Consider These Things Before Getting a Tree Removed from Your Property

If you are thinking about having a tree removed from your property, it is important to take great care in deciding who you will trust with this extremely dangerous task. Do not risk your property and well being. Take the following into consideration before hiring a tree removal service.

Do I Even Need This Tree Removed?

Trees are a gorgeous addition to any property, but they can become dangerous in certain conditions. Dead trees, for instance, are extremely dangerous and should be removed immediately. If any large branches are dead, or there is significant dieback, this indicates significant internal decay, which makes this tree an enormous risk to property and personal well-being. Any tree that is suddenly tipping, showing signs of exposed roots, or pulling up soil is immense dangers. Large hollow segments of the tree and the presence of mushrooms or fungal growth on the tree indicate internal decay. Any sign of internal decay or tree death should be evaluated by a trained tree removal specialist.

Is This My Tree to Remove?

You cannot remove a tree from someone else’s property. If the tree presents an imminent danger to you or your property, you can hire a specialist to put your neighbor on notice for immediate tree removal, at their cost. If the tree is on your property, you can have it removed by any qualified professional.

Who Should I Hire?

Tree removal is a dangerous task, and should only be carried out by the best professionals. Not all companies are insured for large tree removal. Choosing an insured professional allows you to be confident that if anything should go awry, your property is covered for damages.

Regarding anything going awry, you should also look for the professionals who have a history of safety in all aspects of tree removal: living or dead, extremely limited access, high voltage, zero collateral property damage, and 24-hour emergency tree service.

Look for companies that operate within the regulations set by OSHA and DOT, as well as ANSI a300 and ANSz133.1 standards, which are rules established by the International Society of Arboriculture. Also, keep an eye out for companies that can remove the dangerous tree without affecting the canopies and roots of the healthy trees surrounding them.

Some tree removal companies hire unskilled laborers at minimum wage to save money. These employees will not do a professional tree removal job. It is important to choose a company that employs only the most professional, experienced experts.

Be wary of businesses that send salesmen to make estimates for you. These agents typically are not very educated in tree removal and are only there to offer you a price they think you will bite on. In the long run, you end up paying double or triple by the end of the process.

Tree removal is dangerous and can be pricey. Don’t make the process even more pricey by hiring a second-rate company for removal. Check out http://www.72tree.com/ to read about one of the best tree removal services in Georgia.

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