Understanding the Bead Blasting Process

Sand and bead blasting are both common procedures that are used nowadays for cleaning exposed surfaces. Sand blasting is commonly used in various industrial settings and factories. The exposed surfaces of different machines often need to be repaired from time to time. The only way to do that is to carry out bead blasting or sandblasting, which removes all kinds of contaminants from the surface and keeps the surface clean. There are a number of companies throughout Australia that offer sandblasting and bead blasting services. Some even provide glass blasting services, so it primarily depends upon the type of surface that needs to be cleaned. Here are a few simple things you should know about the bead blasting process.

Preparing the Surface

Bead blasting is usually done when a surface needs to be prepared for repainting or to get rid of the many contaminants found on it. Before bead blasting can be carried out, the company will apply a solution on the surface in order to remove the hardened contaminants and soften the ones that are still stuck to the surface. Preparing the surface will usually take some time, depending upon the overall area to be covered. For instance, if you want all the machines in the factory to be bead blasted, it’s obviously going to take slightly longer to prepare the surfaces properly.

Get an Estimate

With so many companies now offering bead blasting in Perth nowadays, it’s generally recommended that you first get an estimate from a local company in the area that offers quality bead blasting services. You can check out their website in order to find out more about the different services that they provide, and then ask them for a quote. The company will first ask for a visit in order to check the surfaces that need to be bead blasted, and will give you a quote accordingly. If you are satisfied with the price being offered, you can schedule an appointment with them for the blasting process. Make sure you keep the appointment on a weekend because the process can take a long time, and will most likely disrupt your work.

The Process

The company will use a blasting machine that blasts fine beads at very high pressures on a particular surface. These beads are used to get rid of the contaminants that are stuck on the surface, and because they are so fine in nature, the beads will bounce off the surface. Bead blasting should only be done by an experienced professional because they take great care to ensure that the surface itself isn’t damaged. Once the blasting has been completed, you can then apply a new coat of paint to the surface.

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