June 2018


Beyond the Obvious: Extra Services Offered by Some Home Remodelers

When having a home remodeled, there are obvious reasons to choose a professional service. They have access to supplies and equipment you might not possess, and can complete projects you might not have the time for. Professionals also can usually complete a job to a higher standard than the average DIYer.

However, a particularly good contractor will offer services above and beyond the simple installation and finishing of the agreed upon products. These contractors can provide a host of services you might not expect them to handle, which can be a bit of a lifesaver.

Furniture and Cabinet Clearing

Take a hypothetical situation in which you need a floor remodeled, or perhaps a new array of kitchen cabinets. Each of these situations has the obvious hurdle to overcome; furniture sits on that floor, and assorted kitchenware resides in your cabinets. In most cases, this work would be entirely on you to deal with. However, some companies offer services in which they assist the customer with moving belongings out of the way and boxing them up in the interim. They can even provide recommendations for storage solutions if needed.

Schedule Coordination

Another alternative service is schedule coordination. If you’re doing a remodel, chances are that you have two or three contractors working in the same area, at different times.

The usual circumstances put scheduling all these matters in the hands of the homeowner. However, certain contractors will go the extra mile and volunteer to work out the schedules that are planned, so each group can work on the assorted projects in an orderly, sensible manner.

This approach makes a certain intuitive sense. As contractors work on multiple projects, they get a sense of how long various jobs typically take, and can coordinate their schedule with other contractors they’ve done business alongside accordingly.

Progressive Cabinetry, bathroom remodeling contractors in Bradenton, FL are an example of a company that provide such a scheduling service.

Nothing to Lose By Asking

The next time you have a home remodeling project to work on, ask your contractor what additional services they provide. You might find a pleasant surprise that makes the project proceed much more smoothly.

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Getting The Lighting Just Right

When you’re trying to design your landscape, one of the things that you might not think about is the lighting. As you install lights along pathways and in front of flower beds, there are a few mistakes that you want to avoid making so that your lighting doesn’t overwhelm certain areas of the yard, taking away from the beauty that this addition can offer. One of the common mistakes that you might make is poor placement. An exterior lighting Overland Park company can come to your home to offer suggestions about where to place lights so that they don’t illuminate only one area and so that one area of the yard isn’t brighter than another. Measure the distance from one focal point to another in order to get the best placement of lights in your yard.

Another mistake that you could make that you don’t intend to do is to use lights that are powerful enough to illuminate the area. Even after choosing fixtures that blend well with the yard and the exterior of the home and after making sure they are positioned so that they will shine on trees, flowers, and along pathways just how you want them, they might not be bright enough to accent these areas when the lights are on at night. Consider using solar lights that store energy from the sun during the day. These are sometimes brighter, and they will often last longer than lights that rely on batteries. Avoid getting lights that are cheaper in price. Even though you might save money initially, you’ll end up spending more money in the long run because you’re going to need to replace them at some point when they stop working. You should also think about the glare that is given off when the lights are on, positioning them so that they aren’t facing windows or other reflective surfaces.

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5 Indications You Need Roofing Repairs or Replacement

Roofing replacement seems expensive but providing the right repairs and maintenance will put this day off for the maximum amount of time possible. Below are five indicators you might need roofing repairs or replacement.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

You should always do a visual check of your roof after any severe storms or as a periodic maintenance routine. You should be able to see most areas of the roof from ground level, but it might require standing on a ladder in some areas. Try and avoid standing on the roof for safety reasons and to avoid inadvertently damaging the surface. You should have repairs done if any of the shingles appear broken, curled, or are completely missing.

Pooling Water and Uneven Roofing Surface

If you notice large areas of water collecting on your roof after a rain, it might indicate you have dips in the surface. An uneven roofing surface can suggest a problem with the wood used under the roofing material. You will need a Portland roofing company like Sunnyside Roofing Services to inspect the roof for possible repair needs.

Roofing Materials are Over 25 Years Old

You need to begin making plans to replace the roof if the materials are over 25 years old. There are some materials like metal which last longer, but it depends on the overall care given. Asphalt shingles rarely make it past the 25-year mark.

Interior Water Leaks

Inspect the inside of your home for water leaks. Some water leaks are obvious due to stains left on the ceiling. Others are more hidden and may require searching the attic space of your home. Check for wet areas of wood and insulation.

Visible Storm Damage

Severe storms that carry high winds and hail can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your roof. The wind can rip roofing materials off and cause debris to come crashing down. Hail can wreak havoc on metal roofing and shingles. Have any visible signs of damaged repaired right away.

If you experience problems with your roof such as water leaks and high energy bills, take time to do a complete visual inspection of the surface. Involve the help of an experienced roofer if you are unable to locate the problem yourself.

