Here’s How Homeowners Can Choose the Perfect Self-Storage Service

Living in a crammed house can be frustrating. With increasing costs of rental homes and properties, homeowners are having a tough time in the real estate market. If you are worried about downsizing, renting a self-storage unit makes a lot of sense. Many services offer cheap storage units for a fixed monthly fee, which can help in keeping your belongings safe and secure. These services are also handy when you want to make room for other things in the house. However, keeping the numerous choices in mind, it might be hard to pick one. Check the below mentioned tips for quick help!

Understand the basics

Self-storage services vary in facilities and services. Before you looking for options, try to understand your space requirements. Storage units can be small, medium and large. If you are just storing two to three boxes, it is best to look for something smaller. On the other hand, a climate-controlled unit is ideal for keeping an expensive car or high end furniture and valuables. In all cases, you will be paying a monthly price, and most services will offer a discount for the first month. However, for long-term rentals, exceeding over a period of one year, you can try asking for an additional rebate.

Things to check

As a homeowner, the last thing you would want is unexpected damage to the goods. It is essential to check the right factors before choosing a storage service. Firstly, pay a personal visit to the premises to know their overall services, facilities and claims. A company must invest in security and maintenance. Check if the service has enough manpower and additional security measures to avoid theft and trespassing. It is also wise to check their customer support in detail. Besides having flexible business hours, the company must offer assistance on phone and email. Comparing quotes can be tricky, given that there are so many lucrative ads around. It is prudent to choose a reliable service that is transparent with prices and policies, instead of one that offers big discounts without any clear terms and conditions.

Finally, you need to consider the location of the facility. Some people need regular access to their storage units, and it makes sense to choose a service that close to the current location. However, if you are keeping stuff that’s not required immediately, you can choose facilities on the outskirts, which are usually cheaper.

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