Three Advantages of Buying Beach-front Property in St. Martin

There’s only so much beach to go around, and location is everything in the real estate market. Beach-front Property in St. Martin is a hot commodity that people are very willing to pay for. You may be considering a property on the beach as a potential home for yourself, or perhaps as a vacation rental investment. And when you are away, you might consider renting your space as a vacation villa.  You could talk with the folks at Exceptional Villas to see if they might be interested in your property.

As beachfront property is such a limited commodity, many people think that they can make a windfall in a relatively short time because it will increase in value more rapidly than other properties. While it is historically true that oceanfront real estate appreciates more quickly than non-oceanfront properties, it is very rare for owners to make money on the house during the first few years.

Why are people so drawn to the ocean? Children delight in the crash of the waves on the shore, and adults enjoy the rhythmic, relaxing sound of the tide. Ocean sunrises or sunsets are valuable commodities in themselves, unforgettable in their beauty. The following are the advantages of buying the Beach-front Property in St. Martin:

  1. Most people enjoy being close to the myriad of ocean-related activities, like sailing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, crabbing, or just soaking up the sun on the beach. Beach communities often offer a vibrant nightlife and an array of other attractions that make them popular tourist destinations. There are many different reasons why people might purchase beachfront property. Many people choose it as a primary residence. Still more live elsewhere most of the time and own a second condo or house on the beach a few hours away for vacations and weekend getaways. Some of those may rent out their oceanfront homes while they are not in use to offset the cost of having a second home.
  2. It is common to own beachfront real estate as an investment, typically for use as a vacation rental. With mortgage rates at near historic lows, many people see this as an excellent opportunity to invest in rental properties of all kinds. However, there are several factors to consider when determining whether the rental price the property can command will be worth it.
  3. Properties that are on the beach will command a higher per-night price than surrounding real estate. Of course, not all properties adjacent to the ocean are created equal. The size of the home or condo, the view it affords, the quality of the beach, and the desirability of the community all come into play when calculating its value. A knowledgeable real estate agent will keep close tabs on local vacation rental prices, and help you calculate whether a given home will be a good investment as a rental.

If you do some research, you’ll find that the potential benefits of beachfront property ownership in St. Martin greatly outweigh the difficulties.  It could be the investment you are looking for to provide a great vacation and additional capital when you are away.


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