How to Select the Best Garage Doors for Your Home or Commercial Property

Garage doors protect your vehicle and possessions from weather and burglars. A new door may help improve security and provide more insulation to the garage. You have an assortment of door styles, types, and extra options from which to choose. Take the time to consider each detail to select the right door for your home or commercial property. This is a super resource for finding inspiration.

Determine Which Type of Door Is Best for Your Needs

The first consideration is the type of door you want for your garage. Depending on your needs, one option may be better suited for your property:

  • Steel garage doors
  • Wooden garage doors
  • Glass-reinforced polyester doors

Each type of door provides unique benefits. While a correctly installed garage door of any material can last for years, steel doors are the most durable option and require the least maintenance. You need to wipe them down occasionally. Steel is also available in various designs and styles.

For a traditional look, you may prefer wooden garage doors. Also available in multiple styles, you can stain wooden doors to match the rest of your property. Wooden doors do require upkeep; you may need to stain or paint the door every few years to maintain its appearance.

Another versatile choice is a glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) door. You can choose any colour or finish, including a wood-grain finish to resemble real wood. Maintenance for GRP doors is minimal. Just as with steel doors, GRP doors only require an occasional wiping to remove dirt and keep the surface clean.

Choose a Style That Suits the Look of Your Property

Garage doors come in different styles from traditional to modern. Choose Victorian, Georgian, colonial, Edwardian, or contemporary designs to complement the existing architecture. When selecting a style, begin considering the colours and finishes available for the material and type of door.

Besides the type and style of door, you can choose additional installation options, including electric garage doors in Bracknell. An electric garage door opener adds convenience to your life, allowing you to quickly open and close the door without getting out of your vehicle.

There are also finishing details to accent the garage door. Hardware and decorative details add more custom options to choose from while helping you connect the look of the garage with the entire property. Examples of finishing details include:

  • Decorative hinges and handles
  • Decorative strapping
  • Garage door windows
  • Custom finishes

Consider a wide variety of door handles, hinges, and strapping to complete the look of your garage door. When choosing these details, pay attention to the hinges and accents around the exterior of the primary structure or house.

Consider Insulation and Security Options

The final considerations for your new garage door include the use of insulation and the security of your door. Insulated materials can help with heating and cooling in the garage while also lowering noise levels. There are also solutions to improve security, such as handless doors and remote openers.

Your door should last for years, which is why it is essential to review all your options before you make a final choice. Consider the material, type of door, styles, and colours. If you need help with these decisions, get a hold of a local door installation company to receive suggestions and advice for selecting the best door.

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