Untreated Water Damages Are Dangerous To Health and Home Structure

Water is valuable for living beings. In the right scenario, it looks soothing and innocent. On the other hand, in unfortunate events water damages can be destructive. A little water is sufficient to end with huge damages.

If minor water issue is ignored then overtime it turns into a costly dilemma. A minute leak (pin-hole) can trickle gallons of water in a week. Just imagine the level of issues caused due to water from storm, flood, and burst pipe.

A home exposed for long to water damages will be a threat, so make sure to call water damage company Oceanside CA. Never ever assume that water will dry out and disappear.

Threats to home due to untreated water damages

Weakens wooden structure

Wood absorbs water just like a sponge. In case, bottom of wood wall gets exposed to water leaks then it reaches the top of the wall, very soon. If you ignore calling a reliable water damage restoration service then the water sitting inside the wall weakens the wood.

The wooden floors and walls become vulnerable and a threat to your home structural integrity. Moreover, wood is susceptible to mold and can rip through the walls and floors. High humidity area is a haven for the breeding of mold, which spreads within 48 hours.

Decreases home value

Water damages appear ugly and cannot be covered up efficiently. New paint on the water stains is visible, which confirms that the issue is rooted from water damage. Many potential buyers offer less value for your home or never return.

Electrical system gets ruined

Water and electricity are foes. Water damages cause short circuits, which will need professional electrician to check all your wiring system, thoroughly.

Water corrodes pipes

Corroded pipes develop leaks, means the minor issue has turned into a major problem, overtime. You need to take care of corroded pipes right away. It may seem non-hazardous now but after 6 months you will be handling more damages and expense.

Water damages insulation, metal structures, and trusses

A small or large pool of standing water can be hazardous. Standing water weakens home physical framework including metal structures and truss. Insulation damage can cause mold growth as well as escalate energy bills because there is no insulation against elements.

Standing water is bad

Standing water is dirty and unhealthy. Bugs and fungus star developing, if not removed, instantly. These bugs can get in your refrigerator. You can end up with food poisoning or other illnesses.