Prepare Your Home for Fall with Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you really want to know how dirty your home is, just look to the heavens. According to NASA, meteors and other space gunk are responsible for 60 tons of cosmic dust that falls to the planet on a daily basis. If you have kids and pet, chances are you’re trying not to think about what’s floating around in your home at any given moment. But your carpet’s probably collecting its share of 4.6 billion-year-old pieces of solar system debris on top of the food crumbs, dried mud, pet dander, fecal matter, and insect casings lurking deep within those fibers. If you’ve missed your springtime professional carpet cleaning or put it off this year, don’t fret. Fall is the second best time to get your home in ship shape. But how does carpet cleaning in Macomb, Michigan help you get ready to enjoy fall?

Families Are Home More During Autumn

As kids return to school, cool dips in the air signify a welcome change of season. Suddenly it’s too chilly or damp to enjoy late nights under the street lights or evening swims in the pool. While it’s nice to have the family under the same roof, that means they’re all inside the house–eating, running, tossing their filthy shoes and backpacks around. And guess what collects all that debris like a sponge? Your carpet. Soon winter or holiday guests will be arriving and tracking/breathing it all in. Professional carpet cleaning eliminates the gunk and purifies the air.

Your Carpet May Be a Cesspool of Filth

Carpet can help insulate and reduce auditory distortion, be aesthetically pleasing, and improve the value of your property. But it also acts as the largest air filter in your home. Family and pet debris is one thing, but what about dust mites, bug particles, and mold? Yes, that’s also found trapped deep within the fibers of even modern carpeting. As bacteria break down, toxic gases are released into the air. A good HEPA vacuum can collect the surface matter and help minimize some growth, but even the most expensive system doesn’t have the power of professional carpet cleaning equipment. Why risk your loved ones’ health and happiness when the pros can suck out the contaminants and kick the critters to the curb?

Your Carpet Warranty Requires Professional Attention

If you’ve invested in carpeting to improve the condition and investment potential of your property, chances are that carpet came with an impressive warranty. But do you know what that entails? Most consumers have no clue what their responsibilities are to avoid accidentally voiding their warranty. Almost all carpet warranties focus on “wear” due to the nylon content. But it’s still the customer’s responsibility to remove stains.

Always read over your warranty and know that if you’re not having your carpet professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, you can be at risk of voiding the entire warranty. That’ll be an expensive and unnecessary life stress when you discover your carpet manufacturer requires annual cleaning receipts that you’re unable to provide. Scheduling your annual fall professional carpet cleaning today can help eliminate those concerns and help everyone breathe easier in the process.

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