Important Things to Do Before You Sell Your Junk Car for Cash

car recycling, junk car(s) for cash

The automobile recycling industry is the biggest secret of today’s car manufacturers. Eighty-six percent of a car’s material content can be recycled or reused. That, in turn, saves time, effort, and cost to produce more materials. Every ton of steel created from scrap steel conserves 2,500 lbs. of iron ore, 1,400 lbs. of coal, and 120 lbs. of limestone. Beyond conserving energy and resources as well as helping to save the planet, the automotive recycling industry employs 140,000 hard workers nationwide, supports many other business industries, and generates $32 billion in annual sales–some of which could be lining your own pockets. Recycling your junk car for cash isn’t a difficult process if you know what to do prior to taking it into the facility.

Use Up the Gas

If your car still runs, burn as much of it as you can before trading it in. It’s no secret that gas is a precious commodity in today’s society. Why give it away? A recycling center isn’t going to tack on the cost of a tank of gas. Depending on the size of the junk car’s tank, it could be worth a significant amount. So, burn it up to save yourself some regret.

Clean Out the Car

An older car, specifically, can begin to look and act like your home away from home after a while. Everything from food containers and water bottles to kid toys, clothes, and even vital documents can be hidden, lost, or stored in your vehicle. In many cases, a car acts as a literal catch-all for life. Before taking your junker in, be sure to get rid of all the junk inside and important items. Remove trash, reclaim loose change, and retrieve any important or essential before dropping it off at the center. There’s no guarantee you can get what you leave behind later, and leaving items inside could interfere with the transaction.

Remove the Plates and Transfer the Title

Your car recycling transaction can be completed in a hurry, and legalities on the client’s end are often forgotten by the car owners. Most states require car owners to return the plates to the DMV before your car registration can be canceled. In some cases, an insurance policy can’t be canceled until the plates are returned. You’ll also need to transfer the title to the car recycling center as most companies won’t purchase the vehicle until that’s completed. Save yourself some time and headaches by completing these three simple tasks before you sell your junk car.

Prepare for the Sale

Discover a tentative estimate for your vehicle and plan to meet the qualifications to receive that price. That means, if you’ve agreed to a specific price and condition, make sure the vehicle actually meets the agreed upon condition. You’re allowed to remove your sound system and GPS if the price doesn’t reflect the value of those items. But consider keeping newer parts in the vehicle as they can fetch a pretty penny. A competent car recycling dealer is going to know your vehicle’s worth and won’t try to pull a fast one. After all, reputation is the difference between a joker and a king. But you still shouldn’t go in blind. Newer batteries and battery packs, convertible tops, halogen headlamps, car doors, airbags, and even intact weather stripping can transform a worthless piece of junk into a nice chunk of change.