How to test for asbestos and how to control it in a building


It is not that easy to spot asbestos in a building. One thing that should compel you to look for an asbestos survey company is when you are living in an old building or when the building that you are working in is old. If you have any suspicions, you should also consider looking for an asbestos survey team. The asbestos substance is a fibrous and microscopic material that cannot be seen with our naked eye. That also means that it is not possible to spot asbestos when it’s in the air. Although that is true, there are means that you can use to find the presence of asbestos in the air and find ways through which you can control the substance. There are two ways through which you can notice asbestos in the air. The first way is testing for asbestos by yourself and the second way is through hiring an asbestos survey London company to do the testing for you.

Ways to test for asbestos

If you are living in a building or you are working in a building that was constructed in the 1990s or later, chances are you are safe from asbestos exposure. If your building is older, you probably have fiberboard, insulation, adhesives, countertops, and other components that can be containing an asbestos substance.

You should never assume that you are safe until you know. To be sure of your safety, learn how you can test for asbestos in the building that you are living in. If you will be collecting the samples all by yourself, it is very important to learn how you can protect yourself from asbestos exposure. The first thing that you should do is turn the air conditioning and fans in your home for the sake of keeping the air still. Apart from that, you must also wear protective gear such as goggles, protective gloves, appropriate shoes, a face mask, and long-sleeved clothes. You should also work on covering all surfaces with plastic drop cloths. After you are done with collecting the samples, make sure to discard everything that you were wearing during the sample collection and testing.

If the area where you would like to test is dusty, you should consider wetting the area first. Make sure to take the samples that you would wish to test per the kit instructions. If you will be collecting samples from multiple sites, you will be needing bulk sampling kits. Once you are done with your collection, you should seal the sample and make sure that the area is cleaned.

After you have done your sample collection successfully, the next important step should be to take the samples to an asbestos testing company. If at all you will receive positive results from the tested areas, you will learn how to control asbestos in that area or consider asbestos removal. For this, you will need to look for the best company to do the task for you.

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