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Getting to Understand the HVAC Systems

While the term HVAC may seem like a common term, there are people who do not know what the term stands for. For starters, HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. People living in warm and cold areas may have heard about the term. HVAC aims at creating an ambient environment where people can live with comfort. This involves controlling air flow, temperature, air filtering and humidity. HVAC cannot function fully without the assistance of other components such as computing hardware, power, and physical security systems and data storage. It also requires other resources such as cables and fire protection systems.

HVAC Systems
HVAC systems are designed by mechanical engineers who understand the principles of heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics better than anyone else. HVAC should not be confused with HVACR that represents the concept of refrigeration. From time to time, the ducts used in the HVAC systems may break down or get overwhelmed by dust, and this may require time to time service and maintenance. People looking for duct repair in Phoenix have a wide variety of HVAC firms to choose from. The HVAC systems can be installed on a wide range of structures ranging from residential structures to commercial structures. Other structures where the systems can be installed include hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings and large industrial premises.

Ventilation is an important aspect of the HVAC system that carries out the process of exchanging heat and air between the interior and the exterior. This results in other changes such as temperature control and removal of gasses such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen. It results in the replenishment of oxygen, removal of airborne bacteria as well as smoke and odors. Ventilation plays an important role in the prevention of airborne diseases such as meningitis, common cold, and tuberculosis.

HVAC Control System
Like mentioned earlier, HVAC system requires other equipment to operate. A control system is very crucial for the functioning of an HVAC System. In most cases, there is a sensing device used to compare the current state and the desired state. When the two states do not concur with one another, the system makes the necessary changes. Upon completing the task, the control system goes to its sensing state until the system starts again. The owner of a facility that has an HVAC can implement a manual system or an automatic system. All these systems allow concerned parties to respond to alarms remotely or locally.

Maintenance of HVAC Systems
Modern HVAC systems are equipped internally with air filters and ducts that are lightweight. Remember that failure to replace these ducts and filters often result to lower heat exchange rates and ineffective systems. This could also cause overheating which will result in damage to the equipment by fire. Furthermore, lack of maintenance results to energy wastes and you will be forced to pay huge electricity bills. Just like in the refrigeration systems, failure to clean the condenser will result in the destruction of the compressor. When the compressor has been damaged, no heat exchange can take place between the interior and the exterior.

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