How To Find The Best Deals For Your Home Renovations Materials Online

Many of us are intrepid about not being able to feel or see things in person, especially when remodeling a home. If you want something unique for your home, the potential for finding great materials and products online is awesome. Usually a fraction of retail, shopping online allows you to save a considerable amount. By finding your own materials, you can generally save on the cost of your remodel. If you are smart, and use all the tools available to you, finding the styles you want at cost is pretty easy.

There are secrets to shopping online, especially when it comes to choosing materials for your homes siding and exteriors renovation. The difference between a brick and mortar and the internet is that the internet shops don’t have to pay overhead or distribution costs. The biggest problem is probably going to be shipping, but there are ways to overcome those obstacles as well. Below are all the hidden ways to save money on your home remodel by shopping online.

Comparison shop

Internet search engines like Google and Yahoo both have a tab at the bottom that allows you to “shop” at different sites. Those are great tools but don’t be mislead into thinking they compare everything available on the internet. Make sure that you do your own organic search. Go to sites such as Ebay or Amazon and try there too.

Once you know what material you are looking for, going from site to site may be necessary to cover all your basis. You can also go to sites such as Craigslist. Sometimes you can find what you are looking for that someone else had extra. The more you search, the more likely you are going to find the best price possible.

Use sites that offer discounts

Many builder sites offer you rebates or programs for your remodel. If you know that you are going to be buying large quantities, using rebate programs can really help. Sometimes it seems like the big box stores are going to be your best bet until you realize that you can earn dollars by using sites such as builder.com or other renovation sites.

Use coupon codes

Even if there aren’t any coupons or offers being made, find the best price, and then do a search for coupon codes. There is almost always a hidden code to find if you look hard enough. Before you purchase what is in your cart, find coupons. They can save you as much as 10% for signing up for emails. Once you get the first one and the coupon, you can easily “opt out” and receive nothing further.

Contractors discount

Many builder sites will offer a contractor’s discount. Many people think that those are reserved for those who are professional contractors. The truth is that if you are contracting your own project, you are technically a contractor. Often if you email the site and ask for the contractor’s discount, they will give it to you. Be savvy, be honest, but let them know that if they don’t give you the deal you have no problem going elsewhere.

Price match

Be mindful of shipping charges. If you notice that someone is offering less for shipping but has a larger price, do not be afraid to contact them directly and ask if they will price match from the other site. Often they will give you a price match rather than lose the sale. That has you winning on two fronts.

Used gift cards

Ever get a gift card you didn’t want? So do millions of people around the country. Many will sell their gift card at a loss just for cash. Their loss is your gain. You can purchase used gift cards usually for as much as 8-9%. They are delivered directly to your smartphone, and you can use them online in addition to coupon codes and savings matches. Think about how all those savings add up!

Use your credit

Many credit cards will give you cash back bonuses. When you are renovating, use only one card to pay for everything. Use the rewards you earn for more materials. The more you use the card to pay, the more points you will earn to pay for more of what you need.

It is possible to take advantage of many avenues when shopping online. If you take the time to use all the tools at your disposal, you can end up paying a fraction of the cost of an item.

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