Stressed Out By Home Clutter? Here’s 4 Ways to Fix It for Good

A cluttered house is a messy house, and this can lead to disorganization, stress and even dangerous living conditions. Most of us have too many things and not enough time to clean up and put everything away properly. There are many contributing factors for this, including lack of storage space, lack of time, too many items or no structure to inform how things should be put away and stored. A disorganized home really can contribute to a lot of stress, whether its not being able to find your keys and running late to work, or tripping and injuring yourself on clutter around the house. Here we look at 4 crucial ways to fix home clutter for good and reduce your stress levels as well.

Have Adequate Storage

Having adequate storage is one of the most important steps towards decluttering and distressing your home environment. If all the items in your home don’t have somewhere to go, then it’s only natural that they will be left out and forgotten about. If you need more storage, you can get creative by finding more in your home such as under the house, in the roof, or by adding new shelves and cupboards.

But sometimes all the storage space in your home still won’t be enough. That’s where commercial storage help can come into play. Storage in Brisbane, Sydney, and other major cities can provide much needed relief from the space-poor conditions of city living. With easy accessibility and low overall costs, self-storage options can provide to perfect solution for keeping those things you want to keep safe, but don’t need every day.

Minimise Your Stuff

If you’re running out of storage space and your home is still cluttered, an inability to get rid of your excess junk may be what’s holding you back. Knowing when to get rid of old clothes, toys, furniture, books and other home contents can really help you to keep your home clear and uncluttered, while holding onto these things can be unnecessary and create excess clutter and stress.

A good rule of thumb can be to go through your belongings and question anything you haven’t used for at least 6 months. Be brutal! If you have items that you’re done with, you can think of reselling them at a market or on eBay, or donating them, rather than filling up landfill.

Everything in Its Place

If you have a place where everything in your house goes, and all the members of your household are aware of this, it makes keeping your home clean and tidy much, much easier. Make sure the whole family knows where everything goes, and you can even label your draws, shelves and cupboards to make it easier.

Make putting things away easy and not overly complicated. A tray for TV remotes right next to the couch will encourage them to be put back there, whereas a jar for kitchen utensils beside the stove makes it clear where things should be put away, and where you can find what you need.

Set a Cleaning Schedule

Another issue with messy homes is that they usually don’t have a cleaning schedule. You may think you cleaned up just last week, when in fact it was weeks ago that you had a proper clean of the home. Instituting a cleaning routine, and chores for members of the family can help to get the important jobs done, while minimizing stress.

You can arrange this either by having all the cleaning done on one day of the week (i.e. the start of the weekend), or spreading the chores out over the course of the week in little steps, which can make it more manageable. Either way, whatever suits your lifestyle and needs is best. And don’t be afraid to hire help if you need it, with professional cleaning rates being reasonable for a quality job.

With these 4 essential tips, you can get your home cleaner and tidier than ever before, allowing you to enjoy a safer, healthier and less stressful environment.

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