Three Things to Do When your Shower is Cold

No one likes cold water so naturally having no hot water in the house can be a big annoyance. Although a hot water system is the center of each busy household, usually if things go wrong, there is little warning. Unless you like cold showers, you will want to replace the unit as soon as possible that could leave you little time to think about your options. To ensure you are not left in the cold, let an emergency plumber in Newcastle check your hot water system regularly.

Know that Efficiency Does Matter

Depending on the kind of water system you have, the majority of heaters last anywhere between 10and 15 years. Generally, hot water systems which use storage tanks tend to have a shorter lifespan and require more maintenance. Having regular service will keep hot water flowing and make sure that your system lasts longer.

Look for Warning Signs

When you have cold water, there should be something wrong with your hot water systems. The circuit breaker could have tripped or the pilot plight on the gas system could be out. Often, this is a simple fix; however, if you are not sure, or wish to get a second opinion, call an expert in hot water system installation Newcastle NSW. In case you see that the water has sediment or is rusty, this could mean that there is something serious there and you need a professional to deal with it.

If your water bills are creeping up, the hot water system could be the culprit. In order to save yourself time, hassle and money to replace the system prematurely, err on the side of caution and hire a professional plumber to check your water system.

Know the Right Time to Act Fast

In case you notice your hot water system is leaking, turn off the gas or disconnect the electricity to the unit right away. Contact a plumbing company and arrange for one experienced plumber to come and evaluate the situation. Keep in mind that anything that involves electricity and water must be left to the pros.


Hot water systems are created to keep your showers warm. Regular maintenance and checks can help in extending their lifespan and avoiding future problems that can lead to having cold showers. Make sure you know beforehand who to call if you have any plumbing issues. Do not hesitate to answer questions while a plumber is working on your water systems to be an informed homeowner.

Author Bio – Andrew Mead is an experienced plumber for commercial and residential properties at Hunter Eco Plumbing. He specialises in hot water system repairs and installations.

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