Your Simplified Guide For Choosing Storage Facilities

Your home renovation plan is ready, but you have too many things at home that need to be moved for a while. In such a situation and many others, you can use self-storage services. As the name suggests, these are storage faculties, where you will be assigned a unit to keep your staff, and in return, the company will charge a fixed price each month. So, how do you evaluate such services? Here are some pointers for getting started.


Make a list of your things

Storage units can be found in varied sizes and designs, and the kind of option you need to choose depends on your requirement. You can differentiate the goods based on size. Keep a note of number of boxes you have along with other things like furniture, car, appliances and antiques. If there are ant fragile things, you may need to spend some time in packing. A few services can help you with delivery, pickup and packing your stuff, which can be an added advantage.

Check the services

Depending on your requisites, you can decide between a simple and a climate controlled unit. Climate controlled units are meant to maintain the overall temperatures to ensure care for the goods, and needless to say, these are expensive as compared to regular units. Some companies may have extra facilities for keeping special items, such as fragile antiques and personal belongings. There may be a few exclusions or things that a company may not store at their facilities, so make sure that you check the same.


Ask about the basics

What are your business hours? Do I need to inform before accessing by unit? Will I get assistance for any kind of damage to my goods? Do you have pest control team? What kind of security do you offer? Do you have enough staff to keep a check on all units? How many units do you have altogether? These are just some of the aspects that need attention. It is a good idea to know if the company has all the licenses and certifications to operate in your area, and in case of liability insurance, it is best to know the extent of damage they can cover. The location of the facility shouldn’t be extremely far from your address, especially if the company doesn’t have delivery and pickup. The costs for packaging and delivery should be discussed in advance.


Storage facilities often have promotions and discounts on their services, and since most of them have their websites, it is easy to find deals. If you are hiring a unit for more than a few months, you can try to get a special price. Do not pay for a big unit if your requirements are limited. Also, getting a quote in advance is a good idea, but make sure that you don’t choose a service because it’s cheap on budget. Reliability and security are very important factors for storage services, and it is worthy to pay a better price for the same.


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