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From seed to harvest — how does your Christmas tree grow?

With summer long gone and Halloween festivities over too, next up is Christmas! Amongst everything else, means gift buying and choosing the perfect tree. But have you ever stopped to think where your tree has been before it sits amongst the others, awaiting its Christmas fate? Together with Compost Direct, gardening experts and retailers of multi-purpose compost, we look at where Christmas trees originate from and compare real and artificial trees.

Home grown Christmas trees

If you’re from the UK and purchase a real Christmas tree near home this year, it’s likely that it was grown in the UK too. There are many wholesale Christmas tree farmers in the UK and most of their produce goes to garden centres and supermarkets in the country. UK Christmas tree sales accumulate to £280m on average and three quarters of these are home grown.

A popular choice of Christmas tree is the Nordmann fir. When looking at the market share of Christmas trees in the UK, it was found that 80% of customers choose this type. Perhaps it is the soft foliage and glossy green needles of the tree that make it perfect for decorating. But before you hang tinsel and baubles off its branches, where did it all begin?

The start of the Christmas tree’s lifecycle begins with a seed. Farmers take seeds from cones of mature trees and sow them in plant beds. A protective sheet is placed over the top to prevent any damage from frost or sunlight. For the first two years of their life, weed control is essential to eliminate any competition for moisture, nutrients or sunlight.

The seedlings spend three years in these plant beds of soil or specialised compost, and after this they are moved to bigger beds where their roots can grow. After around two years, they are moved into a field. Christmas tree farmers can have hundreds of trees in one field, and must look after them all.

Extra care must be given to the plants over the next seven to eight years to ensure that they grow in the way that customers desire them to be. This is done by trimming the sides of the tree regularly to maintain the classic Christmas tree look; it can be cut in different ways to grow into a ‘full’ or ‘open’ tree. Bud-rubbing is another practise that farmers must do which is where the buds are removed from the top row of branches to enable the side branches to further develop – this results in a thicker tree.

Before the trees can be sent to the retailers, they must be sorted in terms of size and price. The farmers usually do this before harvest and use coloured ribbons to differentiate between the trees. In total, it takes around 12-15 years from seed to harvest!

Real or artificial — the big decision

Despite the many years of hard work and care that Christmas tree farmers put into growing their crop, many customers still opt for an artificial tree.

When looking at Google trends, it’s clear to see that more people are searching for artificial Christmas trees (14,800) than real Christmas trees (9,900). However, this could be due to the purchase process of each (some fake trees can be bought online).

The advantage of a real trees is that they come in many different shapes and sizes. Unlike artificial trees, you can choose a tree suitable for your own home and know that no one else will have one the same.

When considering cost, it is likely that it’ll cost you more to buy a real tree than you would an artificial tree. Moreover, an artificial tree will last you around 10 years whereas a real tree will only last a few weeks.

Many believe that the harvesting of Christmas trees is harmful to the environment due to the act of cutting down a tree. However, these trees are a crop and it is not dangerous to cut them down. Unlike artificial trees, real trees are biodegradable too – reducing their carbon footprint further.

Instead of purchasing a real or fake tree, why not grow your own? The cultivation of this crop could prove very profitable!


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What are the services provided by the talented landscapers?

Talented commercial landscapers such as Dimensione Verde look forward to offer a wide array of latest gardening and landscaping services per the demands and requests of the clients. It is not that everyone nowadays want the trending gardens, some still prefer to have the traditional Italian landscapes or that of the English or French. If you’re intrigued to have a piece of the Tuscan landscape in your property, welcome and hire an expert who can promise you that piece of Italy in your home.

The commercial landscapers mostly take the responsibility of designing and crafting the parks and gardens. It is not that they are only restricted to landscape the commercial properties some of the expert artisans do show their craftsmanship in designing the residential gardens. Here, we’re going to serve you with some of the services that mostly the premium landscapers offer. Scan them and choose the services per the planning you have for your property—

Designing and establishing Fountains

Pro landscaping and gardening superstars can help you have any type of fountain. Though space and budget are the two major matters of concern but with their assistance, you can make the dream come true and have any type of fountain.

