Saving Money on Your Next Move

Whether you’re moving because you want to or because you have to, there are plenty of costs associated with moving. For some people, this isn’t a big deal, but for others, these moving costs add up and become extremely hard to manage. However, a few additional costs shouldn’t hinder you moving into your dream home. Instead, you need to get creative and find ways you can save money on your next move. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Compare movers.

If you are using professional movers, then consider comparing movers for prices so you can get the best rate. Find those in your area and see how much they would charge you to get your belongings into your new home. In addition to checking the price, be sure to also ask if there are additional perks that are included in the price, such as packing for you, guaranteeing a certain delivery date, etc. Knowing everything that’s included can help you make the final decision for your budget.

Move yourself.

If using professional movers is too expensive, then consider moving yourself. Pack all your own items up on your own, and then put all your items into your own vehicles or into a van/truck you rent. By doing the manual labor yourself, you can help to cut the cost of moving. Plus, renting a moving truck can sometimes cost less than using an actual mover, so it’s something you’ll want to price out.

Purge your belongings.

Before you start packing, go through your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer want or need. You can opt to have a garage sale or sell these items online to make some extra money. Then, you’ll actually be making money on your move instead of wasting it all. Plus, if you have less items you need to move, it can also save you money with a professional mover or by having to rent a smaller truck. Be sure to thoroughly think about what you’ll need and what items will still work at your new place, and then start to purge.

Find used boxes.

Instead of paying between $2-$4 per moving box from a company, start to get creative and find used boxes that you can reuse. For instance, if you’ve ordered items from Amazon or anywhere else, save the boxes they came in so you can reuse them for moving. If your place of employment gets shipments in regularly, ask your boss if you can take some of those boxes home. This will save you money on moving boxes, which could put a big savings into your moving budget.

Get creative with your belongings.

Another great way to save on moving boxes is to get creative with your belongings. For instance, instead of putting an empty hamper into the moving truck, be sure you pack that hamper with items before putting it away. You should do the same with crockpots, vases, and anything else in your home that has an opening. This way, you can pack more items into one box, save on the number of boxes you need, and even condense your belongings for a smaller truck.

Use your own items for padding.

Like using your own items for boxes, you can also use your own items for packing. For instance, you can use clothes, blankets, or pillows instead of spending money on bubble wrap or plastic wrap. This way, you can save money again on the number of boxes you need and not needing to buy additional moving items.

Ask friends and family for help.

Whether you’re looking for manual labor or need someone to watch your pets or kids, asking your friends or family for help can save you from having to pay movers or other people to do some of these tasks for you. Plus, these individuals will usually help you out of the goodness of your heart instead of needing to be paid. Plus, the cost of pizza or sandwiches is much cheaper than paying a professional babysitter, pet sitter, or mover.

Moving can be expensive, but you can save money on it by using these tips. By simply being creative with how you move, using your negotiation skills, and reusing items, you can keep your moving costs to a minimum and get into your house with money in your pocket.

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