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New Season, New Solutions!

The summer fun has fully unveiled itself and, along with it, promises of clear skies and sunny days ahead. Throw our notorious African sun into the mix, however, and the heat can be tiresome at times! Luckily, home development technology has come a long way since half a century ago, making the task of dealing with the Southern Hemisphere heat a lot easier than it used to be. So, why not implement the best solutions in your home that’ll offer cooler temperatures indoors when the heat becomes overwhelming?

While reducing your home’s indoor temperatures is usually something that is considered during its first planning and construction stages (isolation, construction material choice, wall orientation), making some post-construction alterations can certainly move that thermostat needle. And let’s face it, rebuilding your home’s exterior into double or triple walls to help keep things cool inside is a slightly exuberant avenue to take and no one is going to go through that much effort to curb heat. Simply replacing your window and door frames with architectural aluminium windows and doors,  however, will make a similar dent in that thermostat – that is unless you’re planning on knocking down one wall entirely to make room for an architectural aluminium door, instead, which will help you regulate the heat even more effectively!

The benefits of trading a wall for a sliding door are twofold. First, you’ll easily triple the spatial value of the room and, second, you’ll get the option of letting in the fresh air whenever you feel like it! Never underestimate the power of fresh air during the summer time; circulation helps ventilate warm air out of your dwelling – if you’re not convinced, try it and thank me later.

While these utilities help keep your area cool, they give you the option to swing your doors, windows and, in some cases, walls open to let the light and the fresh air in, too. Don’t let summer pass outside while you hide from it indoors, but rather navigate the fluctuating temperatures with these versatile solutions and make the most of the sun while you can!


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