  • Tiered fountains

If you’re fascinated by the Mediterranean style of fountains then you’ll be fascinated by the tiered fountains. In Spain and Italy, you’ll find these fountains at the plazas and courtyards. The craftsmen can make great models out of the stone and concrete following the designs of the fountains. Considering the area, the size is decided before the final installations.

  • Wall Fountain

Such fountains with a face engraved on concrete or stone and a basin are installed on a wall. These look incredible on a patio or courtyard.

  • Disappearing fountain

 These are also known as pondless fountains and the water reservoir is installed deep inside the ground. Through a pillar shaped structure, the water comes out and splatters.

Historic designs

The landscapers can gift you a garden that can make you go back to the gone eras. You can choose any century and they can design the landscape accordingly. For example- you can choose to have a Roman garden or that of the one with ancient Greek architectures.

Besides decking up the gardens and parks, they can design pools and patios just the way you want it. Let the landscaper help you in designing the whole project for a better outcome.

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A guide to becoming a compact gardener

According to research compiled by lawn dressing and compost retailer, Compost Direct, older gardeners have a 36-47% lower risk of dementia than non-gardeners. However, there is less opportunity to be green-fingered, with the increase of urban spaces.

Take a look at the infographic below to help you become a compact gardener and make the most of whatever outdoor space you have. Why not create a vertical garden or build a series of window boxes, ideal for growing tomatoes, peas and loads more!

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Choose the right watering can for your garden

Watering is an important part of gardening because water is essential for the growth of the plans and to keep them alive.

However there are many people who used to fill up their garden or the plant pots in their house with water because they are unaware of the quality of water that is sufficient for the plant growth.

One of the best way by which you can give the desired amount of water to the plants in the garden is the using the right watering equipments.

Some of the garden owners used to install the sprinklers in their garden for watering but these are quite expensive and not ideal for the small gardens.

Plastic watering cans are ideal for the small gardens and watering the plants in your house.

Plastic watering cans supplier offer wide range of watering cans for gardening purpose. You can check out different designs of watering cans.

Ideal watering cans ergonomically designed

Indoor plastic watering cans are ideal for the indoor plants, small pots and hanging pots.

These are available with the domed lids that prevent the spills while watering.

Hence keeps your indoor clean and dry. The domed lids are removable so you can use it according to the needs. These have the longer spouts for the constant delivery of the water with pressure. These are extremely light in weight and available with handle that make it very easy to move when it is full of water.

Indoor watering cans are available in wide range of colors.

Colored plastic watering cans are not only attractive but useful also.

If you are sprinkling some kind of chemical solution in your garden to keep the weeds away then colored plastic cans make it easy for you to recognize the solutions if you are using two or more chemicals at the same time.

Add a touch of personality to your garden with designer planters from Koop NZ. Our range of unique and stylish pots will make your plants the envy of the neighbourhood!

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How to make your garden the perfect alfresco dining space

It’s often difficult to get the most out of your garden, especially living in the UK with the temperamental weather and unpredictable forecasts. As a result of this, many people tend to forget their gardens exist and miss out on the fabulous opportunities they have through having their own outdoor space. Outdoor dining is one excellent way of enjoying your garden, and this can be done all year around. Whether you have a small or large garden, there’s always a way to create your own alfresco dining area in order to make the most of your outdoor space.

When it comes to your outdoor space, it’s important to consider what space you have and how you can utilise it well. If you have decking or a patio, this tends to be the best space to position your dining space, as you have a solid ground to work with and don’t have to worry about chair legs sinking into the grass. If you decide to place your dining area on decking, there are so many ways in which you can dress the area up and create a beautiful space for you and your guests to enjoy. Decking is perfect for easy cleaning too, for example spilling food or drinks on decking can easily be cleaned away or wiped down, similar to if you have a patio. Having a supportive, solid surface is exactly what you need to be able to enjoy your outdoor dining space and create the perfect look for your garden.

