Give Your Bathroom a Makeover Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to home makeovers, many people cringe at the thought of spending thousands of dollars. While virtually any room gets renovated at some point, more people are making the bathroom top priority on their list of home improvement projects. Althoughthis sounds like a room that would cost plenty of money to renovate, numerous changes can be made without breaking the bank.

A New Coat of Paint
To give the bathroom a spruced-up look, put a new coat of paint on the walls, doors, and trim around the windows. For best results, use mildew-resistant paint to ensure the bathroom stays fresh for a longer period of time. For a typical bathroom that measures five feet by seven feet, this project can cost less than $100.

Bathroom a Makeover
Resurfacing the Bathtub

Ifyou have an older bathtub and don’t want the hassle of removing it in order to have a new one installed, consider having the tub and walls resurfaced. Thanks to today’s technology, many companies can now measure a tub and then fabricate a new cover that fits over the existing tub and walls, making it look as if the entire bathroom has undergone a major makeover. While the project may cost up to $1000, it’s far less than what would be spent to tear out the existing tub and install a new one from scratch.

Replace the Shower Head
If you want to improve the look of your shower and save money each time you take a shower, consider replacing the shower head. Many older bathrooms today have shower heads that waste lots of water, so installing a low-flow shower head can look great and save money. Most of today’s shower heads come with a sunflower-style head, which produces a rain-like spray that can cut water costs in half. This project can often be done for no more than $50 and is a very easy project to do yourself, making it a win-win situation.

Bathroom a Makeover

If you’ve wanted to give your bathroom a makeover but were afraid it would take thousands of dollars, these projects prove there are plenty of ways to make a bathroom look and perform better for far less money than anticipated. Of course, browsing the galleries at bath design websites like Lang’s Kitchen & Bath can also help you to come up with some additional ideas. By deciding which project you want to tackle first, you’ll be well on your way to having a bathroom that will be the envy of everyone.

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