Create a Welcoming Front Porch for Your Home

Have you ever went past a home and thought about how welcoming their front porch looks? It automatically gives the impression that they want you to come on up and sit for awhile. You can actually create that same look and feel on the front of your house by following a few simple steps.

Selecting the Furniture

There are two types of furniture that will make people feel welcome on your porch. This would be separate chairs or a swing. Swings will only work if there is plenty of room for them to go back and forth while still allowing for a walkway. Avoid benches. People seldom want to sit that close to others when outside on a hot summer day.

Add Comfort

Think about the items that would make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and incorporate them into your decorating. Place pillows and throws on the chairs. Put tables nearby for drinks and snacks. You may even want to invest in some type of retractable awning for sunnier times of the day. Don’t forget to include some of the exterior lighting overland park retailers like Rensen House of Lights has to offer.

Flowers and Plants

Before you can call your project finished, you need to add some plants and flowers. Hanging baskets look amazing when hung from the porch ceiling. Use flower boxes on the railings, and plant similar types of blooms in the landscaping below. You want everything to appear well coordinated throughout the yard when you step back and take a look.

Once you have placed the right style of furniture on your front porch, added some items for comfort, and finished it off with beautiful flowers and plants, your porch will look warm and welcoming too. Be creative and shop for the items you need at thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets to keep expenses down. You’ll be surprised by what you can create with so little time and effort.

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