Furniture is the key element in outdoor dining. How you choose to style your alfresco dining space will determine just how comfortable and relaxed you and your guests can be when experiencing your outdoor dining area. If you opt for a set of metal chairs with no cushions, you may find issues with getting comfortable and this could affect how you enjoy your whole time spent there. Investing in some durable yet comfortable outdoor furniture is the best step to take. There are so many different types of outdoor furniture, from glass to marble topped tables, elegant parasols to shade you from the sun, and even seats with detachable cushions for practicality over the wintery months. Once you’ve chosen your style of furniture, you can decide what kind of theme you want to go for. Every outdoor dining space will have a theme, even if you don’t intend on creating one. Often, it’s your personal style that oozes out of the décor, however you can always find sets and designs that create a particular feel and look.

Once you’ve decided how you wish to design your outdoor dining area, you can get to work on creating the perfect alfresco dining space. Ambiance is everything when it comes to dining, whether you’re indoors or out, therefore it’s important to consider your lighting and how you want the area to feel. Adding lighting such as hanging lanterns or tall standing, portable lights is a good way of illuminating the area whilst keeping a nice yellow-toned glow. If you want to go for something a little more magical, fairy lights are excellent for creating a cosy, warm feel that will turn your outdoor area into a relaxing haven. Once you have decided on your main source of lighting, you can look at adding cute details such as tea lights and larger candles. Candles are perfect for creating a calming, inviting ambiance and will really help keep your dining experience a relaxed one.

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Strategies For Selecting Outside Furniture

There’s an array of choices with regards to selecting outside furniture for a person’s home. Most furniture pieces can be used for convenience, for example chairs that’ll be required for when there’s nowhere to sit down on, but may outside furniture may also be used for decorating the house. For instance, lamps of the certain color can be put inside a garden. The colour from the lamps can help result in the garden look livelier, and can lure visitors to have a look in the plants as well as other products you’ve painstakingly put into certain positions to supply an great looking feel. More often than not, outside furnishings are employed for leisure, as well as for having the ability to relax throughout the weekend or during holidays.

There are numerous bits of outside furniture to select from:

Hammocks are helpful to relax and taking naps within the comfort of your garden. Whenever your visitors are in your house and therefore are awaiting you to reach from occasions, for example company conferences or family celebrations, they are able to make time to relax with your hammocks.

There’s also heaters for patios that are offered. Patio heaters are great for when you wish to invest time outdoors as the nights are extremely cold to deal with.

Bits of wicker furniture can also be found, for individuals who wish to decorate their gardens with tables and chairs that may also be helpful, or when all your family members wish to hold small parties outdoors the home. Wicker furnishings are usually made from wood, though it is also offered as plastic or metal pieces, among many other materials. Wicker furniture will come in various designs, so that you can not only have the ability to help visitors find somewhere to sit down outdoors, but probably have the ability to decorate the outer portions of the home with beautiful furniture pieces which have designs that may be well-suited to the feel of a garden.

Porch swings can also be found for individuals who’re searching permanently furniture pieces for decorating their house. These swings are great for relaxing right outdoors the leading door of your property. These swings are great for assisting you feel at ease during lengthy weekends, when you do not have important things you can do, and you’ve got the entire day to yourself for resting the body.

These and other kinds of outside furniture are great for assisting you decorate your house, to make your home more desirable, as well as for making visitors love coming to your residence.

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Some Tips for Creating Great Gardens

More and more people are learning about garden landscaping and just what they are able to achieve within their gardens. People understand the need for spending enjoyable amount of time in their gardens and also the added value for their property once they sell. The British overall make use of the garden space along with the elevated coverage of what’s achievable via television as well as on line information, individuals are motivated to landscape their gardens and emulate the things they see.

The most crucial consideration in garden landscaping and style is when your garden is going to be used. A garden’s location includes a substantial affect on your garden design. The caliber of a garden’s soil frequently includes a significant affect on the prosperity of your garden. The feel of your garden could be influenced strongly through the boundary area. Usually, an even expanse of lawn is frequently considered necessary to an outdoor. The standard kitchen garden can be a landscape feature and it is a seasonally used space outside of all of those other residential garden. This ought to be integrated into your garden Landscaping.

