Improve your Outdoor Area with Specialist Awnings

Whether you run a restaurant, a café, a bar or a bakery – if it has an al fresco dining area you will need to ensure that you make the best use out of it, as an outdoor seating space can make it easy for you to stand out from your competition as everyone loves to dine outside – especially in the summer months. Specialist outdoor blinds and awnings can help you to make your business stand out from the crowd and you will find that you can easily draw customers in with your attractive outdoor space when you decorate it with a nice awning.

Sourcing an Awning Specialist

You will need to find a company that can design, make and install your blinds for you and ideally they should have many years of experience in the sector. In order to source a company that specialises in good quality outdoor blinds in Melbourne or wherever in the world you are based you should do an online search.

Here are some of the things you will need to look into when researching an awning specialist:

  • Custom design services
  • Good reputation in the industry
  • The use of good quality materials
  • Reliable installation services
  • Expert advice

If you are unsure about which style of awning or blinds will work best in your space and with your budget, then you should contact the company to ask for some expert advice.

Outdoor Area with Specialist Awnings

Choosing a Style

There are lots of different shading systems that you can use to provide your diners with shelter from the sun and rain, including the following:

  • Outdoor patio blinds
  • Folding arm awnings (retractable awnings)
  • Sun blinds
  • Canopies
  • Roof blinds
  • Drop arm awnings

Each option provides you with a slightly different style and look, so you will need to do some research on all of the designs in order to find one that will complement your existing environment and décor.

Customising your Awnings & Blinds

You can even have your blinds of awnings customised so that they feature your logo or company name on them to boost your brand awareness.

This is a great way to promote your business and here are a few ideas about where you can install your outdoor awnings and blinds to improve your business:

  • Over the front entranceway
  • Over an outdoor dining or seating area
  • To create shade if customers partially queue outside
  • Outside the main windows or door

Which colour or pattern you choose will also have a huge impact on how the awning or blinds look, so make sure you choose carefully when it comes to selecting which style you want.

Colours & Patterns


You might want to use a similar colour scheme to your interior or you might want to choose colours that represent your brand and some people like plain colours, while others think that a pattern is more eye catching – and this choice is often down to personal taste.


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