September 2017


Why Use Porcelain Tile Flooring

As a homeowner, we always want the best for our home. If it is already looking aged and dilapidated, for sure we will plan for a renovation right away. Do you agree with this? Is this also how you are? If you are a homeowner yourself, then I am pretty sure this is also what you will do.

Renovating a house means correcting those areas that need to be corrected like for example if the flooring is already looking shabby and worn, then it must be refinished or if you want, you can really change it for something more trendy like porcelain tile flooring.

Porcelain or ceramics as some called it is highly preferred by most homeowners for the reason that it is more affordable. However, if you think that it is cheap looking, that is where you are wrong as that is definitely not the case.

In fact, if you will take a closer look to the Carreaux Metro tiles, you will see for yourself how innovatively designer they are. In fact, you can say that their collections are one of a kind for that matter. They come in different moods and colors. They can be used in all areas of your home whether that is the living room, kitchen, verandah and even in your room!

Let me cite to you some of the positive points of porcelain tile flooring:

  1. It is solid, dense and resistant to most of the heavy impact stresses that can possibly fall unto them. In fact, this is the reason why this type of flooring is also ideal for commercial environments and even warehouses at that.
  2. Because of its density, it is known to be less porous and therefore, more resistant to liquid. It cannot be easily penetrated by any form of liquid and such condition can even be enhanced through the application of a melted glass glaze.
  3. It is also stain resistant which is what most homeowners prefer for sure. It is just tough when your floor starts to look shabby because of some stains that cannot be removed. But that is not the case with porcelain as the fact alone that it is liquid resistant means that staining agents can hardly get through it.

These are just some of the positive traits of porcelain tiles actually. There are still a lot of them and you will experience them yourself if you choose them to be your flooring.

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Home Improvement

Why Should You Hire A Renovation Contractor?

When it comes to renovating your property various things will come in your mind. In fact, like many others, you can go ahead to take the responsibility of renovating the house or apartment or whichever property you need to renovate, but hiring a renovation contractor can reduce multiple headaches which people have to experience by doing the job by their own. There are certain things which may not be that cost-effective by choosing the DIY option. House renovation belongs to that category until and unless you’re well aware of the job.

So, here, we’ve a few pointers that will explain why you should hire a renovation contractor—

They are a team of experts

The renovating companies are usually built by a team of expert builders. There you’ll find the builders, roofers, painters, carpenters and even plumbers. The team will work as brothers-in-arm and get your renovation done. In fact, the top renovators have good countenance with architects/ interior designers that might help you in revamping the old design of the existing property. For example, let the interior designer help you in getting a new kitchen by using the latest custom cabinets and countertop designs during the kitchen renovation.

The professionals provide the exact estimate

The master renovators have the proficiency to estimate the exact amount they need altogether to finish the task. If your budget matches with them, hire the team and let them renovate the house like a new property. Even you can have a face-to-face discussion with them when you can let them inform about the tentative monetary budget you have for the job. May be the experts can guide you in doing the job within that cost by reducing some work or by using less expensive but quality stuff for the task. But make sure that the best builders will never compromise with the building materials.

They can renovate the roofs

Not all the builders can renovate the roofs. Then you may have to hire a roofer separately. Instead of getting into all these trouble hire a renovating company that has all the specialized builders working as one team.

They don’t extended the deadline

If you choose one of the best renovators, they will guarantee you to finish the job within the said time. They will not extend the deadline.

These are some of the reasons why hiring a renovating company will be beneficial for you.


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Saving Money on Your Next Move

Whether you’re moving because you want to or because you have to, there are plenty of costs associated with moving. For some people, this isn’t a big deal, but for others, these moving costs add up and become extremely hard to manage. However, a few additional costs shouldn’t hinder you moving into your dream home. Instead, you need to get creative and find ways you can save money on your next move. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Compare movers.

If you are using professional movers, then consider comparing movers for prices so you can get the best rate. Find those in your area and see how much they would charge you to get your belongings into your new home. In addition to checking the price, be sure to also ask if there are additional perks that are included in the price, such as packing for you, guaranteeing a certain delivery date, etc. Knowing everything that’s included can help you make the final decision for your budget.

Move yourself.

If using professional movers is too expensive, then consider moving yourself. Pack all your own items up on your own, and then put all your items into your own vehicles or into a van/truck you rent. By doing the manual labor yourself, you can help to cut the cost of moving. Plus, renting a moving truck can sometimes cost less than using an actual mover, so it’s something you’ll want to price out.

Purge your belongings.