Complete landscape solutions can create beautiful, functional, and sustainable outdoor spaces that enhance the overall aesthetic of a property.

Garden landscaping and style is about problem-solving and every garden is exclusive and includes its very own group of problems. Possibly the greatest challenge is making certain the garden is cared for correctly ideally the look must have this in your mind using materials and plants with durability.

You will find normally gardens at the back and front of qualities, some small , square, others lengthy and rectangular along with a similar width towards the house. Utilising garden landscaping techniques and fashions might help get this to area more interesting.

Landscape Gardeners would suggest that you partition your garden into different areas. There are a number of the way which you can use contrasting styles to partition the area, through a combination of planting, colour schemes, formal and informal layouts, modern or traditional styles, or using exterior features for example arbours, or walls. You need to use your personal, other peoples’ and landscape garden companies’ imagination and garden designs to assist produce a landscaped place to work at. Great places to locate inspiration come from visiting formal gardens and specialist garden centres.

You will find garden landscaping companies and people who’ll sell you their professional services to assist design, recommend suppliers or complete the entire project themselves. Garden Landscaping may include building garden pathways and patios, erecting garden fencing and pergolas, installing decking areas, lounging lawns, planting out living walls, shrubs, trees and flowers.

You must have an idea of the budget just before beginning any project and it will take many years to accomplish your finished plans. It may be very rewarding to determine the way the landscaping progresses and matures with time.

You should be conscious of SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). SUDS is about the kind of paving & drainage systems used to control rain water at its source instead of washing it into mains drains. New planning rules introduced on eighth April 2010 now affect the best way to pave your front garden if it’s over 5 Square metres.

There are a variety of SUDS companies that you will discover much more about, for example Hanson Formpave, Boddingtons and Tenax offering different solutions. Even The Landscape Institute among other activities provides information and guidance towards the public and industry concerning the specific expertise provided by individuals within the landscaping profession.

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A Short Understanding Of Garden Benches

A bench is really a furniture piece which helps a couple of people to stay. A bench works very well in locations like a backyard or perhaps a park. A bench enables you to definitely relax, enjoy and relax the vista. A bench is typically produced from wood however many modern versions are produced using metal, stone or man-made materials. Most benches have armrests and can support the back which makes them a comparatively comfortable furniture piece. In certain areas benches are donated with a person or association like a mark of respect, for instance if a person dies a bench having a small plaque which has a personal loving message onto it is a terrific way to mark their existence.

A bench looks great inside a garden and could be enjoyed by family and buddies. An outdoor bench may be used to compliment other furniture or used instead of other seating. A bench is a great furniture piece when you really need to reduce space if you have a little garden you might be unable to fit plenty of seating or perhaps a table in therefore a bench will help you to utilise the area you have.

If you have spent considerable time and energy developing a gorgeous garden it’s nice to sit down to appreciate it. Read a magazine, admire your handy work or take pleasure in some summer time sun, whatever you decide to pursue doing the work on the bench is really a comfortable choice. An outdoor bench may also permit you to be careful about your children or grandchildren participate in the garden relaxing supervision!

There are various types of garden bench in the marketplace it is therefore really lower to non-public taste and functionality. Like various kinds of outdoor furniture you have to take care of a garden bench to obtain just as much durability as you possibly can from this. A bench cover is a terrific way to safeguard your bench from harsh climate conditions if you reside in a wet climate then you’ll have to be cautious as rain can collect within the cracks from the wood so when the temperature reaches freezing it will make the wood stretch which frequently causes it to be look distorted or can make it break. You need to investigate the material you would like your bench to make for so you know of methods much maintenance it may need.

Garden benches range in cost, however, it is best to select a trustworthy company that you simply trust to provide top quality furniture. Make certain you are aware of of the items the bench is made of and start looking when for just about any great accessories available for example some cushions or an appliance cover. An outdoor bench ought to be a thing that you like making individuals rare times of sunshine a far more relaxing experience. An outdoor bench can be created in to the focus of the garden or can merge, it’s very versatile.

