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Five Signs That Indicates The Need For Air-conditioner Repairs or Replacement

 Air conditioners are one of the most widely-used electronics in households and corporations. Its warranty can last five to fifteen years, depending on its manufacturer, its individual durability, and the maintenance applied to take care of it.

However, an air conditioner might wear out over time, most especially if it isn’t given appropriate annual repairs or left to function without cleaning the ducts thoroughly. This may cause damage that repairs and touch ups might not be enough to rectify, therefore having a replacement would be the last resort.

Here are the telltale signs that your air conditioner needs attention:

  • Age of the air conditioner

Usually, the most common warranty for air conditioners to work smoothly is around 10-15 years. Most of them stop working completely around 20 years old. If the unit has been around for a decade, an annual air conditioner repair would help, or consider options once it needs to be replaced.

  • Uneven room temperatures

These are signs that the air conditioner cannot allocate enough ventilation anymore and that the internal break needs a repair. This can also mean that the ducts and filters of the unit need to be cleaned to get rid of debris, dusts, webs, or insects suspended in it.

Cleaning can be painstaking and damaging if it is done wrong, and can result to permanent damage.

Read these tips for further information on AC Repair and Maintenance.

  • Dark water discharge and mildew around the unit area

 While most people overlook this matter, this can greatly impact the efficiency of the unit. The dark water, usually greyish in color, indicates that the filters and ducts need to be rinsed as those particles sitting within are already mixing up with air.

The mildew around the area is formed because of moisture emitted from the discharge giving fungi and other micro-organism a breeding ground.

If this discharge remains even after cleaning and repair, further considerations of having the unit replaced would be necessary.

  • Traces of dust build ups and humid temperature

If dusts easily gather sticking onto curtains, carpets, mats, and furnitures, this means that the air conditioner is no longer keeping the air clean. A humid temperature after long hours of leaving the machine on is also a sign that it cannot support proper air circulation and needs a cleanup, a maintenance check or a replacement.

An air conditioner repair would be ideal together with proper cleaning and rinsing to ensure it will function well.

  • Utility bill hike

A damaged air conditioner will take great amounts of energy to perform its functions unlike how it was before it was newly installed. If house bills are increasing in costs and the machine begins to exhibit all the signs mentioned above are present, you need to have it replaced right away to conserve power and cut costs.

Keep in mind that it pays to be mindful of your appliances’ condition for them to stay reliable. Read these AC Repair tips for more scheduled maintenance articles, resources, and how-to tips.


Celine Kate Trinidad is a blogger who loves to DIY home maintenance, recycling crafts, and horticulture. She has a knack for anything that needs construction, designing, and cleaning, making her the hands of the house.

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