Old Pune, Bold Pune

A 1 bhk flat in Pune for rent brings some thoughts to my mind. Bunglows and only maximum 3 story buildings form a part of the city’s infrastructure. This around some areas where the government has a ban around the heights due to the ammunition factory in the city. The city has grown to multi story building outside the jurisdiction and caters to the crème de la crème crowd as well. But my thoughts when I hear a 1bhk flat in Pune for rent boil down to:

  • Old Building : Now a days families prefer at least a 2 bhk flat to start with. The rent paying capacity of individuals and the space each family requires has increased. Children need their space, unlike older times where the entire family would stay in a single room. 1 bhk flat in Pune for rent is mainly found in city areas and old buildings.
  • Crowded: Being a part of the older Pune, the city now has expanded towards the outskirts and is termed with new amenities and belongings. Old Pune the small compact city has buildings with 1 bhk flats but is the main market and is crowded. People had all they wanted at walking distance or within cycling reach. Commuting now is easier than even expected and people prefer to be away from the traffic jams and people crowds.
  • Large spaces: Although the flat is called a 1 bhk it is almost equivalent the 2bhk in terms of the space. Older houses have bigger room space than today and have open balconies as big as kitchens today.
  • Lower rentals: A 1bhk calls for lower rentals with the same area of 2bhk depending however on the area. If the flat is in the city area it could be possible that the rentals are higher as it calls for close proximity to almost everything.
  • Peers: Just like before, although we didn’t have amenities like parks, tabs and wifi , we had our cousins, siblings and friends to play, the same is found here in the city. Although facilitated with gadgets children and women have loads of known people around and celebrate the festivals like a family.

I come from a very close knit family and love an environment of fun and frolic. Children enjoying their child hood with peers and woman getting together to either gossip or make delicacies is an ideal life! I don’t deny the fact that today’s infrastructure is all that we can ever need to have a safe and developed life but the charms of oneness and togetherness is missing.

Coming to another prima face of 1bhk flat in Pune for rent , it is always easy to give this out as there are loads of bachelors coming to the city for better prospects and hence look for space on rent to get a good night sleep as most of the day goes in office. Ready to pay good deposits but need these to be in and around office premises.

A new concept called the budget homes has been upspringing with studio kitchens and smaller areas. These are mainly for investment and working class and these projects sell out almost as soon as they start. Almost 1/3rd less the cost of  a full fledged regular 1bhk and the surrounding amenities these budget homes also go as guests houses or service apartments to corporate and events.

I could go on about the mixed thoughts I have about properties today, however each individual lives to their choices and hope the above has a base to look upon. Old Pune, the bold Pune.

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