Four Simple Efficiency Upgrades For Your Kitchen

When you eat at a restaurant, doesn’t it sometimes seem like the cooks work some kind of magic? To turn out that many plates of food—and so beautifully—so quickly?

It must be magic, right?

It could also be skill; but a significant aspect of the success of any restaurant is how efficiently that kitchen can operate.  And this type of efficiency is not just for professional kitchens.  Yes, you can have it too; you just have to know what upgrades to make to your existing kitchen.  Now, adjusting your home kitchen to be more efficient still won’t necessarily make it more like a professional kitchen, but your food preparation times might just drop a bit.

With that, here are four simple efficiency ideas:


In every domestic kitchen there is at least one corner where two walls, two sets of cupboards, two counter tops, and two cabinets meet.  In fact, there is probably more than one corner. Regardless, in that space, where two cabinets meet, under the counter, there is often a lot of wasted space.  Either you store things in there that you use extremely rarely or you keep things in there you need (but can rarely find). Instead of these two unfavorable options, then, consider installing a corner drawer.  This makes better use of the space (and makes it easier to gather what you need).


Utensils often get subjected to one canister on the counter or a rack on the wall or a much unorganized drawer.  That makes a bit of sense, though, since there is not really any uniformity to them like you find with silverware.  Well, to save yourself the trouble of hunting down lost items (that are actually just hiding in plain sight), consider installing a specially designed utensil drawer.  Not only is it more efficient, it is also a little bit prettier, too.


If you have a lot of counter top appliances, you might be frustrated by the clutter or by having to get them out of the cabinet every time you need to use them. A fair middle ground is actually installing an “appliance garage” where they can live—atop the counter instead of below—when you are not using them.


If you are on a budget, this might stretch you a bit, but it is definitely worth it.  By analyzing how you actually utilize your pantry, you can design shelving, storage, hooks, and other options that will better suit your family’s particularly food storage needs.