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Low Current Outdoors Lighting – Yet Another Dimension within your Garden

Lighting around an outdoor can modify its appearance at nighttime hrs. Carefully situated lights can odor of depth and sweetness that gives a really different perspective than throughout your day.

The arrival of broadly available economical low current garden lights makes outside lights readily available to many people. Not just may be the equipment relatively affordable, but installation pricing is generally less than for full mains current lights.

Low current lights, backyard, could be acquired inside a great selection of designs, colours, shapes and dimensions. You may also get lights which are built-in to garden adornments by means of creatures or rocks etc. When cleverly placed among the plants these products will merge throughout the day and are available to existence during the night adding a brand new dimension towards the garden.

You will find some very attractive lights that include brackets for fixing to walls or fences. Other medication is by means of short posts having a lantern on top these may be situated along pathways or around lawn areas etc. Strings of lights could be suspended in trees or across the perimeter of the garden they are very popular around Christmas and Year.

In many nations, provided you receive the mains supply towards the transformer installed by an electrical installer the lights themselves could be setup by anybody having a fundamental understanding from the equipment. It will help to lessen the price of fitting your lights in comparison towards the traditional mains current outside lighting.

A properly lit garden can almost become extra time to within your home, particularly in the sunshine. The region that’s lit doesn’t always have to be large, should you have only just a little garden or yard area much could be accomplished using the correct utilization of lighting. A thing of caution play the role of subtle and don’t over use lights or else you will finish track of an outdoor that simply looks garish.

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Garden Light Trends

When home owners first started employing a garden light within their landscape, it had been simply an easy light along a way. Now it’s been cultivated and developed into a mesh of exterior entry lighting for safety as well as for aesthetic characteristics. By having an exterior garden light you are able to illustrate to yourself, your loved ones, as well as your buddies in which the entry is. They are utilized for companies in addition to houses. They may also illuminate your building amounts. It is an increasing trend to emphasis visually pleasing entry lights. When it comes to quantity, there’s some arguements for and against whether just one garden light or perhaps a string of garden lights is much more visually pleasing.

Whenever you mix the appearance of the garden using the effectiveness of the doorway light, you have to also mix designing concepts. It’s good to produce a welcoming system that provides uniformed amounts of lights. Rather than utilizing a single vibrant garden light, try integrating many lower-light fittings near walk out. This provides exactly the same safety of merely one, vibrant entranceway light, using the benefit of an innovative garden. Generally utilizing a single garden fixture is going to be too vibrant and for that reason, every area resulting in the only light are dimmer. They can be, actually, too dim to supply any safety. With multiple garden fittings, you may create lighting in areas that have key interest for you for example alongside signs, entrance doors, or stairs. This helps you to evenly distribute the sunshine around a garden. With a combination of task lighting and accent lighting, you should use exterior garden lights to focus on the outside features of your house while supplying you with safety and security. You are able to integrate up-lights or publish lights to complete these lighting goals.

When it comes to an outdoor light, a glare is triggered by a couple of things. The very first is an excessive amount of contrast and the second reason is an immediate look at a source of light that is unshielded. If there’s an excessive amount of contrast the relaxation of the exterior garden will stay at nighttime. An appealing contrast ratio is under five to 1. You need to softly accent a garden, pathway, entrance, or stairs without developing a glare. The significance of an outdoor light can’t be undervalued, because it is accountable for allowing the first impression of your house. It will require the attention a significantly extended period to adjust to excessively lit structures or houses in addition to more dark outdoors pathways. These two allow it to be hard to see.

While leading to visual difficulties, getting excessive brightness may cause other issues too. The extra light will reflect from any surrounding surfaces for example wall and pathways. This reflection bounces in to the sky which produces what’s known to as “light pollution”. This light trespass will invade any adjacent houses or structures. The “light pollution” then reduces the opportunity to view things on the horizon like the moon and also the stars. This compromises the standard of view and existence for everybody. Overall, with ongoing “light pollution” entire communities and metropolitan areas are experiencing better nights due to more recent, efficient sources designed to use greater light levels with lower energy consumption.

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