Transforming your living space can be as simple as having the right window treatment. However, the process of finding window treatments that work for you can be quite complex. The reason for this is that there has been a flood of options available to consumers in recent times. This guide is designed to assist you when shopping for window treatments NYC.

Think of Functionality First

Before you begin to consider the style of window treatments NYC, you should first look into the functionality. For instance, consider these two factors: light filtration and privacy. If privacy is a major issue for you, you should consider using lined curtains. They are the best at keeping light outside the room. However, if the functionality is of little significance, you do not need to be lined curtains. For one, lined curtains are quite expensive.

Fabric, Prints, and Color

When choosing window treatments, it is important to think about the mood of the room. For instance, you should consider using heavy velvet or silk. However, these materials are dry clean only. You may also consider using silky rayon and cotton sateen, which are more washable. A casual room should be fitted with billowy linen. Wool and cotton blends work perfectly with any décor.

For color, you have the option to make the curtain either blend in with the décor or pop. If the curtains are to blend in with the room, the curtains should be a bit darker than the colors of the walls. Additionally, remember that when light shines through unlined curtains, it infuses the room. Thus, a blue curtain can create an eerie effect in the room.

When deciding upon the prints, here is a rule to keep in mind; bold patterns should be used when you have solid color furniture. If your furniture has bold patterns, use only solid-color furniture. Ideally, you should go for fine prints that resemble texture for far.


Ideally, you should use curtains that are twice as wide as the window. As a result, if your window is five feet wide, you should drapes that are at least 10 feet wide. The width of the curtains is measured when they are not gathered; it creates a beautiful effect. For length, you must always use curtains that touch the floor. At times, you may have to buy curtains that are a size larger. You can then have them hemmed later.


This guide should be a great reference point the next time you go curtain shopping. Take time to talk to the store worker. He or she may have some extra pointers for you.