Ways to Revive a Tired Kitchen

Renovating the house can often become quite a pricey project, especially as once you start you begin to notice more and more that you’d like to update. There are so many ways in which you can introduce new and exciting features to your kitchen to create a whole new atmosphere, without having to re-fit the whole kitchen. Sticking to what you need and require is a good start, figure out what your kitchen is lacking and give it a burst of life. The good thing about making lots of smaller changes is that if you decide against the idea, or simply become tired of it after a while, you can simply change it up a little and you have another new style to work with.

It’s always best to start with the larger features of your kitchen that you want to change, for example lighting and units. Lighting plays a huge part in the overall feel of your kitchen, the mood that’s created and atmosphere you live in. By evenly distributing lighting across your kitchen you are able to use all points of the kitchen with the same lighting. Mood lighting is often a good choice for kitchens, as you can control exactly how bright or dim you wish for the lighting to be, and you can set the tone that you want to create. If you have a dining area in your kitchen, you may find that two different lighting sources will work really well, as you can control them separately and illuminate different sections as and when you feel it necessary. Your kitchen units are another feature that have a large impact on your kitchens overall look. If you feel that your kitchen doors are starting to look tired or worn, you may find that this is having a large impact on the kitchens whole look. There are a couple of ways in which you can update your kitchen doors, the most obvious being to replace them, which you can actually do at little cost. If replacing the kitchen doors isn’t something you want to do, then you can always look at painting them. Repainting your kitchen doors will have a huge impact on your kitchen, not only brightening it up but also reviving it and creating a whole new look. Painting your kitchen doors is also a really simple task, plus if you become tired of the colour you can always repaint again at a later date.

Your storage is another feature you can play around with. Adding open shelving to your kitchen will allow you to display certain items that often get put into a cupboard and forgotten or simply things you don’t always use, yet want to have in the kitchen. Cookbooks are another great choice for adding a little character and personality to your kitchen. A shelving unit filled with colourful cookbooks won’t just help you concoct some delicious new recipes, but also show off your passion for cooking and brighten up the room. Open shelving could also be used for displaying crockery, mugs or even pans, making them easier to access and also adding character to your kitchens design. If you’re a fan of displaying things, wine racks are another brilliant addition. You can find some really great wine racks for a really good price, or you could even create your own. Either way, wine racks are the kind of finishing touch that adds a nice splash of personality and also a chic style. Sometimes the smaller changes are all you need to make to update your kitchen and add a little burst of life. Updating small details such as your kitchen hardware really helps to update your kitchen and create a modern yet sophisticated look. There are a few kinds of styles you could go for, such as door pulls, door handles and door knobs. Whichever suits your personal style and taste is the one to go for, as your home is an expression of your individual style and tastes. Even cleaning your current kitchen hardware can really make a difference, if you really like the current styles but they look a little tired. Re-polishing them will revive them and add sparkle back, creating a new look and making them stand out more than they did do beforehand.

As mentioned above, personal taste is key. Incorporating things such as Artwork into your kitchen will help to emphasise your personal style and create a whole new image for your kitchen. You could go for an extravagant image that really stands out and makes a bold statement, or you could stick to a minimalist approach and add smaller, understated art that will still create a gorgeous look. Whichever style suits you is perfect, however try not to go too overboard as this can end up looking messy and overcrowded which can quite easily happen in a kitchen, as there is already so much going on.

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