5 Things You Need To Know About Asbestos Removal in Sydney Suburbs

Asbestos was once popular for being a versatile occurring mineral known for its tensile strength and insulating properties so much so that it was built into homes during the 1980’s. But in the recent past, it has been deemed to be highly toxic. The World Health Organization estimated more than 30 billion asbestos-related diseases, 107,000 workers exposed to it annually, discounting second hand exposures of families. This mineral is so toxic that it has been banned for over 50 countries.

Here are things you need to know about asbestos removal in the Sydney suburbs:

  1. Destroying an old establishment, renovations, or any new development or buildings requires accredited businesses to perform surveys and review of the area to initiate asbestos testing. Due to the nature of the fibers of this mineral, surveillance and testing has been mandated before the contractors may begin to expose their workers in the field.
  1. Though many consider gardening a relatively safe activity, the existence of asbestos poses major risks for those who are into potting and planting. Pots contain a substance called vermiculite, which is a naturally occurring mineral and is very absorbent. Vermiculite itself is not dangerous for gardeners, but this mineral may be highly contaminated with asbestos. For this reason, may expose the gardener to health problems. Though the exposure is minimal, it is recommended that a soil testing be conducted on your gardens.

  1. As counterintuitive as it sounds, asbestos itself is not what you should be worried about. The harmful element in this mineral is the microfibers which can be released into the air and inhaled by people. Should there be even the most minimal existence of it in your home or anywhere near you, call your nearest contractor and inquire for an asbestos removal immediately.
  1. The cost of removal of asbestos contaminated materialmay seem like a cheap fare upfront. But these prices are usually subjected to a lot of hidden extra charges that would make the final quotation much more expensive. Rushing a service may cut you back surcharge as the standard turnaround time for removal is five days and this is just for the testing part. No one wants to wait around that long just for the testing phase. This would cost you 100% surcharge and no less. Also, samples exceeding a certain size or weight would add to your fees, as well as administrative charges. Overall, this procedure is not a cheap endeavor.

  1. You would think that once all asbestos are removed from your farm, lot or home, that you are already safe. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Exposure to the fibers of this mineral and inhalation would take its toll on your health in about ten to thirty years’ time. Given this, you must always be cautious not only of asbestos but other harmful materials and toxins in your environment whether visible or not. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle would also help your immune system fight off such substances in case you are accidentally exposed to it.

In the most recent reports, about 185 homes are exposed to this highly-toxic mineral across Sydney alone. Be aware of the state of your area and take the necessary precautions as soon as a potential risk is discovered.


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