to control things like your thermostat, lights, door locks, and more!


It is a fact that you will be paying a monthly fee for your security system. With that being said, having that system can serve to lower the premium you pay for your homeowner’s insurance… by up to 20%! This, along with the other benefits to having a security system, makes owning one a very good thing.

Got Kids?

If you have kids, the chances are good that you worry about them all the time. This is especially true when you are not with them. When you have an alarm system in your home, you might be able (depending on the provider) to use their app so that you can watch what is going on in your home at any given time. So, if you have to go away on business and are worried about the kids, you can visibly check in on them and make sure everything is copacetic. If your home is equipped with door locks that are automatic, you can even unlock them remotely when the kids get home from school to let them in the house, so you won’t need to worry about them losing their keys at school.

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