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Foundation Damage Caused by Floods, One of the Most Destructive Forces

Do you think that the foundation of your home is invulnerable and unshakeable? If so, you are wrong. Floods, one of the most destructive natural forces can cause damage to the mighty concrete foundation of your home. It is true that the foundation of your home is strongly anchored, but the pressure caused by floods can damage your foundation. Do you want to know how?

How does water cause damage to your foundation?

The damage caused to the foundation is determined depending upon the magnitude of the flood. It is the heavy floods that usually cause damage to the foundation.

  1. Water moves very rapidly during heavy floods. The flood water pushes the sides of your home violently. This weakens the structure of your home and results in separating the structure of your home from the foundation.
  2. Water flowing on the ground is absorbed by the earth. Some types of soil absorb water and don’t get dried quickly. It holds water for a long time. Wet soil expands like a wet sponge. The expanded soil causes pressure against the walls of the foundation. This will cause cracks in the walls. Water seeps into the cracks and causes damage to the foundation.
  3. Sediment and soil from flood waters get deposited against your house. The combined pressure from the weight of the sediments and the pressure from the flowing water results in damage to the foundation.

How to know if your foundation is damaged?

  1. Rotation of walls
  2. Separation of walls from house
  3. Cracks in floors
  4. Cracks in walls
  5. Space between the wall and ceiling
  6. Space between wall and floor
  7. Sloping floors and walls
  8. Cracking of bricks
  9. Doors and windows not closing properly
  10. Garage door not shutting down
  11. Flaking of concrete
  12. Pooling of water
  13. Moisture and stains in walls especially in the basement
  14. Cracks in floor tiles
  15. Cracked and displaced moldings

These are the symptoms of damaged foundation. To make sure your foundation is not damaged, you should contact water damage Marietta GA immediately after floods. The professional trained experts will certainly know where to look for symptoms.

Foundation problems should not be ignored because they can cause serious damages to your house and your family. If the damage is bad you may have to evacuate the place. If it is repairable, a good reputable water damage company will help in repairing the foundation and restoring the safety of your home.

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