Why Should You Sell Your House Through an Estate Agent?

When it comes time to sell a house, the majority of people will always seek to do so with the assistance of an estate agent on the open market. This is a preference that many have over a private sale and there are several reasons why you should do similar if you are considering selling your property. This remains the same should you be selling a residential dwelling such as a house, apartment or cottage, or a commercial property.

There are fees or commission to be paid to estate agents when your house is put on the market, but they are worth paying. Here are a few reasons why.

Local Market KnowledgeAn estate agent will have a detailed knowledge of the local residential market. They will understand what types of property are currently on sale, the valuations that are listed and which have been more successful sale prices than others. With this information you can guarantee that you are getting a fair price for your home, based on expert recommendation and advice garnered from the local market.

Professional Marketing – A professional estate agent will also have the benefit of understanding the power of marketing. They can reach the maximum amount of people with listings that are placed on the ‘For Sale’ panel at their local branch (if they have a physical location) and on their website. A ‘For Sale’ board will be placed outside your home and the listing will be placed on several important property search websites, as well as local newspapers and magazines.

Fit in with Potential Buyers – Even without any marketing attempts being made your estate agent will already have relationships with a substantial number of potentially interested parties. Potential buyers will have already registered an interest and placed on a database indicating the type of property they desire. Add to those numbers, those who have seen property transactions fall through and you have an exciting number of potential buyers from the first day of listing.

Arrange and Manage Viewings – Viewings are a crucial part of selling any property. Your estate agent will arrange viewings that suit your personal needs, but that are also balanced with the wishes of prospective buyers. They will ensure your home is viewed in the best possible light and will offer advice and guidance on how you can achieve this. Feedback after each viewing will help you to tweak and improve for future viewings.

Negotiation and Sales Process – Where there is a property chain there is always the potential for problems. A good estate agent will keep an eye on all areas of a chain and keep you informed of any changes that might disrupt your sale. They will also take the stress out of your hands when it comes to negotiating a price with the buyer. Once given parameters by you, they will negotiate on your behalf.

Hiring a professional estate agency to sell your property is the best way to reach the highest number of potential buyers and to maximise the valuation and sale price.

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