Three Ideas for Building a New Guest House

Having a spare bedroom in your home lets you invite guests to spend the night during the holidays and any other time of the year. If you’re like most people though, space is limited. You may even have your kids sharing bedrooms because you have so little space. Creating a new guest house outside gives your guests a comfortable place to spend one or more nights, but that house can also serve as a home office or a family room. While you might think that it costs too much to build a whole new guest house, there are some affordable ideas that you can try.

Storage Container

One of the hottest trends in the home building world today is the use of storage containers as houses. Those same metal shipping containers that trucks transport across the country now make fun and functional homes. These are best for use in areas with a warm climate. If you live in an area with cold winters, you’ll need to add extra insulation to keep your guests warm. You can even add a small kitchen or bathroom as well as windows.

Recreational Vehicle

Depending on the permits necessary and the laws in your area, you might store a camper or recreational vehicle in your yard that you use for guests. The best thing about using one of these vehicles is that most come with a kitchen and bathroom already included. Some even have a private bedroom that is separate from the rest of the vehicle. With generator repairs Spring TX RV owners can even provide power to their guests. A repair company can come out and install a brand new generator or repair and existing generator to let guests run lights, watch television and even charge their phones.


Using a shed is the most affordable way to add a guest house to your property. Sheds now come in a number of great designs that appeal to those who love tiny homes. You’ll even find models that come with windows on either side and a small porch across the front. All you need is some basic furniture to make your guests feel at home. You can run an extension cord from your home to the shed or add a generator. With these unique ideas for guest homes, your family and friends will love staying with you.

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