Beyond the Obvious: Extra Services Offered by Some Home Remodelers

When having a home remodeled, there are obvious reasons to choose a professional service. They have access to supplies and equipment you might not possess, and can complete projects you might not have the time for. Professionals also can usually complete a job to a higher standard than the average DIYer.

However, a particularly good contractor will offer services above and beyond the simple installation and finishing of the agreed upon products. These contractors can provide a host of services you might not expect them to handle, which can be a bit of a lifesaver.

Furniture and Cabinet Clearing

Take a hypothetical situation in which you need a floor remodeled, or perhaps a new array of kitchen cabinets. Each of these situations has the obvious hurdle to overcome; furniture sits on that floor, and assorted kitchenware resides in your cabinets. In most cases, this work would be entirely on you to deal with. However, some companies offer services in which they assist the customer with moving belongings out of the way and boxing them up in the interim. They can even provide recommendations for storage solutions if needed.

Schedule Coordination

Another alternative service is schedule coordination. If you’re doing a remodel, chances are that you have two or three contractors working in the same area, at different times.

The usual circumstances put scheduling all these matters in the hands of the homeowner. However, certain contractors will go the extra mile and volunteer to work out the schedules that are planned, so each group can work on the assorted projects in an orderly, sensible manner.

This approach makes a certain intuitive sense. As contractors work on multiple projects, they get a sense of how long various jobs typically take, and can coordinate their schedule with other contractors they’ve done business alongside accordingly.

Progressive Cabinetry, bathroom remodeling contractors in Bradenton, FL are an example of a company that provide such a scheduling service.

Nothing to Lose By Asking

The next time you have a home remodeling project to work on, ask your contractor what additional services they provide. You might find a pleasant surprise that makes the project proceed much more smoothly.

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