Before you start packing, go through your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer want or need. You can opt to have a garage sale or sell these items online to make some extra money. Then, you’ll actually be making money on your move instead of wasting it all. Plus, if you have less items you need to move, it can also save you money with a professional mover or by having to rent a smaller truck. Be sure to thoroughly think about what you’ll need and what items will still work at your new place, and then start to purge.

Find used boxes.

Instead of paying between $2-$4 per moving box from a company, start to get creative and find used boxes that you can reuse. For instance, if you’ve ordered items from Amazon or anywhere else, save the boxes they came in so you can reuse them for moving. If your place of employment gets shipments in regularly, ask your boss if you can take some of those boxes home. This will save you money on moving boxes, which could put a big savings into your moving budget.

Get creative with your belongings.

Another great way to save on moving boxes is to get creative with your belongings. For instance, instead of putting an empty hamper into the moving truck, be sure you pack that hamper with items before putting it away. You should do the same with crockpots, vases, and anything else in your home that has an opening. This way, you can pack more items into one box, save on the number of boxes you need, and even condense your belongings for a smaller truck.

Use your own items for padding.

Like using your own items for boxes, you can also use your own items for packing. For instance, you can use clothes, blankets, or pillows instead of spending money on bubble wrap or plastic wrap. This way, you can save money again on the number of boxes you need and not needing to buy additional moving items.

Ask friends and family for help.

Whether you’re looking for manual labor or need someone to watch your pets or kids, asking your friends or family for help can save you from having to pay movers or other people to do some of these tasks for you. Plus, these individuals will usually help you out of the goodness of your heart instead of needing to be paid. Plus, the cost of pizza or sandwiches is much cheaper than paying a professional babysitter, pet sitter, or mover.

Moving can be expensive, but you can save money on it by using these tips. By simply being creative with how you move, using your negotiation skills, and reusing items, you can keep your moving costs to a minimum and get into your house with money in your pocket.

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Home Improvement

Five Signs That Indicates The Need For Air-conditioner Repairs or Replacement

 Air conditioners are one of the most widely-used electronics in households and corporations. Its warranty can last five to fifteen years, depending on its manufacturer, its individual durability, and the maintenance applied to take care of it.

However, an air conditioner might wear out over time, most especially if it isn’t given appropriate annual repairs or left to function without cleaning the ducts thoroughly. This may cause damage that repairs and touch ups might not be enough to rectify, therefore having a replacement would be the last resort.

Here are the telltale signs that your air conditioner needs attention:

  • Age of the air conditioner

Usually, the most common warranty for air conditioners to work smoothly is around 10-15 years. Most of them stop working completely around 20 years old. If the unit has been around for a decade, an annual air conditioner repair would help, or consider options once it needs to be replaced.

  • Uneven room temperatures

These are signs that the air conditioner cannot allocate enough ventilation anymore and that the internal break needs a repair. This can also mean that the ducts and filters of the unit need to be cleaned to get rid of debris, dusts, webs, or insects suspended in it.

Cleaning can be painstaking and damaging if it is done wrong, and can result to permanent damage.

Read these tips for further information on AC Repair and Maintenance.

  • Dark water discharge and mildew around the unit area

 While most people overlook this matter, this can greatly impact the efficiency of the unit. The dark water, usually greyish in color, indicates that the filters and ducts need to be rinsed as those particles sitting within are already mixing up with air.

The mildew around the area is formed because of moisture emitted from the discharge giving fungi and other micro-organism a breeding ground.

If this discharge remains even after cleaning and repair, further considerations of having the unit replaced would be necessary.

  • Traces of dust build ups and humid temperature

If dusts easily gather sticking onto curtains, carpets, mats, and furnitures, this means that the air conditioner is no longer keeping the air clean. A humid temperature after long hours of leaving the machine on is also a sign that it cannot support proper air circulation and needs a cleanup, a maintenance check or a replacement.

An air conditioner repair would be ideal together with proper cleaning and rinsing to ensure it will function well.

  • Utility bill hike

A damaged air conditioner will take great amounts of energy to perform its functions unlike how it was before it was newly installed. If house bills are increasing in costs and the machine begins to exhibit all the signs mentioned above are present, you need to have it replaced right away to conserve power and cut costs.

Keep in mind that it pays to be mindful of your appliances’ condition for them to stay reliable. Read these AC Repair tips for more scheduled maintenance articles, resources, and how-to tips.


Celine Kate Trinidad is a blogger who loves to DIY home maintenance, recycling crafts, and horticulture. She has a knack for anything that needs construction, designing, and cleaning, making her the hands of the house.

