Retractable Awnings for Home and Business Settings

Do you enjoy entertaining outdoors? Do you want your outdoor space to be usable no matter what the weather is like? Consider installing a folding-arm awning over your patio, balcony, or other outdoor space. Retractable awnings not only enhance the style of your home, they also offer protection from the elements, making your outdoor space perfect for entertaining at all times and in all weather conditions.


Benefits of Folding Arm Awnings in a Home Environment

One of the most obvious benefits of an awning is shade. Australia has a lot of sunny days and many people enjoy spending time outdoors as long as there is an option for shade. With an awning, you can add additional shady space to your home. An awning can provide shade for an outdoor cooking or eating area, or even a swimming pool.Because retractable awnings are self-contained, you don’t need to worry about any pillars or other support structures cluttering up your entertaining area.

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Another advantage of folding-arm awnings is that they are flexible. When not in use, the awning folds up into an unobtrusive space on the side of your home. This means it stays completely out of the way when you aren’t using it. As soon as you decide that you would like to deploy the awning, all you have to do is open it up and you have instant shade or protection from rain.

Awnings for Businesses

Retractable awnings aren’t just useful for homeowners. They are also useful when installed in a business setting. Adding an awning to your business offers the same benefits of shade and weather protection as when used for a home. Additionally, you can choose a colour for your awning that enhances your building’s décor. You can even have your business’ name and address printed on the awning itself, which provides additional advertising and exposure for your company.


Awning Options

When you are choosing an awning for your home or business, it is good to be aware of all of the options available. Many awning manufacturers offer the choice of a hand crank or a motor to deploy the awning. Most motors are simply operated with a switch or a remote control. There are also more sophisticated options for people who truly want the incorporate the awning into their lifestyle. For example, there is a company that makes folding arm awnings in Adelaide with integrated weather sensors. The sensor system allows the awning to respond to the wind, rain or the sun, further enhancing a home’s comfortable environment.


Along with the deployment options, you will have to choose between slightly different assembly options. There are various choices for how the mechanical arms work to deploy the awning, as well as how the fabric is housed when not in deployment. Sometimes the details of the building will dictate which type of awning is the best choice. When you are ready to discuss adding an awning to your property, it is best to have an installation professional provide you with all the information you need so you can decide which options will work best for you.

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