Designing Ideas

Current Home Design Trends You Might Love

The current home market is heavily influenced by interior design. Buyers are always interested in diversity and they want their home to look 100% unique at all times. We all come from different walks of life and we want modern amenities. At the same time, we may be interested in tradition and we do want to be comfortable. Because of this, we need to always think about home design trends.

There are many interesting trends that appear in home design, normally being a reflection of the wishes of the home buyer. What is really popular among the modern home designs Sydney includes these latest trends:

Neutral Color Schemes

At the moment, gray is a highly popular neutral color that is used in interior design. It is really popular and is used in many surface materials and even in cabinetry. Gray stands out as always being appropriate and tasteful. It will enhance all from classical sculptures to abstract paintings. We can say that even state of the art tech devices are now added in gray.

Using Green And Going Green

Homeowners started to be highly conscious of the effect that they have on the planet. At the same time, it became common to bring a part of our environment to an indoor setting. People use shades of chartreuse, sage and emerald. The homeowner will want to recycle and there is a trend of using resources in a responsible way, with the goal to preserve everything. Reusing and recycling are actually really common in interior design.

Using Soft Pastels

The most common colors that were used till now in interior design were earth tones in a combination with bold colors. The modern home buyer is now moving towards a softer and much more playful approach to a color scheme. Pastels are used in accessories, tiles, paints, rugs and fabrics.

Including Metals In Modern Design

The home buyers will always be partial to metal when referring to fixtures, hardware and appliances. That is basically a sign of appreciation for item value and longevity. At the moment, the most popular metals used in interior design are steel, chrome and nickel, with some addition of gold.

Using Modern Combinations

There is a clear appreciation for value and quality but the current home buyer will understand to mix things up, adding a really interesting twist to what is traditional. The home buyer looks for designs, styles and colors that would not normally be combined.

We are seeing many moving towards a combination of distressed hardwood floors with sleep modern cabinetry. Elegant crystal chandeliers are often seen hanging over the picnic table added to the room. People basically step away from what is highly expected in order to keep everything as interesting as possible.

We all love to have something unique in our lives and modern interior design is all about personal tastes and innovation. Home buyers do look at everything that they see and they do not really like to see something that is 100% modern or traditional.