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Boost Productivity by as much as Fifty Percent

The decision to refurbish your office or workspace requires a great deal of careful thought and planning. With the help of a reputable refurbishing service, most of the planning and details can be left to professionals with the right training. More businesses refurbished their offices last year than ever before, and that is due in part to recent studies about work productivity.

Humans are social by nature, and bland, one-note colours and styles can depress and even stress them out to the point of reduced efficiency. Bright, warm colours promote a better mood, help with alertness also promote employees to work harder. In addition, more personalised spaces outside of the cubicle, such as a well-furnished breakroom, add to the overall atmosphere.

Employees that are more alert and content in and out of their desk space work faster, longer, and with higher rates of efficiency. This benefit alone has had businesses scrambling to hire professional refurbishing service companies. Still, there are more benefits you can obtain from a modernised, comfortable office.

Additional Space

You will surely be surprised by the amount of useable workspace being wasted within your offices. Filing cabinets left untouched for years, desks placed in poorly thought out locations, bad placement of office furniture, and simple clutter can quickly overtake available space and leave employees cramped. Clutter and lack of room were found in recent studies to detract from overall productivity in the workroom and cause employees to feel less content with their employer with good reason. When a person feels uninspired, cramped, and under stimulated by their surroundings, their work is likely to suffer.

To avoid this, refurbishing companies can take a thorough look at your existing office space and help you make the most of it. With just a few suggestions, some new furniture, and more than a little reorganising, you will hardly recognise the room your employees once worked in.

With more room available, you can add more offices or even a break room for the staff to enjoy, socialise together, and relax in. Studies have shown that employees with a place to step away from the desk and take a moment to stand and stretch their feet also show higher productivity rates. It is all about levels of comfort without detracting from the importance of the work. Upgrade your office space with a new coffee maker, a fridge for lunches, or a table and a few comfortable chairs.

New Meeting Room or Boardroom

That extra space can also be put to use toward a much-needed meeting room or boardroom. No longer will you and your business partners need to meet in a tiny space with little room to move or breathe. The well-trained refurbishing experts can help you find the space you need to make every meeting comfortable, enjoyable, yet still business oriented.

The meeting room is one of the most important spaces within an office building, and it needs to be both stimulating and relaxing. The best ideas come from employees whose space is unique and comfortable. With the addition or expansion of a meeting room, you can create the perfect space where you and fellow management can plan the future of your business in peace.

Show the Staff They Matter

Workplace design and fit-out services from Saracen Interiors, for example, are a great choice to help boost the efficiency of your employees. A fresh, new look to your office space can have a significant impact on the way your team looks at you both as a manager and as a company. A clean, well-designed office space is a strong indication that you value your employees, which also boosts morale.

Workers in any type of business are likely to work harder and feel more loyal to their employer if they feel appreciated in the workspace. An office refurbishing will show them that you are willing to invest in their comfort for their sake as well as yours. If you take the extra step to help your employees feel like part of the company, they will continue to work hard and with higher productivity.

Give a Good Impression

The moment your clients and potential partners walk into your building, a first impression is formed unintentionally, and it can be either positive, or negative. An old-fashioned, cluttered workspace can give the overall feeling that you do not care about the image nor the upkeep of your company as a whole. Since first impressions are paramount to a lucrative business deal or partnership, it is inarguably in your best interest to look your best at all times.


An eye-catching, professionally designed and fitted office refurbishment will help your clients and potential partners feel confident in their choice. An office that takes pride in its image will leave a client feeling safe in their decision to purchase or use your services. They will also be more likely to return if they leave with a positive impression of your company.

Do not Relocate

Rather than move your entire business to a new building or city when it reaches a certain size, it is simpler, more cost-effective, and innovative to hire refurbishment services and make use of the office space you already own. You can even build extra rooms as your business requires in order to give your staff plenty of room to operate. Unless your business grows tenfold overnight, you can make use of your existing office space for years or even decades before you must move on.

Keep it ‘Green’

Environmental awareness began steadily rising in the 90’s and is now one of the hottest topics among businesses and citizens alike. To make an even greater impression on prospective clients and also decrease your carbon footprint, consider a workspace of carbon neutral materials and renewable sources. You will not only see an increase in the efficiency of your energy, but also show a responsible attitude toward the planet and its given resources. The more important the environment becomes to society as a whole, the more you stand to gain by starting greener practices now.

Comply to New Laws

New laws are passed every decade which you must comply with or face heavy fines. The 2009 EPBD, or European Union’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, was officially enacted and became law. Your refurbishment service company can help you boost employee performance and remain compliant with recent laws. It is never too late to modernise your office space, and you might have more space than you even considered available. The faster you refurbish, the faster you will see an increase in the productivity of your workers.

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