How to Ensure That Your Pond Is Kept Clear and Clean All Year Round

For many homeowners, installing and maintaining a garden pond is a real delight. It certainly requires regular maintenance, but the benefits are worthwhile.

A fully fledged garden pond with goldfish or other inhabitants is, in fact, a mini ecosystem. The cycle of life can be seen up close, and pond owners often marvel at the number of animals and insects that gather in and around the pond at various times of the year to feed and reproduce. In fact, schools will often organise excursions to wetlands and other pond areas just so that the children can learn about life cycles! Imagine having this in your own backyard all year round. As insects grow and reproduce, birds will gather and feed. The pond sustains an entire ecosystem that includes birds, insects, fish, frogs, tadpoles and plant life. Additionally, pond owners rest well in the knowledge that they are providing a fertile home for life and helping to sustain the local environment.

For keen gardeners, the organic debris often found in and around garden ponds is a fantastic fertiliser because it contains a variety of essential nutrients for optimal plant growth, including nitrogen. In this way, one can even save money.

There are few things like a living pond ecosystem. Everyone can enjoy the serenity and relaxing environment around a pond.

Taking Care of a Pond

Whether a pond is installed in a home garden or is an essential feature of a local park or business, it will require careful maintenance. Over time, organic debris builds up in and around the pond, and stagnant water can also form. This can cause a number of problems, including:

  • Pests: While insect life is an essential part of a pond environment and adds immeasurably to the pond ecosystem, it must also be remembered that certain types of insects, such as mosquitoes, can carry viruses. These types of insects breed in stagnant water, and you don’t want to encourage too many of them.
  • Smell: The build-up of organic debris in and around the pond can cause a terrible smell if it’s left in place. This may be a real issue for some homeowners, and for others where the pond is in a public area.


  • Bacteria: A pond is a living organism, but if it is not properly maintained it can also be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This is not only harmful to humans, but may also lead to the pond water becoming unfit for fish and other animal wildlife.

While maintaining a pond is not always easy, it can be made a lot more efficient by installing a device like the Oase FiltoClear pressurised pond filter. This type of filter cleans and filters the water and ensures that bacterial levels are well controlled through a UV filtration process. The other advantage is that it moves the pond water, and ensures that it does not stand and become stagnant.

Enjoying a Pond All Year Round

A clean, clear and well-maintained pond can be a real joy. It is not only an educational experience for children, but it also provides an important sanctuary for wildlife. In this age where the health of the environment is firmly and squarely in our sights, it is important to do our bit to maintain the environment and provide a safe harbour for the creatures, both great and small, that we share the planet with.

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