What Should You Do If You Are Bitten by a Dog?

There is a saying that dogs are a man’s best friend. Even though this is the case, dogs can still be dangerous. Therefore, it is important for you to know what to do if you are bitten by a dog. The mouth of a dog can be a very dirty place. As a result, there is a chance the moon could get infected. What do you need to do if you have recently been bitten by a dog? Take a look at the most important steps below, and remember to reach out to a medical professional if you need help.

Clean the Wound Thoroughly Using Soap and Water

If you have been bitten by a dog, the first thing you need to do is clean the wound thoroughly using soap and water. Because dogs can carry a wide variety of dangerous bacteria in their mouths, you need to make sure you clean the wound completely. There is a good chance it is going to sting when you clean the word. Even though it is going to hurt, you need to make sure you irrigate the wound thoroughly. Then, make sure you put a clean bandage on top of the wound to protect it.

Go to the Doctor

After this, you need to go to the doctor. Even though you feel like the bite might not be that bad, it is still important for you to seek the care of a medical professional. A doctor has the right training to properly evaluate a dog bite. He or she can figure out if the wound has been infected. If the wound has been infected, there is a chance that you may require antibiotics. Furthermore, if you do not know the rabies status of the dog, the doctor may need to give you rabies vaccinations. This is the most important reason why you should visit a doctor after you have been bitten by a dog. You need to make sure you protect yourself accordingly.

Contact a Professional Service for Help

Finally, if you have been bitten by a dog, it is important for you to reach out to professional wildlife removal services for assistance. If you have been bitten by a dog in a local neighborhood that has an owner, wildlife removal services might not need to take any additional steps. On the other hand, if there is a stray dog that has attacked you, you will need to reach out to a professional who can help you locate the dog. There may be situations where the dog has to be tested. For example, a professional might have to check and see if that dog has rabies. This is very important for making sure that other people are not attacked by the same dog.

Protect Yourself When You Are Around a Dog

Because dogs can carry a wide variety of dangerous diseases, it is important for you to be careful. If you have a family dog at home, you know the dog has had all of its shots. If you see a dog with a collar in the neighborhood, there is a great chance that dog has had all of its shots as well. At the same time, if you run into a dog on the street, particularly if that dog does not have a collar, you do not know if that dog is safe. You also do not know what the mannerisms of that dog are going to be. Always ask the owner of a dog before you pet him or her. Finally, stay away from any stray dogs you see on the street.

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