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Addressing the AC Complications for You

If your device has just crashed, it’s probably because of one of these failures below. You should call a repairer as soon as possible or repair it yourself if you feel an attack on this unit. The air conditioning specialist will be better able to fix your air conditioning, but will also guarantee you some future procedures and maintenance if needed. If it’s a small inconvenience, start alone. To act better in the face of a break down it is better to familiarise oneself with basic ideas. In the case where your device displays several problems (it is also possible), some signs must be identified to know where the fault arises.

The Issues

So if your air conditioner only blows air, neither cold nor hot, if your air conditioning runs along the façade or if your ac turns on and off and the noise coming out of the air conditioner is abnormal, then you need to consult an expert.

Small breakdown, how?

If it seems that your air conditioning does not work anymore, make sure that the electrical board has not jumped thus blowing the fuse of your device. In this case, a replacement is necessary. If your air conditioner makes an abnormal noise, turn off your air conditioner for 10 minutes so that the engine can cool down in the meantime. Otherwise, check the condition of your filter, it may be dirty and may be responsible for the noise. Vacuum or filter under water (only if plastic).

Big breakdown?

First and foremost, you must at all costs turn off your air conditioner and then call a repairer. Unplug the unit from the ground and leave it where it is. Once the specialist is there, describe the problem at best and the conditions of the breakdown. The inspection is obligatory according to a decree, for your good and that of your wallet in case of significant failure. After two years, a first inspection should be done if the device is 100 kilowatts, otherwise three years.

How to avoid them?

The best way to avoid air conditioning problems is to maintain your air conditioner properly. This type of equipment requires expert maintenance every two years to remove pollen and mosquitoes embedded in the compressor cooling system. However, you can do the usual maintenance yourself. Are you looking for a replacement part for your air conditioner? At Ateliers G. Paquette Inc. in Montreal, you will find a complete inventory of appliances. Our team of experts also offers professional repair services for air conditioners and other household appliances (washer, refrigerator, microwave, grinder, etc.).

The repair

Some error codes can be set quickly and are therefore entered in the air conditioner’s user manual (for example, the code “F1” means that you have to clean the filter). If the code displayed does not appear in the guide, the problem is probably related to the electronic control, and it requires the intervention of an expert. When your ac turns on and off, or you find any other trouble, then these supports would surely be useful for you.

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How to Make Your Living Space More Functional and More Pleasing to the Eye

We all like to live in comfortable spaces in our own homes, whether we own them or rent them. Furniture is often one of the key components of redesigning a living space but many people often forget some basic rules when it comes to choosing the right kinds of furniture.

How to Choose a Sofa and Other Furniture

While many people might naturally assume that the rules of tasteful home decoration are out of their reach, the fact is that there are really only several basic rules to live by. When redecorating a lounge room or family living space, here are some key things to inform your choices of furniture and other things:

  • Colour: It is crucial to match the furniture with the colour of the walls. As styles and fashion are always changing, it is probably a good idea to paint the living space first and then decide on a range of furniture to match. In this context, will you look at colours that are harmonious with one another or will you choose furniture that contrasts with the walls? Quite often, a space that is to be comfortable and easy on the eye should feature furniture that is in harmony with the colour of the wall paint. However, there is certainly nothing wrong with changing things up a little by choosing a single special piece of furniture, such as an ottoman, that provides a delightful colour contrast.
  • Comfort: A living space should also be comfortable. In this sense, it is important to choose furniture that is physically comfortable. Before investing in any furniture at all, try it out if possible. How comfortable is it? Could you sit in the furniture for any length of time? Is it easy to sit down and get up again? All of these decisions are purely subjective and finding a comfortable recliner or sofa in Folkstone should also be weighed against colour choices.
  • Design: The other question to consider is this: is the design of the furniture tasteful? Once again, this is a purely subjective element and is largely based on personal design taste and the type of space the furniture is being installed in. Large and bulky furniture will always work better in a large space, for example, but it is wise to consider how the furniture will be primarily used.
  • Practicality: Finally, how practical is the furniture to use? The fact is that one can choose a great-looking sofa but find that it is difficult to get up out of. Just remember that you will be using the furniture every single day so it really needs to be comfortable and practical if possible. This consideration is even more important in a home where there are individuals who have mobility problems, such as the elderly. In this case, a recliner or power chair might be a better fit.

Creating the Perfect Living Space

Occasionally, it’s good to redesign living room furniture sets. After all, we use these rooms in our homes every day so they should be comfortable, practical, and tasteful.

