Hardwood Flooring: Care & Maintenance Tips

Let’s face it, there’s nothing that even comes close to hardwood flooring, both in terms of appeal and durability and while timber flooring is at the top of the price range, it will last you for many years. Like most things of value, timber flooring needs some TLC in order to be at its best and with that in mind, here are a few care and maintenance tips to keep your hardwood flooring looking its best.

  • Sweeping – This is an essential step to prevent scratches, as hard particles can easily cause scratches and you’d be surprised at how dirty a floor can get in a typical day. A small soft brush and dustpan is ideal and morning and evening use is recommended. If you are ready to get a quote for hardwood in Brisbane, a Google search will take you to an established timber supplier who has all the solutions.
  • Use Only Recommended Products – Some floor cleaning products contain chemicals that can harm timber; avoid oil-based or ammonia-based cleaners, which will discolour the floor. Check that the product is suitable before use and when you find a cleaning product that is effective, stick with a single brand.
  • Mop Spills Promptly – Any liquid spills should be quickly dealt with; keeping a roll of kitchen tissue handy will ensure that any liquids are removed before causing any damage.
  • Only Use a Damp Mop – Cleaning hardwood flooring is unlike tiles, where you can use a volume of water; hardwood needs to be kept dry at all times and a damp mop is all it takes. Make sure that the mop has some volume, you don’t want the metal ring to make contact with the floor, as this will result in scratches.
  • Make a No-Shoe Rule – Why not take a leaf from Asian culture and remove your shoes before entering the house? This will definitely reduce the amount of debris that our shoes bring into the home and after a while it becomes second nature.
  • Re-sanding – Every 3-5 years, you can call in the flooring experts and have then sand down the flooring and re-treat the surface, leaving you with a new floor. This is skilled work and isn’t something you should attempt, unless you have previous experience.

While solid hardwood flooring is never going to be cheap, it will stand the test of time if looked after correctly and will give you many years of comfort.

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