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Adapting The Home For Your Elderly Care Needs

Home adaptations are essential to ensure you have great quality of life when you live at home in later life. Here we look at different adaptations and ways to fund them.

As we get older, the home that once worked for us suddenly becomes problematic for all sorts of reasons. The steps down to the garden that were once a way to get to the lawn, are now the thing that prevent you getting to the grass at all. The upstairs toilet seems so far away, especially when your bladder isn’t as strong as it was before. The front step is a struggle to get up and when you step down it you don’t feel safe anymore.

The home can change into an unsafe place when you get older, which is why adaptations are made to ensure you can remain in your home safely and happily and opt for home care services rather than moving to a residential care home. This is often a more cost effective approach because of the high cost of care home fees.

When you’re new to home adaptations and you’re trying to get the best value for money, and make the right choices in terms of the changes you need, it can all be a bit overwhelming.

There are lots of different types of adaptations you can make, some more expensive than others:

  • Access – Getting into your home might require a permanent or temporary ramp, hand rails next to the door to hold on to, or lighting outside and on the path for when it is dark.
  • Bathroom & Toilet – You might want a walk in shower or bath, or a seat for your shower. Flood detectors are handy for bathing safety.
  • House Mobility – You may wish to have a stair lift to help you get up and down the stairs, or perhaps an external lift to help you get to different parts of the garden. Grab rails can be used all of the house for greater security, and door widening is something you could do if you use a wheelchair.
  • Eating & Cooking – The kitchen might need to be lowered if you are wheelchair bound. Cupboards and accessories can be adjusted for easier access.

Age UK provide an excellent free guide to adapting your home which is ideal if you’re looking for a good base of information to begin your research with.

The Costs Of Adapting Your Home

Adapting your home is going to cost money, there’s no way around it. However, there are cost effective ways to do it, and possibly ways to get help with the costs too.

Your local social services department should be your first port of call if you want help with adaptations. There tends to be help available for changes that cost under £1000 if you are eligible. Larger, more expensive adaptations could be covered by a grant, again if you are eligible. You will need to approach your council for information on this type of grant to see if you are able to apply.

You might also be able to get help from something called a home improvement agency, which is basically a charity that could help you with advice on funding.

Remember, there is a lot of help out there for you and although it might seem daunting now, the end result of your adaptions is going to be wonderful and help improve your quality of life. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, and consider starting with speaking to friends and family about your needs so you don’t feel you’re going on this journey alone.

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Buying a home – when your budget falls short of your dreams

It can be a disappointing time.

Home buying the UK is certainly not as easy as it once was. Although house price growth slowed somewhat at the start of this year the cost of the average home still increased by 4.7% in the 12 months to May 2017. For most people, dream penthouses and country cottages are just that – a dream – and the reality is that you may have to start small and build up or just use your imagination. So how do you deal with it when your budget falls short of your dreams?

Ditch the dreams

Most of us need a lot less than we think we do to make us happy. Dream homes are often a bit of a disappointment – especially if you’ve given up every penny that you earn to pay for them. The reality is that if your budget has fallen short of your dreams it’s not the end of the world, it’s just time to reconsider your dreams.

Establish your dealbreakers

For most people the choice is between either the perfect location or the perfect home. If you’re on a budget then rarely will you find somewhere that exactly meets all your specifications. The way to approach the dilemma is to establish what you can compromise on and what you can’t. Do you absolutely have to be close to transport or in a specific area for schools? Or is it essential to have that third bedroom and a garden? If you can find some wiggle room in your property requirements then you’re likely to have much more to choose from.

Use your imagination

Perhaps the dream home is already complete and interior designed to your exact tastes. But perhaps you could start with something less ideal and aim to create that kind of perfection yourself. If you’re willing to put a bit of work into a property then you can end up with everything. For example, if you buy a ‘project’ property in your ideal place you could end up with the dream home and the dream location. When you’re searching for properties be a bit flexible in terms of what’s there and what’s not. Most buildings can be altered or added to if they’re not in great condition or don’t currently meet your standards – work out the costs of getting you to that dream place and if the budgets work then go for it.

Build your own home

A traditional brick 3-bed house could cost you just $290,000 to build and it’s possible to borrow much of that money upfront, especially if you already own some assets (the land for example) and can rely on secured loans to raise some cash. While that’s just above the average property price it means that you’re getting a dream home in every sense – one built exactly to your specifications. It’s also the cost for a house, not a flat. Opt for a timber framed home and you could reduce this to around $249,000. That’s under $250k for a home that you’ve designed and built to your wildest dreams, whether you want open plan everything or an eco system on the roof.

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