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Home Improvement

How to Choose the Best Replacement Windows

If you need new windows at your home then you have likely started researching what kind you need and may be very overwhelmed by all of the different options that are available and what you need to consider when choosing your new windows. The best way to find the right windows for your home is to do your research on what you are interested in and which ones you think will work for you and then talk to an expert who can point you in the right direction. Thoroughly understanding the options that you have when replacing your windows will enable you to make a great decision in the end.


You Need to Consider Your Climate

While you may be tempted to order the same replacement windows that, say, you grew up with, if you live in a different climate then you will need to consider how your weather varies from your town of origin. Where you live plays a huge role in what windows will be right for you as well as how well they will perform. If you live in a very cold area or one that is subject to high winds a lot of the time then you will need different windows than someone who lives in a more temperate climate and doesn’t need to protect their home and their family from extreme winds.

Know the Options that Matter

There really are innumerable options that you can choose from when finding the right replacement windows, which is why you need to know which ones really matter to you and will be the most decisive ones for your unique situation. Unfortunately, every option you choose will add to the cost of your new windows, so doing your research and listening to an expert at replacement window suppliers is important. To improve efficiency of your windows you may want Low-E coatings, but unless you live in a very cold area you are unlikely to really need triple glazing. Another option you will have to decide if you want are double-hung windows, which will make cleaning easier but will add to your final cost.

Have a Budget

Being prepared with a thought-out budget will ensure that you don’t accidentally overspend when shopping for replacement windows. This is especially important if you’re not sure what options or features you really want, as it’s easy to get caught up in selecting all of the available features and then be shocked at your final bill. When you work with an expert they can help guide you in selecting the right options for your needs and will ensure that you do not accidentally exceed your budget.

The right replacement windows will keep your family comfortable all year long, help to lower your monthly energy bills, and ensure that your home is protected from harsh UV rays, but choosing the right windows does take a little extra work. When you are on the hunt for replacement windows, make sure that you work with a great company who can talk you through the decision-making process and help you find the best ones for your needs.

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6 Things You Must Consider Before Putting Your Home on the Market

No matter the reason for your move, it can be a very stressful experience trying to determine everything that goes into selling your home. For instance, you need to decide where you want to move, when you want to sell, how much to list for, and so much more. In fact, selling your home is so much more than just putting a For Sale sign in the front yard and waiting for an offer. If you have thoughts about moving, then here are six things you must consider before putting your home on the market.

  1. Renovations and Updates

Before listing your home, take a good hard look at it and determine if it’s in need of any renovations or updates. After all, making small updates to your home, such as fixing a broken faucet, will allow you to get more money for the home and make it more appealing to buyers. Don’t list your home for sale if you have a laundry list of things to do first. Go room by room and determine if you have projects ahead of you before listing your home.

  1. School and Work

If you are selling your home because you got a new job in another town or state, you need to factor this into your moving plans. For instance, is your company giving you time to sell your house and move to a new location, or are they requesting you start at the new location right away? All this information will help you determine what kind of timeline you’re working with.

In addition to work, paying attention to the school schedule is also important. For instance, if you don’t want your child to switch schools in the middle of the year, then you’ll want to ensure you’re putting your home on the market well before school would start so you have ample time to get it sold and into the new place.

  1. Weather

You should factor in the weather when determining when to list your house. For instance, finding a place to live when moving to Chicago would be much easier during the spring and summer months than during the brutal winters. If you’re trying to sell in Chicago, it may be a good idea to list it either before or after winter is over to give people better weather to see your home. This is the same for those who live in extremely hot places, as putting your home for sale during the cooler months may be more beneficial to potential buyers.

  1. Price

Determining the price is another factor you must consider when possibly selling your house. If you are in desperate need of moving, then you’ll want to keep the price low to attract more potential buyers. However, if you’re not in a rush, then you can be more strategic about the price of your home without turning people away. Be sure to look at other homes in your area that have sold and compare your home to those. Then, use this information to determine the best asking price for your home based on what people are selling for in the area.

  1. New Town Factors

Moving to a new town will come with changes to your current schedule and budget, so you want to be fully aware of what this will bring. For instance, while you may be attracted to another home because it has lower property taxes, you may have higher school fees, spend more money on gas for commuting to work, or even pay more for babysitters or other everyday items. Be sure to fully consider the price of the new town versus what you currently spend to determine if it’s a financially smart decision for you to make.

  1. Timing

Aside from school and work, you simply need to factor in the timing of your move. Keep in mind that home closings are taking longer and longer, which means while you may agree to an offer, it could be months before you actually close on the house. If you must sell a house to buy a house, this contingency could make it more difficult for you to make something happen on your schedule. Just be sure you factor in everything to stay on the right possible path.

Moving can be stressful and exciting at the same time, but no matter what you’re feeling, be sure to consider all these factors before making your final decision.

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